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Everything I Didn't Say


Luke, Aislinn, and Calum had been in the same circle of friends their whole life. Through this circle of people, Luke and Aislinn became best friends and also through this group has Aislinn learned to love Calum. But what happens if Luke falls in love with Aislinn?


Aislinn Parker Sanford

Aislinn Parker Sanford

Aislinn is a 19-year old girl who has been friends with all of her childhood friends. She is the oldest in the group and is closest to Luke.

Amber Ross

Amber Ross

Amber is 16 and besides Aislinn, she's the closest to the boys. She was never shy around them and is usually mistaken as one of their girlfriends.

Calum Hood

Calum Hood

Calum is 16 and although he has been a part of the group for his whole life as well, he has been the one who keeps the most distance. He has only started opening up to everyone recently.

Iris Samantha Clifford

Iris Samantha Clifford

She is the 15 year old sister of Michael. Because her brother had to be with her all the time when she was younger, she has became part of the group as well although she was a bit younger.

Kane Hemmings

Kane Hemmings

He is the 14 year old brother of Luke. They are a bit close and he is also a part of the group but he doesn't hang around them that much.

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

Luke is 17 and is a part of the small circle of friends that Aislinn is in. Although he is really close to the boys, he is also close to Aislinn as he had been her shoulder to cry on.

Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin

Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin

These two are the best bros that Luke and Calum has. These 4 has been inseparable since they have met when they were children.


  1. Nights Like This

    I love our late night calls.

  2. Closer

    I love the way I am with you.

  3. Friends

    I hate how you make me worrisome like this.

  4. The Usual

    Will you ever like me the way you like him?

  5. Moments I Remember

    The way you make me live in the present amazes me.

  6. Strike

    I hate how you are with him.

  7. Split

    I pray to the heavens above that you're all mine.

  8. Long Way Home

    I want you to love me instead.

  9. Stars Above

    I long for you when you're gone.

  10. Brotherly Love

    You know I have it bad when even my younger brother keeps giving me love advice.

  11. Tease

    With you, I don't have to put a mask on.

  12. Game Over

    Why do I think that you're trying to kill me?

  13. I Wish

    I wish you would just intertwine your arm around mine without care.

  14. Faking It

    I will hurt him if he hurts you.


@Luke's girl98
Thank you so much! :D

i will definitely stick around for future chapters! Can't wait for more :)

@Luke's girl98
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the feedback. It makes my day. I will be updating daily. Don't worry, love. Hope you will stick around for the future chapters! :)

Oh my gosh this story barely has one chapter and i am already obsessed! Please update soon! :)

ur welcome and i will definatly