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Everything I Didn't Say

Moments I Remember

Do you like her?!” I closed my eyes and groaned. Why am I even thinking this hard about Ash’s question? Of course I like her but not in the way he implied it.

“Get in, loser!” I was stopped in my tracks by a familiar voice and it knocked me out of my thoughts. My eyes flew open and I excitedly asked, “Aislinn?! What are you doing here?” I reached for the door handle while she got down from the driver’s seat.

“Your mom said she can’t pick you up from work so she asked me if I can.” Work? Shit! Was I that out of it? I didn’t even remember going to work let alone doing my four-hour shift.

“Don’t you work?” I asked curiously. We just stood there and I stared at her and I couldn’t help but—“DRIVE!” She yelled and tossed me her keys, knocking me out of my thoughts.

“Why me? You know I can’t be caught driving with you, right?” Even though I was questioning her decision to let me drive I still got in and started the car. “I can only stop driving when I’m with you. At least let me rest.” She buckled her seatbelt and I started driving out of the parking lot.

“You haven’t eaten, right? Please tell me you haven’t yet ‘cause I’m hungry.” She pouted as she put her feet up on her seat. “No. Why? Do you want to eat out?” I replied as I kept my eyes on the road but I could still see her from my peripheral view.

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to, would I?” She giggled a bit after she tried to be sarcastic around me.

“Well, where do you want to eat then, princess?” She kept quiet while she was thinking and I just continued to drive around.

I felt happier in this moment more than I have ever felt. For once, it was just us; me and her and no one else. She was happily smiling and I wasn’t worried at all. I ignored the butterflies in my stomach. Why were they there in the first place?

“Where do you want to eat?” She finally gave up and I just gave her a chuckle. “Kay, I know this one place that looks super retro.” Her face lit up and her eyes twinkled. Retro things are one of the things we bond over. We were even planning on going as people from the 50’s for Halloween.

“How did you even find this place?” she whispered as she got down and stared at the place with amazement. I slyly answered, “Eh, I do my research.”

I just followed her with my eyes while she walked around with marvel drawn on her face. These are the moments I live in; these are the moments that make me smile. It wasn’t something that my brain just glazes over but rather it sticks to it. “Maybe, I do like her.”



@Luke's girl98
Thank you so much! :D

i will definitely stick around for future chapters! Can't wait for more :)

@Luke's girl98
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the feedback. It makes my day. I will be updating daily. Don't worry, love. Hope you will stick around for the future chapters! :)

Oh my gosh this story barely has one chapter and i am already obsessed! Please update soon! :)

ur welcome and i will definatly