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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]


Next Morning


I woke up and put on some Hollister jeans and white crop top and some neon pink vans.The councilor came in and told us it was time for breakfast. I walked in and saw Niall eating a big stack of pancakes.

Niall: Good morning babe
Me: good morning love
I quickly pecked him in the lips which tasted like syrup.
Niall: I asked my councilor If me and you could go hiking today :)
Me: did he say yes
Niall: yes wanna go :)
Me: sure :)
Niall: want pancakes :)
Harry and Zayn came in with a 2 new guys they were tall and looked scared looking around
Harry: Niall is sharing his food?!?!
Zayn: he must really like her
Niall: ( he blushed ) yeah I do you guys are just jealous....who are these dudes
Harry: This is Louis
he pointed at the guy with a striped shirt
Harry: and this is Liam
then he pointed at the guy wearing a plaid shirt
i stood up to shake their hands
Me:hi guys I'm Veronica, Niall girlfriend
I pointed to Niall still eating his pancakes
Liam: Hi I'm Liam Payne nice to meet you :D
Liam shook my hand
Louis: Hello love my name is Louis
he gave me a big bear hug
Me: hi I'm Veronica
Niall: Veronica I'm done let's go.
Harry: Can we all come
Niall: urm sure
everyone: yay!!


Niall: I'm hungry
Me: babe you just ate
Harry: Rachel let's sit in this bench
Rachel: ok babe
Harry: not next to me
Rachel: on the floor what the hell !
Harry: no haha on my lap ;)
Rachel: why ? ;)
Harry: No reason
Harry: we will
they went to Harry's cabin
Me: use protection!!!!
Harry: I know don't worry!!!
Niall: well it's just me,my princess,Louis,Zayn,Mia,Liam.
Liam: well are we gonna hike or just leave
Louis: come people on let's go!!!!!!

we were walking when I saw Liam's eyes watery

Me: hey Liam you ok
Liam stopped walking and sat on a bench and told me to sit with him
Me: what's up :/
Liam: um I just broke up with my girlfriend
Me: how long were you 2 going out
Liam: 3 years
Me: oh do you need a hug
Liam just hugged me and I heard him cry on my shoulder
Me: you okay Liam
Liam: yeah thanks I really needed to let that out
Me: anytime just think of me as your sister
then both of use catched up to the rest of the people


This chapter was dedicated @breadboy101


I am trying :))