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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Niall=My Life


We saw Mia,Rachel,Zayn, and Harry sitting in a table me and Niall went to go join them
Zayn: Niall bro where were you 2?
Me: Walking
Harry: oh really where'd you 2 go?
Niall: Harry why do you care?!
Harry: Sorrryyyyy
Niall: babe let's get food
Me: k
we were walking towards the food and there was so much food
Me: do you want your sweater back
Niall: nah you look hot in it ;)
Me: haha thanks :)
Niall: I love you
Me: I love you too handsome ;)
Niall: I love you more queen
Me: are you sure about that King
lunch lady: * fake coughs *
Niall: sorry can I have 3 slices of pizza and 2 brownies
Me: damn is that for the whole table ?!
Niall: ha. ha. ha. very funny babe.
me: I'll have just have a salad please. thank you
Niall: sorry if you haven't noticed I eat a lot and I'm always hungry
Me: haha it's ok
Niall: so are we having a bonfire later
zayn: just us here not everyone
harry: yeah

Skip to Bonfire

Niall starts singing Little Things in your ear
Me: aww that song is adoable :)
Niall: I love you
Me : I love you too
you guys talk for 2 hours and you realize Niall feel asleep on your shoulder
me: baby .....Niall wake up handsome we're all going to sleep now
I was standing up when I felt Niall slap my bum and hug my waist
Niall: sleep with me :) please
Me: sorry babe I can't I'll see you all day tomorrow ok
Niall leans in to kiss you and squeezes your butt
me: hey you already had fun earlier ;)
Niall: fine baby I'll miss you bye I love you
me : byee ily 2


Should I continue ?


I am trying :))