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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Do I like him?

Niall was still asleep so I decided to wake him up. I think i should give him a chance I really need someone to talk too and he looks good and his personality is awesome :). I decided to wake him up with a surprise. I lean in to give Niall a kiss and I see his eyes open and he kisses me back still hugging me. I could feel his tongue trying to enter my mouth so I let him. As soon as I let him in his tongue was crazy and started moving like it was looking for something. I did the same thing. I tried to stop cause I needed to catch my breath
Niall: woah ( breathing heavily ) damn you're a good kisser. What was that for? ;)
Me: thanks you too. Um I decided I want you to be my boyfriend
Niall: really !?
Me: no hahaha jk
I lean in to kiss him again this time he put his hand up my shirt and squeezes one of my boobs. He was wearing sweats and he had a big bone*. I looked at his d!ck and I lightly touched it. We then had like 5 minutes of a make out session.
me: woah boy let me catch my breath
Niall: haha sorry ;) may I continue this ;)
Me: wait up big boy you get some of this later ;)
Niall: are you a virgin?
Me: yes ( I felt my face turned red ) are you
Niall: yes :/ would you be interested in doing it with me ? (His face turned red like a tomato) or wait for someone special? I would do it with you :)
Me: you are special I would do it with you
Niall: today :)
Me: wait up cowboy ;)
Niall: Tomorrow :)
Me: idk it'll be a surprise
i was about to stand up when I felt Niall lift up my skirt
Me: Niall...not now we have to get off
Niall: ok baby ;)
i was making my way off when I felt Niall squeeze my bum
Me: Niall...bad boy :)
I saw he still had a boner so I slightly squeezed his d!ck.. I heard Niall quietly moan
Niall: damn I can't wait for more ;)
me: oh babe you'll get more ;)
Niall: Veronica stop turning me on ;)
we got off the bus and they told us were the girls cabins were and the guys cabins were and they gave us our activity schedule I looked at Niall's schedule and he looked at my schedule
Niall: Babe we have the same activities!!! Yes!!!
me: yay I get to be with you everyday
i felt someone pull my hair and it was Sara
Me: babe let's go somewhere else I need to tell you something
Niall: ok princess
we went far away from Sara
Me: babe she bullies me at a school she's Joshua's current girlfriend and a slut so don't fall for her tricks I can't stand her >:(
Niall: it's ok baby Just hope she's not in the same cabin as you
he gave me a hug and kissed my cheek
Me : I hope she's not it my cabin too
Councilor: Cabin One : Veronica Garcia,Rachel Garcia , Mia Guzman, Alexandra Smith, and Sonia Gomez. Girls please follow your councilor to your cabin.
Me: Baby thank god she's not with me!! I gotta go I'll text you later
I give Niall a hug and a soft kiss in the lips
niall: ok babe bye good luck
me: Mia , Rachel guess who's here ?
Mia: is it that slut Sara
Me: yes omg I hate her so much!!!!!
councilor: Girls here is your cabin I will come at six to call you for dinner
Me: soo how was Zayn,Mia ?
Mia: he showed me his tattoos and asked me out
me: what did you say
Mia: well yes of course :)
Rachel: Harry asked me out I said yes too
Me: Niall asked me out and at first I said let's be friends first and later he feel asleep and I woke him up with a kiss which turned into a make out session ;) .....Well let's unpack
me put our stuff in the drawer and hung up clothes I then changed into a crop tog that sowed my belly button piercing and some tights.
i enters the cafeteria and saw Niall on his phone
me: hey babe did you miss me ?
I kiss him in the lips when he didn't see it coming
Niall: damn you look hot ......thanks for kissing me ;)
I was still standing up and when I was about to sit down he slapped my bum
me: thanks and don't do that bad boy ;)
Niall: you know you like it
Me: yeah but not here in public xD
Niall: I'm so hungry I haven't eat since I got in the cabin
Me: whose in your cabin?
Niall: Harry,Zayn, and some other guy who doesn't talk
me: cool :) so what's for dinner tonight
Niall: all-you-can-eat pizza and brownies
me: mmmm sounds yummy
Niall: hey let's go to the bathroom
me: why do I have to go :( it getting cold outside
Niall: here take my jacket ( his jacket smelled so good like his cologne ) and you'll see
me : don't rape me xD
Niall: I won't just come on before we get in trouble
me: ok
Niall and I interlocked fingers....Niall looked at our hands and then looked at me and kissed me
Me: ok so go pee now
Niall: I don't need to pee I need you
Me: aww your so romantic
Niall interrupted me with a kiss. I felt his strong hands go down my spine and touch my butt I felt him get hard on my belly.
Niall: baby I need you
me: me too we just have to wait a while for now just make out session
Niall: can I touch you any where and do anything just no sex?
me: um yes i guess
Niall: you'll do the same ;)
We started having an intense make out session we went into the men's bathroom and locked the door since it was a one person at a time bathroom. Niall squeezed my butt and told me to jump I was still kissing him with my legs around his hips. he started putting some tongue action to the kiss. He asked me if I wanted him to give me oral or the other way around or both I giggled and said both . He asked me if he could start. I nodded yes. I pulled down my pants and thong. Niall: damn nice underwear! It's turning he one even more. he giggled and I felt my face blush. Then I felt him jam two fingers inside me then it felt his tongue exploring my vagina. Damn this felt so good. I was socking wet and Niall decided it was my turn. Me: do I suck hard or should I be gentle. Niall: hard princess ;). I first liked his tip and I heard him moan I took a long time sucking hard and playing with his balls. Niall: baby I'm coming swallow if you want...
i decided to swallow to make him feel better we got dressed again and kissed. Niall: baby I have a condom with me wanna do it ? Me: I cant say no ;). Niall took off my pants and thong Niall: babe you're socking wet ;). I took off his pants and boxers and his shirt. Damn his member was giant he saw my eyes glued to him since I wasn't paying attention before...Niall chuckled . Niall: don't worry I'll go slow I won't hurt you it will hurt at first but it will stop. He positioned him self and damn it hurt like hell I felt tears coming and was about half way and I felt like he was destroying me finally he got in fully and started to thrust. Me: mmm Niall baby faster Niall : you feel so good Veronica ;) before we both came out he got out of me. We were both sweating like hell.

Niall: we have to go baby
me: thanks Niall I loved it
Niall: me too I just couldn't wait

Then we went to the cafeteria


Wow I wrote a lot!!!! Comment if I should continue


I am trying :))