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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Hiking Trip!


Niall:hey where were you two
he grabbed me by the waisted and kissed my cheek and then slapped my ass
Me: he needed to tell me something and don't touch by bum ;)
Niall: oh and ok I'll stop
Then he grabbed my bum and squeezed it
Me: Niall quit it
Niall: but...
Niall: fine -.-
Liam: Hey Veronica I don't feel good can we go back?
Me: sure plus it's getting dark
Niall: but I don't wanna go :,(
Me: c'mon let's go now
Mia: yeah Niall let's go I'm tired .-.
Zayn: yeah let's go

Back to Camp

Councilor:Guys time to go to the pool
Me:babe I gtg I need to put on my bikini ;)
Niall: yeah I need to put on my tight speedo lol just kidding lmao


i quickly changed to my bikini and so did Mia and then I looked at the door and Rachel was a sweaty
Me: put your bathing suit on
Rachel: oh ( catches breath ) ok
Me: did he use protection
Rachel: yeah :)

Niall:Damn Hottie ;)
i sat down and Niall squished my left boob
Me: Niall not now
Harry: hey that's no fair he gets to do that
i turned around and saw Sarah and Joshua staring at me
Sarah just made the "L" with her left hand and I heard Joshua laugh
Niall looked and me staring at them grabbed my waist and started to kiss me then cause some tounge action and he tried putting his hand in my lower area ( if you know what I mean ;) ) I saw his huge member and rubbed it. I heard him quietly moan in my mouth. We stopped and I looked at Sara and she just rolled her eyes Joshua looked super jealous.
Me: Thanks babe
Niall: anytime
Zayn: um hello there people here in cause you haven't noticed
Niall: oops :)
Harry:let's get in the pool
everyone: ok
Niall and I went in and sat on the stairs then Niall started to make out with me again. I kissed him back. I was sitting on top of him and he started fingering me while I pumped him.
Niall:Damn you're good
then he started to thrust me ( hump I guess ) and I felt him so hard. Then he started massaging my boobs.
Me: ok baby stop that's enough for today.
Niall:babe it's never enough ;)
Niall: let's go to the bathroom
Me: um not now I went to the table and checked my phone
i went on my text messages and saw one from the slut
1 New Text Message ~ From: The slut
Slut: he won't be yours for long :)
i then took my phone over to Niall
Niall:what the hell is her problem doesn't she have a boyfriend ?
Me: yes but I'm afraid I'm going to lose you :(
Niall: Don't worry princess I won't fall for her tricks here let's go to your cabin to get you dressed
Me: ok
We interlocked fingers on our way to my cabin
Niall came in to our room and sat on my bed while I closed the door and changed. I didn't mind him being here...I knew we were going to be together for the rest of our lives <3
i put on high waisted shorts that showed some of my butt and a crop top that said " twerk team captain"
Niall: you can twerk ? I bet I'm better than you ;)
Me: let's see then I'll give you a lap dance you grind on me. deal ?
Niall: of course it's a deal
I started giving Niall a lap dance I felt him hard and I could tell he was so turned on 10 mi ties later I told him I was done.
Me: your turn handsome
Niall: I'm scared :/
Me: you'll do fine handsome ;) wait before you do this take of your pants and only in your boxers ;) I took of my shorts and shirts oh wait your shirt too ;)
Niall: fine ;)
damn this boy was fit
He told me to lay down and he did his thing 8 minutes later he said he was done
Niall: so what'd you think I know I sucked :/
Me: babe I'm speechless....you turned me on so bad aww but I can't get more
Niall: you'll get more when you give me more ;) but I'm hungry now :D
Me: let's go to the cafeteria
he was about to open the door when I told him
Me: Mr. Horan put some clothes on
Niall: yes future Mrs. Horan ;)
i felt my face turn red

we we then went to the cafeteria


Big chapter with sexual scenes ;)


I am trying :))