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Save Your Heart

Chapter 15


Three weeks of living with Harry have flown by. We spent pretty much every second togehter when I wasn’t at school and he wasn’t working, and most of that time was spent making this place feel like an actual home, which it was. So, to celebrate, we were having a housewarming party. It wasn’t going to be anything fancy, we both just texted the people we wanted to invite, and banked on a few random strangers to show up too, because they always did. But Louis was in charge of drinks, Harry was in charge of party-proofing the house, I was in charge of food, and Zayn, Liam, and Niall (mostly Liam) were in charge of music.

“So I have a Calculus test I have to go to on Friday, do you think you can be here when they come to deliver the pool table?” Just at the mention of the table, Harry’s eyes lit up. He was insanely excited about this, and i’m pretty sure he wasn’t going to let anyone at the party touch it.

“I can DEFINITELY do that!” He said enthusiastically. I just giggled at him from my spot on the couch while he spread butter on two pieces of toast.

If you couldn’t tell, we were doing pretty well as roommates.

* * *


The pool table has arrived, so had Louis with about 20 bottles of liquor, and it isn’t even 9 o’clock and our living room already seems like it can’t fit one more person. Anna got back late from her test, so I’m pretty sure she was still in her room getting ready. Meaning, it was my job to play hostess, and unfortunately I wasn’t great at that. I tried to make casual conversation and clean up when someone spilled chips or something on the new coffee table, but in all honestly, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

“Anna?!” I called from outside her door.

“Yeah, one sec!”

“It’s me!”



“Oh, okay, you can come on!” I opened the door, shutting in quickly behind me.

“Sorry, one sec, i swear i’m almost ready. I stood near the door, her voice traveling from in the bathroom. The door was halfway open, and as she walked to grab a dress that I assumed was hanging on the hook on the back of the door, I got a quick glimpse of Anna in nothing but a pink bra and panties.


I had been on my best behavior for the past three weeks, never doing anything that I thought might show her how badly I wanted her, how much I missed her and loved her and thought about her. But it was moments like these where I lost my mind.

“Can you do me a favor and zip me up?” She came out of the bathroom, slipping into the thin straps of a slinky little backless blue dress. She turned around and I was forced to slide of the zipper just to the small of her back without touching anything that I wasn’t supposed to touch. She grabbed a necklace from the dresser, but before she could put it on, I spoke up.

“I can do that.” I said, taking both ends of the chain from her. I stood behind her, both of us standing in front of the mirror. I placed the necklace over the one I had given her for Christmas.

Resting my hands on Anna’s bare shoulders, I stared at her reflection.

“You still wear my necklace…” I muttered.

I heard her take a quick breath, “Of course I do.”

I’m not sure what that meant. But, from the small smile on her face, it seemed like it was a good thing. But before this went any further, Anna stepped away from my gentle grasp, going into her closet and finding a pair of simple brown sandals. She fluffed up her hair, letting the wild blonde waves fall down her bare back. “Ready for this?” She smiled at me. I’m really looking forward to this night with Anna.

“Yup. Ladies first.”

* * *


Everything was fuzzy, but in a really good way. Like, everything was pretty and happy and fun and the music made me want spin in circles and I wanted to dance on tables and sing at the top of my lungs. I’m drunk, that is something I am very much aware of. But I just didn’t really care. I was feeling so good, so incredibly good. And there were a decent amount of people here, a lot of which I didn’t know or recognise. There were people who seemed willing to have fun with me. But there was only one single person who I wanted to be with right now.

And there he was.

Leaning against the bar, talking with one of his hipster friends who I guess he met after we broke up. It was obvious that Harry had changed since we split up, he was different in so many ways. He had all these new friends, ones I wasn’t sure I could relate to. And even if he looked older and more mature, while I felt exactly the same, I was still drawn to him.

I took a second to stabilize, not wanting to embarrass myself in front of all these strangers.

The party’s been going on for a while, a decent amount of people have left, just leaving the super-drunk ones and the ones who felt strangely comfortable enough here to stay.

“Harry…” I said, going over to where he stood.

“Anna! having fun?” He chuckled.

“Lots… but I missed you.” I stumbled slightly, and one of his srong arms wrapped themselves around my shoulders, holding me to his side.

“I’ll see you later, mate.” The nameless guy said, saluting Harry and giving me a polite smile.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Shh, you didn’t do anything. I’ve been wanting to hang out with you all night. But there just seems to be far too many people here for that.” His low, raspy whisper in my ear gave me goosebumps all over. I had a feeling, by the way his hand traveled down to the small of my back, that he was a little buzzed too.

“Harry? I’m tired.” Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t keep my eyes open. My eyelids felt heavy, my body worn-out and exhausted. But I didn’t want to go back to my big, lonely room.

“You look beat, babe. Ready for bed?”

“Mmhmm…” I let him guide me through the living room, down the hall, to my bedroom. I heard voices through the door, and I’m pretty sure when Harry opened it, there were people in my bed.

“Jesus, no privacy, eh?” He laughed a little. “Is it okay if we go to my room?”

I’m pretty sure my response to that was ‘Perfect’. At this point, I was walking with my eyes closed, hoping that Harry was able to lead the way. He seemed to know this, and before we took another step, he picked me up, cradling me in his arms, and walked us to the end of the hall, where his bedroom was.

I hadn’t been in here very much since we moved in. it was one thing we both tried to steer clear of. I know it would be awkward if I just randomly walked into Harry’s bedroom unannounced and accidently saw… things… that I wasn’t supposed to see.

But now, here we were. He was lying me down on his bed and he was taking off his shoes and his shirt and his belt and then his jeans and I was pretending that I wasn’t watching, like I was already asleep. But I’m not. How the hell is a person supposed to sleep when a beautiful boy is taking his clothes off right in front of you ?!

He got into bed too, but he was far enough away that it was like I was by myself.

“Harry?” I murmured, moving my hand around on the mattress to try and find him.

“Yes?” His husky voice cut through the silence and made me desperate to be close to him.

“Where are you?” I heard him chuckle. But then I felt the mattress dip next to me. He moved over to the left, me to the right, and finally the two of us met in the middle.

“I’m right here, baby….” His arms wrapped around my waist and my back was pressed to his chest. I felt his chin resting on my shoulder and suddenly, all the missing pieces of the puzzle that was my life, completely fell into place.

I felt Harry press tiny kisses to my neck and shoulder. I lifted up the bottom of my dress, pulling it over my head, and kicking off my shoes. I just wanted to be comfortable right now.

“That’s much better.” I nodded in response, cuddling back against him.

“Did you have fun at the party?” It was almost impossible to process his words when his fingers were toying with my bra strap.

Mmhmm… Lot’s of fun. You’ve got a bunch of new friends. They seem…cool.”

“You’re a liar.” he chuckled. “But I love you for trying.”

God… that word… love. It really did make me feel all fluttery inside.

“This is nice…” I whispered.

“It is.”

We both drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms, oblivious to the people still jus outside the door. Because they didn’t matter.

He was all that mattered.

* * *


i'm sorry this chapter took forever !! i feel like that's all I ever say, but it really is true. I don't WANT to take this long to update, it just ends up working out that way :( But i'm done with school and i'm doing an internship for the next 2 weeks so i do actually have some more free time which i'm hoping to spend writing.
So, let me know what you think of this chapter !!! i really hope you liked it




Are you okay? Your really scaring me!! You havent updated in like forever! Im really worried? Are you alright!?

Update!!! Im dying!!!

i just updated on my blog !!!!!!! notarealhipster.tumblr.com

im going to try and update it on here now but it's been glitchy so it might not work. but you can go read it there :)