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Save Your Heart


With One Direction on tour, and getting more and more famous by the millisecond, it should be nearly impossible for Harry to think of anything but work. But that isn't exactly the case. She's on his mind constantly; regretting every bad decision he made and wondering what he would have to do to fix it. But his new not-so-family-friendly habits are starting to cause tension between him and the rest of the boys. And now isn't really the time to be screwing up.

New York City, population; 8,244,910, and Anna couldn't feel more alone. She wants to get better, to be able to move on, to say that 'everything's fine' and actually mean it. But it's been months, and she still can't. He's everywhere she turns; On TV, on the radio, online, in magazines, there's no escaping the curly haired boy who broke her heart.

And with One Direction planning to be in NYC for a three-day stint at Radio City Music Hall, one island isn't nearly enough space to keep them apart.

So, what's gonna happen next? With Anna forgive Harry, will there be a romantic reunion or a name-calling-full-out-screaming-match?


Anna Hollis

Anna Hollis

She's lived in New York City for almost her entire life. But it just doesn't feel like home anymore. With weekly meetings with her therapist, she's supposed to be feeling better. But at this point, it's just about the opposite. She misses London, her friends, and most of all; Harry. She can't help but wonder how he's doing, where he is, if he's thinking about her, or if he's already moved on.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

One Direction is on top of the world; their faces on every radio station and magazine. But Harry isn't able to enjoy any of it, not without her. He hates himself for what he did, for pushing ehr away and ruining the best thing that's ever happened to him. SO now it's his job to fix everything, and get his life back on track. But that might not be as simple as it seems.


  1. Prologue

    Anna is broken, to say the least. She hasn't been able to move on. But she isn't even sure if she should, or if she wants to. Talking about it hasn't worked, but she's done a lot of thinking. It's hard to remember how happy she had been at one point; How happy Harry had made her. She just wishes she

  2. Chapter 1

    Harry want's to be the charming and lovable person that his fan's see him as, but he just can't do it. He hasn't been able to be himself ever since he ruined everything with Anna. He misses her, and she misses him. But neither of them are actually talking about it wiht the people around them, the pe

  3. Chapter 2

    Harry and Anna are living completely different lives, but their thought's couldn't be more similar. They're both nervous about what next week will be like; If they'll see each other, what will they say if they did? Anna's mind is a mess after hearing about Harry's call to Molly, and Harry is forced

  4. Chapter 3

    As One Directions descent into JFK Airport gets closer, Anna isn't sure what she'll do, or if she'll be able to go a week in the same city as Harry. She needs her friends, but they're all living their own lives. Her mom is gone, and she feels completely alone.

  5. Chapter 4

    Harry and Anna see each other for the first time in months. But it's nothing like either of them had pictured.

  6. Chapter 5

    Liam plans to come and see Anna and talk to her about Harry, to try and help. But things don't really go as he planned. Hopefully he was able to help, but only time will tell.

  7. Chapter 6

    Things finally come to a halt when Anna and Harry are forced together, and forced to finally figure out what they've been doing without each other for the past 3 months.

  8. Chapter 7

    With big changes ahead, both Anna and harry are having trouble coping with everything.

  9. Chapter 8

    With Anna back in London, Harry is willing to do anything to get her back.

  10. Chapter 9

    With Anna returning to London and to school, new obstacles prove to be too much for her to handle, and she confides in the one person she wants to push herself away from the most, but the person who always happens to be there when she falls; Harry.

  11. Chapter 10

    Anna and Harry, could things be salvaged between them ? Really.

  12. Chapter 11

    Anna tells Danielle what happened over the summer. And although part of her wants to go to Harry for support, she can't. So, while crashing in Perrie's extra room AND starting school this week, it's hard to think about the moment she and Harry shared a few days ago. That is, until he takes her up on

  13. Chapter 12

    Harry and Anna go together to look for his new flat, and things don't go the way either of them expected...

  14. Chapter 13

    Anna tells Harry ehr decision about moving in together.

  15. Chapter 14

    A few short oneshots about Harry and Anna's first week living together.

  16. Chapter 15

    After about a month of living together, Anna and Harry throw a housewarming party, which apparently exactly what they both need to let loose and be honest with themselves and each other.

  17. Chapter 16

    The day after the party, Harry andAnna use the opportunity of last night's drunken choices to attempt to clear the air, get everything out in the open, and try and understand each other better.

  18. Chap 17

    Harry's summer fling (if you could even call it that) reappears at the worst possible time, just when he thinks thing's with Anna are looking up. She's the bearer of bad news that has the power to change everything between harry and Anna.

  19. Chapter 18

    Harry can only keep the secret of Carrie for so long. Anna is bound to find out at some point. But when she does, in pretty much the worst way possible, neither of them know how to deal with it.

  20. Chapter 19

    Two weeks have passed, and Harry and Anna have barely spoken. Haryr is determined to end the publicity stunt with Carrie, while Anna is trying her best to work hard in school and focus on anything else.


Are you okay? Your really scaring me!! You havent updated in like forever! Im really worried? Are you alright!?

Update!!! Im dying!!!

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