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We're Family

Chapter 9

~Niall's POV~

"No, i don't have a boyfriend" she said.

How can she not have a boyfriend?

She is gorgeous, funny, smart. she has the amazing smile, an amazing personality and i could go on and on but that will take forever.

"why?" i asked simply, i didn't even think about it, it just slipped out of my mouth.

"Because I'm not really...-" she stopped.

"Not really what?... i mean, i bet you got boys lined up to be your boyfriend.." i said.

"What do you mean?" she said , some-what offended.

"i mean, who wouldn't want you to be their girlfriend." i said, "i know, i would" i said quietly so she wouldn't hear.

"Well, the thing is, its hard to find someone who wants to be with me instead of 'Zayn's sister'", she continued "You could understand, right? i mean you're the 'niall horan', isn't hard for you too ?"

" ..yeah" i said in realization," i never put it like that though.. i guess I'm just wanting for my princess to come for me.." i said, "and i guess once she does come around, i would know"

"but she's never going to come to you if you don't at least put a little effort, don't you think ?" she said.

"i guess your right", i looked straight ahead, to the road.

'a little effort'

That played in my head like a broken record playing over again and again.

We got home about 10 minutes after that.

"We're home!" i called out, once i had opened the door. But no-one replied, it stayed quiet, which was rare for the boys. they were always up and jumping around, and yelling, and play fighting. but it seemed as if no-one was there.

"where is everybody?" asked Skylar coming up behind me

" i don't know.." i said

Right after i put the food down, we were attacked with Nerf guns.

~Skylar's POV~

After our little water fight, i took a shower and changed into this. The i went down stairs to eat. Niall suggested we eat in the living room, instead of the dinning room to watch a film whilst eating.
We were getting our food when Zayn said, "Perrie is coming to eating with us"
"YAY ! I haven't seen her in so long !" i said excited .


Sorry that i took a long time to update and for this chapter being so short but i have a lot of things going on. i'll try to update as soon as i can.

Anyways Rate, Subscribe, and comment !!

~Kayla :*


Update please and thank you
update please!!
UPDATE!! please and thank you