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SORRY i haven't been updating. the thing is I'm also working on another story i just started a couple months ago and I've had school and everything that it was just hard. So I'm basically update you guys on whats been going on:

1) I have a new story thats called 'From New York To London'. its basically a story about this rebel-ish girl who moves to London to meet her dad, and finds out that he is Simon Cowell. So, yeah please go check that out - From New York To London

2) I have the idea, i know exactly how i want this story to go BUT i don't know how to put it into chapters anymore. its been so long since i last updated a chapter because i don't know how to make my idea into a chapter anymore. - i don't know if that makes sense to you or not but I'm sorry.

3) No, I'm not going to delete or stop updating on this story BUT I DO NEE HELP. i need a co-author or maybe even two co-authors that will help me update weekly or monthly at least. Ive had co-authors on this story before that didn't help me for SHIT, and/or didn't communicate with me to update together. So i need someone or a small group of people that will help me with this story - if you do want to be my co-author please message me.


So i think thats all for now, i will update when i can or when i get a new co-author to help me, please go and read my new story i think imma update that one much sooner than this one, please don't hate me.

love, kayla.


Update please and thank you
update please!!
UPDATE!! please and thank you