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We're Family

Chapter 8

~Skylar’s POV~

Niall and me are in the car, hes driving and im in the pessenger’s seat. Its quiet. So quiet that its actually starting to get awkward.

“so niall what have you been up to?” I asked trying not to make it sound as awkward as it is.

“well we-“ I cut him off.

“my question was ‘what have you been up to’ not the band.” I said

“fine I have been doing nothing at all because I am on a vaction.”


“what about you, what have you been up to?”

“I have been looking for a job all day, and I actually found one that I love”

“really? No offense Sky, but you don’t look like the ‘working’ type. I mean you ran away home because you didn’t like the rules, when you have a job you have to follow the rules..”

“I didn’t run away home because ‘I didn’t like the rules’ I ran away because my mum was never even there. She never paid attention to mebecause shes always working. I admit I don’t like rules and I may not follow them sometimes but I wouldn’t quit something love because of the rules.” I say of-a-matter-a-fact.

“okay then, you find a job you like?”

“yeah, well, me and aby did. I hope you don’t mind her working..”

“of course I don’t mind” he continued, ”what exactly are you guys going to work on?”

“well we still don’t have an ‘offical’ job. We found a job that we both like but we still have to apply for it.” I say

“what is it?”

“oksy well, we were walking-“ he cut me off

“my question was ‘what is it’ not ‘how did you find it’” he said with a smirk.

“modeling” I said simply

he thought for a minute.

“what are you guys going to be modeling and to who?”

“we don’t know yet first we need to call… Benjamin Nelson, the photographer (A/N: Hes not a real photographer, I just put a name together )” I said reading the little card that Benjamin gave me earlier today.

“how do you know that this ‘Benjamin’ guy is a real photographer?”

“here, he gave me this crad to call him if we want to apply. If you want, you guys check it out first then decide rather or not we should take the job.” I said as I handed him the card. From all tjis talking I hadn’t noticed that we were already at nandos, we get out the car and ordered take out.
We had to wait for the food to be done so we sat down to talk again.

“whats your favorite color Skylar?” he ask


“favorite ice-cream?”

“chocolate “

“favorite film?”

“The Notebook”

“favorite T.V show?”


“favorite game?”

“Tag!” I say in a childish voice.

He laughed, well we laughed, but I stopped. I never noticed how beautiful and blue his eyes are. Or how cute and charming his smile is. His laugh is the most contigaious laugh I have ever heard. Him. He is soooo unbelievably handsom. I feel so stupid that im barely noticing all of these great this about Niall.

I was brought back to earth by Niall’s angelic voice calling my name.

“Skylar, the food is ready.” He said.

I got the food and he paid , we left. I would usually not let anyone else pay for my food, unless we’re on a date, but I just couldn’t think straight.

Am I starting to like niall?

Does he like me? No! of course he doesn’t like you, Skylar, who would! Im just Skylar. No one important. He could have any girl in the world, why the hell would he choose me?

I was once again interrupted by the sound flashing cameras and a lot of people/paparazzi. Niall put am arm around my shoulder to guide me out of all the paparazzi around us and i put my head down to avoid getting blinded from all the flashes of the cameras.

"Niall is that Zayn's little sister?"

"Are you two dating?"

"Is that Skylar Malik?"

"Niall, over here!"

"Is that your girlfriend?"

i heard many other questions and calls but ignored them. once we were in the car, Niall started it to go home.

"Why are you so quiet?" he asked breaking the silence.

"Just thinking..."

"Of ?"


"I thought you didn't want to go back?"

"i dont, i just miss everybody"

"yeah, i understand"

"i miss my friends and my sisters mostly"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asks blushing. Does he like me? No!

"Why?" i say smiling.

"Just wondering"

"No, i don't have a boyfriend"


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