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Always Yours

eleven: crazy paparazzi & ice cream

Just as we toss our trash in the garbage bin, Harry lets out an exasperated sigh. He had his gaze fixated on the front door of the restaurant we were in. I look at him, oddly for a minute before I open my mouth to ask what was wrong.

He mumbles something I don’t understand and runs a hand over the top of his head. “Paparazzi, they’re everywhere,” he says as I turn to look toward the door where he was looking. He was right; there were a ton of people with cameras crowded around the entrance in and out of the place. They were stationed there like they were just waiting for us to come out any moment.

A few minutes go by and he grabs hold of my hand. I look over at him, confused. “What are you doing?” I ask as he pulls me toward the door.

“We’re leaving, that’s what I’m doing, c’mon love,” he says as we approach the door.

“Okay,” I reply as I put the strap of my purse over my shoulder.

I brace myself for the worst as we step outside. Sure enough, a ton of people with cameras were there snapping pictures left and right. I take in a nervous breath as we finally step outside. He wraps one of his big hands around my small frame and pulls me into his side so I was shielded from the blinding flashes.

“Keep your head low, babe, pay no mind to them,” he whispers in my ear as he leads me to the car. I slowly nod my head in response as I stare at my feet. I couldn’t help but shiver as his hot breath hit the top of my ear. I shake the thought from my mind as the reporters continue to ask Harry a million questions about who I was and crap like that. He doesn’t respond.

We soon make it to the car and I manage to unlock it as quickly as I could. I slam the door shut and watch as Harry hurries around to the other side. I press the button on the side panel to unlock the door so he could get in. He climbs in and slams the door shut.

“Let’s get outta here! I’m ready to get back and go to sleep; shit like this makes me tired,” he mumbles and puts his seat belt on as do I before I start up the car and we’re soon on our way. As we pulled from the spot, a few reporters were banging on the car trying to get our attention. I roll my eyes and flip them off as we get out of sight.

“They can’t let you get a lick of privacy, can they?” I ask a bit of humor in my voice as I keep my eyes on the road.

“Hardly ever, they’re always ‘round somehow and like to make stuff into somethin’ they aren’t. There are times like tonight, when I don’t want to be bothered,” he says and smiles a bit.

I smile back at him and shift my gaze back to the road in front of me. What did he mean by that? I keep my eyes on the road in front of me so I wouldn’t get distracted. For the next few minutes, we talk as I continue to drive. Harry soon points out an ice cream place that was similar to Cold Stone, and says he wanted to run in and get some because he thought it sounded good. I can’t help but laugh as I turn around so we could go there.

I’ve been there plenty of times with Claire. They had some really good ice cream there, I loved it. Now that I was thinking about it, I wanted some. Damn it, Harry. We are soon going down the road toward the ice cream place. I pull into the lot and into a spot that was closest to the building.

“You sure you want to possibly deal with them again when we leave?” I ask, referring to the tons of paparazzi a little bit ago when we left Panda Express, and look over at Harry as I turn the ignition off on the car.

He shrugs his shoulders a bit as he looks at me, “I have to deal with it on the daily, Aves, I’m used to it even if I don’t like it,” he says and unbuckles his seat belt. I nod my head as I undo mine and grab my purse from the back. Each of us climb out and I lock the car with the ‘lock’ button on the key. He, yet again, reaches for the door and pulls it open, for me to go in first. I give him a smile in ‘thanks’ as I walk in.

We begin to look at all the flavors to choose from. I soon decide I wanted some chocolate chip cookie dough in a small cup. After each of us order ours, we pay and go take a seat at a table toward the back. In the shop, there were a few families sitting around enjoying their sweet treats and laughing. I couldn’t help but smile a bit before I turn to Harry.

I take a spoonful of my chocolate chip cookie dough and eat the small bite. It was so creamy and good. I smile a bit as I look over at Harry and ask, “What do you think?” he just smiles a bit and looks at me confused for a minute.

“What?” he questions, the smile evident on his lips. As I look at him, I can’t help but smile and let out a small laugh.

“I was talking about the ice cream,” I tell him with a laugh and eat another small spoonful of my ice cream.

“It’s good, very good, I’m tempted to try some of yours,” he replies with a smile as he takes his spoon and brings it toward my cup full of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I fight his off with my spoon and try to pull it away but he still takes a small spoonful of mine and eats some of it, a hint of a smile still on his face.

“I might have to take some of yours, too, then,” I say as I lift my spoon from my ice cream so I could have some of his. He pulls his away and holds it far away as he could with his long arms. I frown and he smiles, his dimples on full display, as he tries to keep it from me. I stare at him with my big blue “puppy dog eyes” before he gives in and set it down on the table so I could get to it. I take a small spoonful of his peanut butter chocolate and take a bite.

“Now that’s good,” I say as I swallow the goodness that is chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed throughout. “You never can go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate,” I say with a smile as I look at him.

“It’s like a Reese’s peanut butter cup,” he says as he takes a big spoonful in his mouth.

For the next few minutes, we talk and laugh about random things that came to our minds. After a while, we finish up with our ice cream and are just sitting there talking about everything. I get up so I could toss both of our empty cups in the trash. Once I get back to the table, I look over at Harry, a curious look on my face.

“Do you think we should bring something back for the guys?” I ask as I take a seat in the chair at the table we were at, across from Harry.

“Guess we can, knowing Niall, we should,” he replies with a laugh.

“Alright, so, should we get like a small tub or two?” I question as we make our way over to where they kept some frozen ice creams in some small ounce and a half looking tubs.

I put my bag over my shoulder as I go over to the small freezer and begin to look at the kinds they had. After looking for a few minutes, I feel a presence beside me, which had to be Harry. He was standing a little bit away but there was still plenty of proximity between us. We soon grab a few tubs of two different kinds and take them out so we could pay for them at the counter.

Harry offers to pay this time and I let him. After he pays, we are soon on our way back to the house. This time, we get right into Claire’s car with no people trying to get into our business; well Harry’s really, not mine I hoped, and are heading back for the night, ice cream in the back seat in a bag which I told Harry to set on the floor, because Claire would be pissed at me if it got all over the seats. A good ten minutes or so later, we get back to the house.

After we head inside, I press the button on the key to make sure the car was locked before I head inside with the bags of the ice cream cartons, Harry in tow. He takes them from me and offers to take them in the kitchen to put them away in the freezer. I thank him as I shut the door and begin to make my way toward the stairs.

I was tired and all I wanted was to crash and fall asleep. I had a good night and I could tell there would be plenty more to come this summer, all having to do with a certain Harry Styles, who I was really falling for, and I could tell it was mutual for him.


Next chapter! (:
I know it's been forever since I last updated this, a few months at least.

Let me know what you think, please. Drop a comment and let me know what you think <3 I'd love to know everyone's thoughts.

thanks for reading!:)


Great story! Can´t wait for the next chapter! :)

Great chapter again, to love over and over!!
Xx Me

It's fine haha. I will update again soon! (:

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx