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Always Yours

ten: panda express

I let out a soft groan as I hear loud voices talking around me. Did I fall asleep? I must have. As I slowly open my eyes, I notice I was resting my head on someone’s shoulder. I let a yawn slip from my lips as I slowly lift my head up off of whoever's shoulder I was on. I soon realize it was Harry, since he was right beside me.

“Sorry for waking you, love,” he tells me with a soft smile, the words rolling off his tongue.

“It’s fine,” I tell him and feel my cheeks heat up a bit. I couldn’t help but blush at his words. “Your shoulder’s comfy, hope you didn’t mind,” I tell him with a slight chuckle and rub my hands over my eyes to rid the sleep from them.

“Not at all, love. You looked peaceful, was trying to not disturb you, you fell asleep after the second movie,” he replies turning to me, a smile on his face.

I nod, not really remembering when I exactly fell asleep or how I did, rather. “Claire fell asleep too, Niall took her to her room so they could “nap”,” he tells me, air quoting ‘naps’ and blushes as he mentions the possibility of the two love birds doing something other than napping.

He was adorable when he blushed. My cheeks heat up at the mention of them doing something else besides napping. That’s one thing I didn’t need to know, even if she is my best friend. As I look up, I notice Louis, Zayn and Liam talking quietly amongst each other. I could only guess what it was about, something about Harry and I most likely possibly, but nothing’s happened. I mean, yeah, he almost kissed me a few days ago, but nothing really has happened between us, yet.

“Avery, would you want to uh, go walk around a bit and maybe we could get something to eat like real food?” he asks looking at me, a smile on his face. I nod my head and give him a small smile.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” I tell him and pull my legs up to my chest and wrap my arms around them. Harry smiles as he looks over at me. He tells the other guys our plans before standing up. They tell us to be safe and to have fun. He turns and holds his hand out for me to take, a small smile on his face. I smile a bit and grab hold of his hand.

“Let me go grab my purse along with my wallet and we’ll get out of here,” I tell him as I look at the tall boy who stood beside me.

“Alright, be waiting here for you, Aves,” he tells me with a smile. I just nod my head slowly and try to keep myself from breaking out into a smile as those words roll off his tongue. As I turn to head for the stairs, a wide smile overtakes my face the whole way to my room so I could grab my things I was taking with me. What the hell was he doing to me?

Once I get into my room, I go over and grab my Vera Bradley purse and set the strap on my shoulder. After a minute or so, I throw on some jean shorts along with a simple t-shirt and a cardigan. I kept my hair up in the messy bun on top of my head and grab my phone from the desk in the corner of my room before slipping it in the front pocket of my purse. Now, all I had to do was slip on my Toms, which were thankfully down stairs already.

“Ready to go?” Harry asks with a smile as I enter the living room after hurrying down the stairs to meet him. I give him a small smile and nod my head in response. I can’t help but laugh at his appearance as I walk into the room. He had on a pair of black sunglasses over his eyes and a beanie on his head.

“Why are you laughing? I don’t want to be attacked by crazy fans, they’re insane,” he says in a serious tone and laughs a bit.

“Oh, right,”

“See you lads later, be back soon,” Harry tells his mates minus Niall, who wasn’t in the room along with Claire. Wow, I was already starting to talk like an English person! I’m sure they were passed out by now, because aside from us in here, the entire house was silent. I pull out my house key along with the extra key Claire gave me for her car in case I needed it for something. I slip my shoes on once I made it to the door.

Harry opens the door for me and motions for me to walk out first. I comply to his gesture and step out onto the porch of the house. He steps out after me and pulls the door shut. Just as I was about to go forward and lock the door with my key, I am being pulled by Harry dragging me toward the car. “Why are you going to lock it? The lads are there, no one’s going to break in,” he tells me with a chuckle.

I shrug my shoulders and mutter an “I don’t know” as I look at him. I unlock the car door and pull it open so I could unlock it for Harry. I take a seat behind the wheel while Harry climbs in on the passenger side, buckling his seat belt in place. I buckle mine once I shut the door and stick the keys in the engine, not turning the car on yet. I put my purse in the back seat and set my phone in one of the cup holders.

“What are you hungry for? I’m feeling like some Chinese, I can go for that every day of the week,” I tell him with a slight smile before I turn so I could start the car. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice him smile at my choice of words.

“Sounds good to me, babe, I’m up for anything,” he tells me with a smile. After I pull out of the driveway, I soon begin to make my way to the spot I’ve gotten to know very well over the past year and a half; the area around UCLA, places to eat and shop.

“Mind if I turn the radio on?” Harry asks glancing over at me. I didn’t want to look over and lose my sight on the road in front of me. I shake my head and mutter a reply, “not at all, Harry, go right ahead,” and keep my eyes on the road before me. Soon, the sound of a song by Coldplay filled the speakers in the car.

“I love Coldplay! Mind turning it up, please?” I ask, smiling a bit as I glance at him from the corner of my eye as I wait to turn at the light.

“Be glad to, they’re one of my favorite groups,” he tells me and reaches forward to turn the volume up. I notice the music become louder throughout the vehicle. Yellow was playing. I begin to lightly drum my fingers against the steering wheel and sing along with the music while I wait for the light to turn so I could go.

I could even hear Harry singing along. He had a really good voice, I had to admit. That’s coming from a girl who’s never been into boy bands and crap like that. But his voice sounded different, I’m sure they all did.

This light always took forever for some reason. The streets were clear of cars, except for a couple of them waiting at the light. Everyone was probably mostly gone home for the summer since it was already the middle of June. As I finally get the chance to turn, I begin to move forward, pressing my foot against the accelerator.

I notice we are in the parking lot of Panda Express. The lot wasn’t very full, only with a few clusters of cars every so often in the medium sized lot. I drive over toward Panda Express so I could begin to find a spot for us to park. There was a spot right near the front so I decided to take that one. Just as I pulled into the spot, the Coldplay song ended and another song faded in.

Both of us get out and I grab my purse and put the strap to rest on my shoulder and press the button on the side panel of the door so I could lock it. It was the only way because Claire was the one with the fancy key with the lock button and stuff. I soon make my way around to the front of the car where Harry was standing there waiting for me.

“I love Panda Express! Haven’t been here in a while since we were last here in the States,” he tells me with a smile as he walks forward and pulls the door open for me, a slight smile on his face.

I smile and thank him before I walk in through the door. The two of us get in line and begin to look over the menu. Harry lets out a sigh as we stand there and decide what we wanted to eat. I soon decide on some fried rice and orange chicken.

After we pay for our entree plates, we sit at a table so we could eat. I’m quite surprised no one noticed us, well, Harry really since he’s famous. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone recognized us once we leave. I’m sure there’s those crazy paparazzi people everywhere and that kind of made me a bit nervous.

As we eat our food, we joke and talk about the earlier events, when Niall kept bugging us about the brownies. It was so funny and we couldn’t stop laughing. He was content and hyper once he got some of them in his system. Harry even kept mentioning the fact how peaceful I looked asleep on his shoulder as I fell asleep during the movie, supposedly. I couldn’t help but blush at that and shift my gaze away from his. He thought it was cute and that he didn’t mind at all.

We finish eating our food about thirty minutes later due to how much we talked about with each other. I’ve only known him for two days but it feels like I’ve known him for months. I knew it was obvious, the fact I’m falling for him. It’s obvious to see that he is too, I can tell by how he looks at me and the way he acts around me.


so, here's an update!! sorry it took me soo long to update! :p
i feel like this chapter turned out pretty shitty but that's just me.

hope you like it! leave me your thoughts -- I'd love to hear what y'all think! (:


Great story! Can´t wait for the next chapter! :)

Great chapter again, to love over and over!!
Xx Me

It's fine haha. I will update again soon! (:

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx