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Good things come in threes, or should I say fives..

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Competition Has Just Started

“Tahlia… time to wake up” I head I familiar voice say.

I slowly opened my eyes which were soon to be shut as the light shun through my opened curtains.

“No. 5 more minutes. Go away.” I replied burying my head under pillows and a blanket.

“No you said that 5 minutes ago. Now it’s time to get up” Louis protested pulling the doona off of me.

I felt the cold air blow all over me. Even on my womanhood and breasts. Wait... what the fuck. I quickly opened my eyes to see me fully naked. Beside Harry who was also fully naked. I tried to cover up as much as my nude body as possible.

“Oh yeah about that,” Niall started.

I snatched the blanket off of Louis and covered my naked body.

“After you came downstairs from peeing last night with Niall, you fell asleep on the couch so we brought you up to your room and put you into bed but you complained how it was too hot and then started taking off your clothes… we tried to stop you but it was useless. Sorry” Liam explained.

“I didn’t mind” Harry smirked at me.

“And why is he in my bed? With me? Naked?” I questioned glancing down at Harry’s member as I spoke the last word.

“Well he fell asleep in your bed after singing to you to make you go to sleep, and you know Harry, he always sleeps naked… well he always does everything naked.” Louis said matter-of-factly.

“Whatever.” I said bluntly, rolling over, still tired.

“Oh no you don’t missy!” Niall said jumping on top of me, not allowing me to sleep.

“Fine fine, I’m up!” I yelled throwing my hands in the air surrendering.


After breakfast I received a text from my best friend Dex saying that he had come back from his holiday in Sweden and he wanted to see me. Dex and I have been best friends since like forever. His mum and my mum were best friends when they were younger so that’s how we met. Dex and the boys have met before and they are pretty good friends but they aren’t as close as Dex and I. I texted Dex back;

To: Sexy Dexy ;)

OMG come to mine now. Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn are over. I’m sure they’d love to see you x

“Dex is coming over guys” I announced to the boys as I walked into the lounge room and see all of the boys wrapped up in blankets and pillows watching Mean Girls. I hear a reply of okays and cools. I sighed and sat on the couch putting my feet up and stretching as I had the whole couch to myself.

“Awwwhh… is Tahlia all lonely up there?” Louis said as he got up and come to sit beside me.

“Not anymore” I said as I snuggled into Lou’s chest.

We were about half way through Mean Girls when the doorbell rang.

“DEXXXXXXXXX” I yelled while running to the door. I swung it open and engulfed Dex in a massive hug.

“Tahlia I missed you so much” He spoke into my ear during the hug.

“Oh my god me too” I replied while soaking up the feeling of being in his arms.

All the boys said hello to Dex and we all sat in my lounge room catching up and asking him about his holiday in Sweden. I decided to go to the kitchen and get drinks for everyone. As I grabbed 7 bottles of Powerade from the fridge I heard someone come into the kitchen. I felt someone’s hands cover my eyes from behind and then I heard the familiar voice of Dex.

“Keep your eyes closed gorgeous” he softly spoke as his hands move away from my eyes. Then I felt a cold chain around my neck. He then kissed my cheek and told me to open my eyes. I looked down at the necklace that he had put around my neck, it was a silver heart that had “I love you” written on it.

“So whenever I’m away and you miss me I’ll always be with you” Dex said softly and slightly blushing.

I jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. I planted soft chaste kisses all over his face while he giggled. After I thanked Dex about a million times he helped me bring all the drinks into the lounge room where all the boys were still seated.

“Like my new necklace that Dex bought me?” I spoke in a flirty tone while placed my hand on my heart. They all smiled and complimented it.


“It’s beautiful like the girl wearing it” I said with a wink and Tahlia blushed at my comment.

Everyone was complimenting the necklace and Tahlia to be polite but I actually meant every word I said, she was truly beautiful. I had started thinking about her as a bit more than a friend in the last few days. But I didn’t want to ruin our friendship and make the whole group awkward. So I decided to keep my feelings to myself, well at least for the moment.


We decided to go to the beach to have a bonfire to celebrate Dex being back. We had packed blankets, pillows and heaps of food into Harry’s range rover. When we arrived at the beach we all piled out of the car.

“BEACH SOCCER!” Tahlia screamed as she started juggling the ball. She was always competitive with soccer, it was great, she always comes and watches games with us. It’s just like she’s one of the guys.

It was 3 against 3 and Tahlia insisted that she would play on both teams as she is the only girl. Harry, Niall and Dex were against me, Zayn and Liam. We ended up tying as Tahlia kept making it even.

“Stop Tahlia! We were winning!” Niall yelled as she went and scored a goal for me, Zayn and Liam.

“But then it’s unfair” Tahlia said while poking her tongue out.

Harry ran over to Tahlia and picked her up over his shoulder and ran into the water.

“PUT ME DOWN HARRY!” she screamed and kicked her legs, “LOUIS HELP ME!” she continues while reaching out trying to grab hold of me even though we were obviously not in arms reach. Wait, she just screamed my name. Oh god what do I do.

“Have fun!” I yelled out to her. I decided to play hard to get so it wasn’t obvious that I was whipped.

Everyone ran into the water after Harry… and Tahlia. I watched as Tahlia splashed around with everyone. But I wasn’t the only one watching her…. Dex was always staring at her in a trance. I think he fancies her…… and I think I do too. Ladies and gentlemen, the competition has just started.


Woahhhhhhh Louis has com-pe-ti-tiooooonnnnnn!! who's gonna win?
Sorry that I haven't updated in a while but I promise to update more frequently! Remember to comment, vote and subscribe! xxx


@Alex O'Neill

Thanks Alex! Should I continue with the story?
hahahaha Tahlia this is so good!!!
I jUsT caNt eVeN omGGgggG
omg update it is so good. OmG thEeSSe feeEeELLss!! lol