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Good things come in threes, or should I say fives..

Truth or Dare

“truth or dare time” Niall started.

“I’m starting” Zayn said. “Truth or dare Harry?”


“I dare you to straighten your hair”

“nooooo and besides I don’t have a hair straightener” Harry replied thinking he had gotten out of it.

“I know but Tahlia does” replied Zayn.

“shit. Please no!” Harry pleaded.

“please yes” I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs.

“COME BACK DOWN WHEN YOU’RE DONE!” Louis yelled from downstairs in the lounge room.

I guess the boys continued playing truth or dare amongst themselves while I was upstairs doing Harry’s hair.


“the hair straighteners ready Harry” I said with an evil grin.

"aw feck.” Harry said

I grabbed one of Harry’s dark brown locks, making his ear visible.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed.

“WHAT?!” Harry yelled worried.


“har. Har.” Harry replied a bit more relaxed because it wasn’t anything actually serious.

I continued straightening Harry’s hair when he started crying. It was kinda fake and kinda real. But it was cute and funny.

“aw Hazza, don’t cry” I comforted him.

“can you kiss me better like I kissed you better?” he asked with puppy eyes.

How could I say no to that? I pressed my plump lips onto his cheek, being careful where my straightener was as I didn’t want to burn him and make him scared of straighteners any more than he already was.

“we’re done!” I said as I finished straightening his last curl and turned off my hair straightener.

Harry and I ran downstairs with his now straight hair flopping and falling over his face. I hear a chorus of oh my god’s and wow’s from the boys’ mouths after they saw Harry’s hair. Harry flipped it out of his face and pouted his lips while looking off into the distance to try look like a model. He was just as beautiful as one.

“now it’s my turn” Harry said with a cheeky but evil smile, “truth or dare Tahlia?” he continued.

“umm truth” I said unaware of what I was going to get myself into.

“aw you’re no fun” Zayn joined in.

“no no it’s okay boys. I have a question” Harry smirked and continued, “how is your mouth feeling? After what I generously did” he said while shooting a wink in my direction.

“what you call kissing her generous?! Someone’s got tickets on themselves” Louis snapped back laughing.

“WAIT WHAT?! HARRY KISSED HER?!” Liam, Zayn and Niall screamed out in awe.

“yep. ON THE LIPS!” Louis yelled in a childish voice acting like a little 5 year old.

“ok ok enough Lou. How can I make you not feel left out?” I asked trying to hush the boys a bit.

“I think I deserve a kiss” he said pouting his lips.

“and us” Niall said.

“fine fine!” I said as I made my way over to Louis giving him a quick peck on the lips, then to Niall feeling his soft lips and seeing his gorgeous Irish cheeks blush. Then to Zayn and finally to Liam. “Thankyou” Liam said politely after our lips crashed.

“You’re welcome cutie.” I winked at him.


Louis coxed Tahlia into kissing him to make him not feel left out. But Niall was also in on this, and the other boys seconded this matter. Tahlia went around placing soft chaste kisses on Louis, Niall, Zayn then Liam’s lips. I was jealous but held a neutral expression well. I think. I hope it was convincing.

“aw is little Harry jealous?” Louis said cheekily. Obviously he wasn’t convinced.

“no way.” I quickly and sharply snapped back.

“ouch that hurt” Tahlia said pretending to be really offended and hurt.

Niall pressed play on the DVD remote and the movie resumed. I felt bad for what I said to Louis. Well I mean how Tahlia heard. Even though she was being sarcastic it could have actually been offensive towards her. I sent her a text message explaining how I didn’t mean it. Her phone vibrated as the message had sent, yet I didn’t know where about her phone was.


My phone buzzed in between my cleavage symbolising that I had received a text message. I pulled it out from between my boobs and got a weird stare from Liam.

“What?! I have nowhere else to put it.” I shot at Liam trying to explain and reduce the confused expression on his face.

“makes sense” he nodded continuing back to the movie.

I pressed the home button on my iPhone and raced my finger along the unlock slide button, obviously unlocking the screen. I tapped in my passcode which was 1506 and the text message I had just received popped up.

From: Captain Curls

I hope you didn’t get offended before. I guess I did get a little jealous that all the boys got a kiss and not just me.

There were two emoticons at the end of the text, one a sad face and the other a winky face.


Should I post another chapter tonight? aha tell me what you think so far and if you think that I should keep going.. xxxx


@Alex O'Neill

Thanks Alex! Should I continue with the story?
hahahaha Tahlia this is so good!!!
I jUsT caNt eVeN omGGgggG
omg update it is so good. OmG thEeSSe feeEeELLss!! lol