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Good things come in threes, or should I say fives..

Here Let Me Kiss It Better

“I’m starting the movie!” I yelled hoping it was loud enough for Zayn to hear, who was in the kitchen.

“Wait! Help me bring all this food into the lounge room.” He yelled in reply.

I dragged myself off the soft leather couch and walked along the cold hard tiles into the kitchen where I saw Zayn standing there fumbling and trying to carry 3 bags of chips, 4 blocks of chocolate, 3 tubs of ice cream and 2 bags of lollies.

“and how do you think that we will be able to eat all of this?” I retorted.

“I’m sure the six of us can manage!” Zayn smirked putting his tongue between his teeth.

“six of us” I said as Zayn looked away from me. “who else is coming?” I continued while Zayn put all the food onto the kitchen island and walked up behind me then put his arms around my waist nuzzling his nose into my neck.

“is it alright if the boys come over?” he asks while smiling into my neck.

Those gorgeous big brown eyes looked up at me. I had to give in.

“fine.. I guess they can” I said making it clear that I gave in.

Zayn jumped onto my back so I was piggy backing him. “GIDDY UP!” Zayn screamed. I ran into the lounge room dumping him onto the mattresses on the floor which I had prepared earlier for our movie night.

“I’ll race you to the kitchen” I said racing off

“hey! That’s not fair” Zayn said running after me.

He wrapped his muscular arms around my torso picking me up while we both laughed. We grabbed all the food and brought it into the lounge room where the stack of movies sat consisting of Mean Girls, American Pie, Titanic, and Paranormal Activity 3.

Zayn checked his iPhone at the time “the boys should be here any min-“

*ding dong*

I ran up to the door and swung it open to see 4 happy smiles that belonged to Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall.

“TAHLIAAAA!” Harry screamed.

“HARRYYYY!” I screamed back as he attacked me in a hug while picking me up and twirling me round. Next was Louis.

“hey girlfrannn” he said with as much sass as possible.

“hayyy lou!” I laughed back.

“hey love. You look beautiful” Liam sweetly spoke.

“hey Li! You look handsome as always” I winked back.

“FOOOODD!!” Niall screamed as he pushed me out of his road, running straight to the food. Luckily Harry was behind me and he caught me, even though his hand supported my bum. I shot a look at Harry once I had my balance and he removed his hand as he winked at me.

“hello to you to Nialler” I sarcastically retorted.

“oh hey T-dog” he said stuffing his face with chips.

“what movie are we watching first?” Louis said while getting comfortable on the couch.




“uh no, American Pie.” I snapped back. A chorus of no’s filled the room.

“uh yes, it’s my house. My rules” I said winking at all of the boys while popping the movie in.


Half way through the movie a sex scene came up. Louis put his hand over my eyes and stated that I was ‘too young’ to see a sex scene.

“haye! I’m 17! That’s not too young!” I snapped back

“you are too young for sex! 18 is the legal age!’ Louis said while laughing.

“not back in Australia!!” I say referring to where I’m originally from, yeah I’m an Aussie “and besides, yous would have all lost your virginity before yous were 18! HYPOCRITES” I said yelling the last word while still trying to escape from Louis’ tough grasp. I hear everyone’s laugh, especially Niall’s famous Horan laugh.

“your right” Louis sighs in defeat as he released his tight grip on me but his arm is still draped over me. He pouts faking to be upset and grabs his chest above his heart.

“aw it’s ok Louis” I said while snuggling into his chest.

Zayn handed the 3 tubs of ice cream out. Louis and I shared, Zayn and Harry shared. And Liam and Niall shared. Of course Liam ate with a fork though. Louis and I were feeding each other and doing aeroplanes like little babies to each other. Then all of a sudden Louis accidentally managed to hit the roof of my mouth really hard with the spoon.

“ow! Really Louis? Really? Wanna knock my teeth out of my mouth while you’re at it?” I said with sarcasm.

“MAN DOWN!” Harry screamed while he picked me up bridal styles and ran upstairs to the bathroom. He sat me on the bench while I turned around to face the mirror and took a look at my teeth. Harry stood there and stared at me while I made stupid faces while trying to see where Louis hit me with the spoon.

“Your teeth are really straight and white” Harry complimented me.

“oh thanks” I managed to get out while I had my fingers in my mouth trying to get a better look. I took my fingers out and continued “well I did have braces for 1 and a half years” I laughed.

“aw that woulda looked cute as!”

“no it didn’t. I looked like a nerd”

“must have been a pretty sexy nerd” Harry replied with a wink.

“ha I wish” I said while running my tongue through my mouth over the spot that Louis bumped.

“give me a look” Harry said gesturing me to open my mouth. “aw it will be okay gorgeous.” He continued.

“aw hopefully” I pouted.

“here let me kiss it better” Harry said while pressing his soft plump lips onto mine.

“WOAH WOAH WOAH!!” Louis screamed from the door way.

Harry and I broke off the kiss and giggled while I sexily bit my bottom lip and blushed.

“I came up here to apologise and see if you were okay but it looks like Harry has taken care of it quite well” Louis jokily said.

“oh yeah thanks Harry” I said shooting a wink in his direction.

“I need to pee, may I come in?” Louis laughed.

“sure c’mon in” I said as Harry exited the bathroom with his big cheeky grin across his face showing his dimples.

“I honestly am sorry Tahlia” Louis said with puppy dog eyes fluttering his eyelashes, “forgive me?”

“of course I forgive you Boo-bear” I said while jumping off the bathroom bench about the leave the room when Louis interrupts me.

“are you not going to stay? And keep my company while I pee?” he said while sheepishly smiling at me.

“no way. You’re on your own Tommo” I said while running downstairs.

Ok I know what you are thinking. I just kissed Harry and I’m not fangirling but trust me, over the years of being best friends with them all I’ve learnt to suppress my fangirling to a low minimum. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and I feel someone grab me from behind around my waist. I turned around and saw beautiful blue eyes staring at me with that cheeky Tommo smile.

“I hope you washed your hands Lou” I said with a smirk.

“I sure did” he cheekily replied while planting a short but sweet kiss onto my cheek, “I’m sorry” he apologised again about the whole spoon incident.


Louis and I walked back into the lounge room to see Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall sitting in a circle with a space left for me and Lou. We sat down and looked around confused.


This is my first fanfiction so please tell me what you think. I will post a new chapter soon if I receive a positive response ahah xxxx


@Alex O'Neill

Thanks Alex! Should I continue with the story?
hahahaha Tahlia this is so good!!!
I jUsT caNt eVeN omGGgggG
omg update it is so good. OmG thEeSSe feeEeELLss!! lol