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Taking the long way home

New life begining

Tesha's POV

I'm just right here, waiting on the airport for my flight from Mexico to Los Angeles, one year ago I got graduated from chef's college and my dream is to get a job on a nice bakery or restaurant there, but back on my mind i'm a little bit sad, my family would't go with me, in fact I think it is a good start for my adult life now.

*Flight number 275*

There it is, i walk to the line with my earphones listening Good Charlotte, one of my favorite bands.

My sit is on the window, "Just perfect" i whisper with a huge smile on my face.

The flight took like five hours and finally the voice on the airplane said:

"Put your seat belts on, we are just arriving"Or something like that, I was really distracted changing the song on my iPod.

Next to me was a really nice old lady, she said:

"Oh finally! I can't stay on this plane anymore, my back hurts!"

I just look at her and make a "yes me too" face haha

I took a taxicab from airport to the place that would to be my new home! I got exited when i found that little place on internet and I communicate with the person who was in charge of it.

And there you have!I watch a beautiful and peaceful apartament with a little garden in front of it. I was finally there, the thing that i wasn't know is that a few months after my life would change forever...


Hi!!! I'm T, this is my first histroy! the guys come really soon , i hope you like it!


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