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Taking the long way home

New Pastry Chef!

I'm tired and my feet hurts, I've almost one week here and I can't find a job.

The streets took me to a really nice hotel and i decided to go in...

"Hi! God afternoon, can I help you?" the receptionist said.

"Hi! amm yes, i just was want to know if it's an available job in the restaurant that you have here at the hotel?"

She looks at me and said: "Girl! you're so lucky! the chef needs a Pastry chef!"

That was weird!, i was like: really? haha i'm not sure if I want to work hahaha, anyway, i walk in to the restaurant and found the chef, I took a loooong talk with him and yes, the job was mine! and was just perfect... LOOK AT THE NEW EXECCUTIVE PASTRY CHEF!!!"

*Next day*
Awesome!, my first day at work was just awesome, i just changed a few desserts and the new menu was perfect!

But who thinks that job will took me to met one of my platonic loves!...


kisses everyone! hope you like it! the guys come on the next chapter!


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