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The New Teacher

Chapter 7

Louis's POV
"Look Louis, I'm really sorry for what happened, but I won't take it back. You know me and Amy are really close, and you know that some sort of spark or whatever has always been there. But I'm sorry if you got offended in anyway, or if it hurt your feelings. So...are we good?" Zayn asks.

I think about it for a minute then pull him in for a bro hug.

"It's just that Amy's my little sister, and I want to believe that she doesn't do those things, I actually want to believe that she doesn't even know what sex is, so when I saw that I was just kind of shocked." I tell him as I invite him inside to hang out with the rest of the lads.

"I know, I would probably have done the same thing if it was one of my sisters" he reassures me.

"Hey, is it alright if my roommate comes over after he gets off of work, I really want you guys to meet" he asks me.

"Sure, the more the merrier, cause we might go to the bar later" I tell him.

He nods and then we walk back into the room where all of the lads are at.

Amy's POV
"So, now that I have assigned the partners I will need you guys to study your lines because next week you will be performing your plays in front of the class." Mr. Styles instructs.

"I will give you time for the rest of class, but then you and your partner will need to meet up after school."

He adds before returning to grading papers.

"So, I guess I will be the guy" I sigh and turn to Chase.

He just scoffs "In your dreams, Tomlinson" he remarks before shooing me off to get our script.

"Ugh, your so lazy" I groan getting out of my seat and walking over to Mr. Styles.

I don't really want to go up there, I mean after what happened yesterday, wouldn't that be weird and awkward? Well, he is my teacher, I don't really have to talk to him. Hopefully he forgot. But I couldn't just tell Chase to get them because then he would ask why.

"Hey Mr.Styles" Veronica flirts as she stands in front of me in line.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" He asks not even looking up from his pile of papers.

"Me and my partner need our scripts" she says pushing out her boobs to try and get his attention.

"Then here" he says handing her a packet then retiring his gaze to his papers not even giving her a second glance.

"Umm, Chase and I need our script also" I awkwardly say after Veronica scoffed and walked off.

He looks up with his amazing green eyes, that can bare into your soul.

He smiles before handing me my packet.

"I would like to see you after class Ms. Tomlinson" he says as I walk away.

As I walk I swear I fell someone's gaze on my ass. I turn around and all I see is Mr. Styles who quickly
turns his head in the opposite direction once I catch his gaze.

Ok, now that is just gross, he's my teacher! Well, he is hot, and sexy, and everything in-between. But he's my teacher!!

Harry's POV
I had felt my cheeks redden when she turned around and met my gaze. I am hoping I turned my head fast enough though so that she didn't know I was looking at her bum. But I just couldn't help it. I don't know if I can ever get the sight of yesterday out of my mind. I just really need to talk to her after class.

Once everybody has gotten their script I login to my computer and take attendance.

Soon, out of the corner of my eye I see Veronica stand up. I roll my eyes. I know I can't really say this about a student, but she is the definition of slut. I mean who puffs out their boobs to their teacher?

I soon realize that she had just gotten out of her chair to throw something away and I sigh in relief.

I then quickly glance at Amy to see her going over her lines with Chase. While she's looking down at her paper he looks at her and smiles, it's obvious he likes her. Well kind of, I don't really know, she could have just said something funny or something. They are best friends. I then look at Jason to see him going over his lines with Eva. But, every once and a while I see him take a glance at Amy, and his eyes light up. He's crazy about her, and if he had saw what I saw yesterday he would be crushed.

"Class, please gather your things, the bell will be ringing momentarily, and Ms. Tomlinson please remember that I have to talk to you after class." I say and look over at her where Jason has his arm around her while he talks to his friends. Meanwhile, on the other side of the classroom Veronica is giving them a deadly glare.

The bell rings and all the kids pile out of the classroom, except for Amy.

"I'll wait for you outside babe" Jason tells her. He then glances at me on his way out leaving me and her alone.

"Ok, so we both know that what happened yesterday was, umm.." I start.

"Awkward" she finishes. I nod my head.

Just as I am about to say something else she beats me to it.

"Look, just forget anything ever happened, it was awkward ok! And I just want to get past that! We don't need to talk about it!" She explains before walking out of the classroom.

I look,through the little window in the door and my eyes widen in shock.

Standing there is Amy with Jason, and they have eachother tongues down each others throats.
After a few minutes they are still going at it. Geez, how long can these kids kiss without taking a breath? They finally pull apart and they both smile at eachother before walking off towards the lunch room.

I quickly dart out of my chair, and open the door. I look up and down both halls to make sure the coast is clear before running outside and jumping into my car. Now, I can finally take care of my problem, the thing is, I know my hand can't possibly be as good as Amy's.


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haha that makes sense, it just bums me out! :)

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Speaking of that, I will update right now!

I actually have like 5 chapters ready to post, I have just been wanting to post a chapter a day!

I looove this story a lot, but I almost want to stop reading it for awhile then come back to it so I can read a couple pages at once lol

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how is this story not popular yet???
its amazayn:) love the plot ..... update asap

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