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The New Teacher

Chapter 8

Harrys POV
I sigh when the bell rings releasing the students to go home for the rest of the day. Teaching the same thing multiple times can get very boring. I check my phone and read a message that Zayn sent me a few hours ago.


'Hey Harry, I was wondering if you want to go to go to the bar with the lads and I at 6?'
I send Zayn a response saying I could make it I just need to get ready. Once I hit send I stand up from my desk grab my bag full of paperwork, grab my coffee and walk out of the classroom.

(At apartment)
I place my bag down on the counter then walk over towards my room.

I unbutton the first couple of buttons on my button down shirt when I hear a loud knock on the door.

I groan and head over towards the door.

I open it up and a Amy comes barging into the room not even looking at me.

"Zayn, look about what happened the other night...I-" she pauses when she looks in my direction realizing that I'm not Zayn. Her eyes linger on my chest where the bird tattoos are peeking out of from my unbuttoned shirt.

She looks at the ground when she realizes what shes doing.

"Sorry, umm, do you know where Zayn is?" She asks after she finds her confidence back.

"He's not here, I'm actually going to be meeting up with him and a couple of other lads in a couple minutes" I reply scratching the back of my neck.

After we awkwardly stand there for a couple minutes she sighs "Nice tattoos" she comments pointing to my exposed chest.

"I have one, it's kind of similar to that one" she says poking the bird on my chest. Her finger lightly touches me but when it does it feels like I have just been electrocuted, I know she feels the same because she immediately jumps back and mumbles a 'sorry'.

"Umm, i have to go, when you see Zayn tell him I stopped by please" she says, I nod my head in response and she walks towards the door and exits out of it. Leaving me alone to get ready and be buried in my thoughts.

Amy's POV
Since Zayn wasn't home I decided to head that I would go hang out with my friends for the day, I can't wait tomorrow is Friday, then on Saturday we are having Jasons party which will be a blast.
When I hop into my car and close the door I pull my phone out of my pocket and call Eva to see if she wants to hang out.

"Hey, do you wanna go to the mall or something I don't have anything better to do?" I ask when she picks up the phone.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing, do you wanna meet there or do you wanna pick me up?" she asks.

"I'll come pick you up, cause I am starving so I'm going to need to rade your fridge" I respond giggling.
She agrees and we disconnect.

Just as I am about to put my car key onto the ignition there is a knock on my car window which nearly
makes me pee myself.

I look out the window to see an elderly man who is covered in dirt and holding a sign asking for money.

I smile before reaching over into the passenger seat and grabbing my wallet.

I pull out a $5 bill and reach into the backseat where I have a spare blanket.

I then roll down my window and hand him the money and the blanket.

He gives me a huge smile "Thank you very much, have a god blessed day" he tells me before walking off.

Harrys POV
I just happened to be looking out the apartment window...

And I just happened to be watching Amy get into her car and talk on the phone...

Then I just happened to watch her make an elderly mans day by giving him money and a blanket...

And lastly I just happened to smile and think about what a great person she is.....


Another chapter!!!

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haha that makes sense, it just bums me out! :)

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Speaking of that, I will update right now!

I actually have like 5 chapters ready to post, I have just been wanting to post a chapter a day!

I looove this story a lot, but I almost want to stop reading it for awhile then come back to it so I can read a couple pages at once lol

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how is this story not popular yet???
its amazayn:) love the plot ..... update asap

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