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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Fuck you!

Veronica POV
All of us went back to out cabins and Niall smiled,"when I'm done I'll be over" he winked and walked to his cabin. I winked back and head to my cabin and started to put my clothes up. And I felt a pair of arms snake around me. I smiled and turned around and closed my eyes and kissing Niall. His lips felt different.
Niall's POV
I put my stuff up ready to taste Veronica's amazing lips. I walked over to her cabin and opened the door and saw her kissing......Joshua?! "Veronica!" She opened her lips and her eyes went wide. "Niall it's not what you think!" She said reaching for me. "Babe you told me that you want to dump that piece of shit" Joshua took her hand and pulled her close. I couldn't believe her she used me and I fell for it. "Don't ever talk to me again" up I said through gritted teeth.
I stormed to the door,"whore" I said. Slamming the door. Sara came running(more like strutting) to me. "Baby what's the matter?" She said putting her hands under my shirt. "Nothing" I said walking off. She Cauchy me again and touched my private area,"Baby let's go to my cabin" she was rubbing my private and she turned me on. I grabbed her hand and lead her to her cabin. I needed this right now.
Mias POV
I saw Niall storming out of Veronica's cabin I wondered what happened. Zayn came up behind me and began to kiss my neck and soon got to my chest. I moaned and he started to unbutton my shirt. "Now now" I said kissing him on the lips and had a make out session. "Now I'm going to see what happened," I said grabbing his dick on purpose. He moaned and I laughed. He smacked my but on the way out.
Before I got to Veronica's cabin I heard yelling,"fuck you do know what you did??!" I'm guessing that was Veronica. "Baby me and you are better than you and Niall!" I knew that trashy voice it was Joshua. I slammed the door open and walked over to Joshua. I punched him right in jaw. He fell to the floor with a loud thunk. "What the fuck happened?!" I said rushing over to her and hugging her,
She cried into my chest,"I thought Joshua was Niall and I accidentally kissed him and Niall got the wrong idea and now he hates me!" She yelled but stilled cried. I petted her hair and rocked her. Soon she fell asleep so I covered her up and walked over to Niall's cabin.
I pounded on the door. no answer. Fine I would check in the morning. As I was heading to my cabin I heard moaning coming from Sara's cabin. That bitch probably fucked every guy here. Before I walked away I heard her moan,"Niall!"
Wait did she just say. I turned hot on my heels and wanted to pound on the door. Instead I busted it down. There I saw Niall and Sara having sex. "What the fuck!" Sara,yelled covering her self up. "Shut the fuck up everyone has seen you naked!" I spit at her. I grabbed Niall by the hair and dragged his naked ass off the bed. "Listen" I said not looking at him. "Get the fuck dressed I'll be outside" I barked.
I was going to tell Niall the truth and he was going to listen


@savanna and Niall
What is this? An early update?! Why yes it is!
did y'all like this??
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I am trying :))