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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]


Niall and I walked to the cafeteria and I saw Sara the slut flirting with Liam. Liam had a disgusted look on his face.
Me: Liam I need to tell you something
Sara: Bi*** back of my man
Liam: excuse me she's my best friend and my sister don't talk to her like that.
Sara: you're friends with that whore?! Haha
Liam: you know what b**** get the f***'out of my face and never bother us again
Sara: Haha hey Veronica he'll be mine soon
Liam: you have a boyfriend you slut !
Sara: I don't care I can have as many as I want
I grabbed Liam's hand and pulled him where the rest of our friends were.
Liam: ugh I hate her so much
Niall: what happened
Me: Sara was flirting with him and then started talking sh**
Harry: oh she's hot
Rachel slapped his arm
Rachel: excuse me your girlfriend is sitting right next to you posh and did I mention Louis being hot as fu**
Louis blushed :D
Harry: .-. Well that's nice :/
Rachel : haha just kidding I love you but the Louis part was true
Harry: >:(
Rachel: what I can't call him ugly
Zayn: guys my mom texted me yesterday and said that I only have to leave in 2 days because my auntie passed away
Mia: what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zayn: sorry babe but you can come with me if you want :D
Mia looked at me
Mia: can the rest of the ppl come
Zayn : I guess if they want :)
Niall looked at me
Niall: I'll go if V goes :)
Me: where are we going we're in California right now
Zayn: um London
Harry,Liam, and Louis : Can I go!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: I'll go we still have 5 weeks left till we go back to school
Mia: but we have to go back home to pack
Rachel: and we need money for a ticket on the airplane
Niall: my dad's friends with the bus driver I can ask him to drive us to where you girls live
Me: We can go shopping for clothes if you guys don't have any clothes
Guys : ok
Liam: we should go get our stuff from the cabins
Me: ok
On the way home



I am trying :))