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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

26. Cameron

Veronica's POV

I woke up next to a sleeping Niall. Darn he looks so cute sleeping. I hate to wake him up, but I'm hungry. I gently kiss his lips, and he wakes up fully kissing me back. I could feel him growing down there, so to tease him I grabbed his member through his shorts.

He moaned in my mouth and it made me wet down there.

" Niall give it to me," I told him. " Please do it."

He moved closer to me and I started grinding on his hips. He got up and went to the drawer to pull out some protection. He slid it on, and walked back to me. I pushed him back and I lined up my entrance to his. Then I just sat on it and bounced up and down. He met my thrusts and soon we were a moaning mess.

Niall flipped me over and brought me to the edge of the bed and started slamming into me. He was so big and thick I had to hold my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming. He then pushed one finger inside me and started adding another one. My back arched off the bed, and I could feel my high approaching.

My walls clenched around him and I let go. He quickly pulled out and came all over my breasts. He laid down next to me and we began to kiss each other. His tongue begged for access and I gave it to him. We explored every inch and surface of eachothers mouths, until Niall pulled back to breathe.

"Good morning babe, that was the best thing ever, we have to do it again." He told me.

"Definetly I can't wait to do it again, you're amazing." I replied back.

Niall laid there and he just wrapped his arms around me, but then I remembered what Cameron did yesterday. I quickly got out of the hug and told Niall I was going to take a shower. He told me he's going to the store to get more bacon.

I laughed and said " Don't buy the entire store :))"

We both just cracked up, he's adorable. I climbed into the shower and a few minutes later I felt someone step in, I thought it was Niall.

I had shampoo in my hair and I just turned around ready to kiss him, but unfortunately I didn't smell his cologne. I opened my eyes to see Cameron standing there fully naked in my shower!!

" Cameron what are you doing here, get out right now!" I said as I tried to push him out. But he wouldn't budge, and he just grabbed me by my waist and he kissed me. I can't lie it felt really good but, I couldn't. Then he put his member against my core and he rubbed back and forth. I couldn't take it. I tried squirming around but he had some ninja kung fu grip on me. He started grabbing my breasts and he began sucking on them. That felt amazing , but I had Niall,who made me feel like an angel.

l pushed Cameron back for the last time, and I heard the front door open. It must be Niall!! I screamed so that he could here me and I heard footsteps running.

Niall's POV

I had just walked in from the store, thinking about making Vero some chocolate chip pancakes. That was until I heard screaming, coming from Vero's room! I dropped the shopping bags and ran to her room. She was in the bathroom, and I could here someone in there with here. At first I thought she was cheating on me, and I got pissed. Then I heard he say, " No, I'm with Niall. Cameron stop! Please get away!"

I lost it right there, a pushed down the door and grabbed Cameron by the neck. I pushed him up against the wall and punched him across the cheek.

"You better leave Veronica alone, or I will mess you up. You know what we're gonna go stay at Harry's place. Screw you." I told Cameron.

I turned towards Vero and she bear tackled me. I kissed her and I she went to go change. I can't believe Cameron would do something like that. I knew he was going to be trouble.

I tested Harry telling him about the situation, and he was happy to let us stay. I would've gone anywhere just to get Vero away from him.

She had all he bags packed and we were ready to go in a few minutes. I picked up the grocery bags from the floor, and walked them across the way to Harry's place. We walked in and only Harry was awake.

Harry's POV

Niall and Veronica walked in and I greeted them with a smile and a kiss. They offered to make breakfast, so I let them. I went back to sleep with my bae. She smells so good. As soon as I laid down I fell asleep...zzz

Cameron's POV

I felt so bad for taking advantage of Veronica like that. But she was alone so it was the perfect chance. If only Niall hadn't have come back, I could've made her be mine. But one day... I'm going to take her right from under his nose, he would t even notice. Veronica and I are meant to be together forever. She should say goodbye to Niall.............


Hey guys!!!
its been a while, but I updated!
I hope you liked it, but please.....

thanks lovelies...


I am trying :))