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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

25. Shopping Spree!

Veronica's POV

*after heated make out session*

I raced Niall to the kitchen, and I was winning! But before I got there he picked me up and put me on the couch! Ahh this little leprechaun is going to get it!!

"Niall James Horan! What did you do that for?" I asked walking into the kitchen. He was already there with Cameron laughing. Seeing how red Niall was made me crack up, I couldn't breathe! Then we heard a little voice coming from behind us, and when I turned around, it was Skylynn! She had just woken up, and she was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. We all sat down while Cameron cooked breakfast, he made chocolate chip pancakes! Yes! My favorite :P. Niall had a stack of 5 and I had one with 2. Sky, she let me call her that, had one and I cut it up for her. Before we knew it Nash was coming, and then he was eating with us as well. I put my plate in the sink and Niall started talking.

"Hey Vero let's go shopping you want to invite anyone else? Cameron, Nash, Sky? Wanna go?" He asked.

"Sure, I'll go," Cameron said. "I could use a few things." Nash shook his head, him and Sky were staying.

I grabbed my phone and texted my sister and Mia asking them if they want to go with us, they quickly replied and said yes, also cupcake Harry and Zaynieboo were also coming. I told Niall they were coming any he said okay. I went back to my room and got ready. I put on a pink crop top and high waisted jeans. Before I knew it a pair of hands were wrapped around my waist, and I knew it was Niall. But just in case I turned around, and it was Cameron!!!

"Cameron! What are you doing in here! I'm with Niall now, I told you. I can't be with you." I told him.

"I know, but I like you. I want you so bad, please!" He said just before attaching his lips to the side of my neck.I pulled away quickly and pushed him out of my room. I ran into Niall's room and hugged him.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked me.

"Nothing," I lied. "I just missed you."

He turned to face me and he kissed me, ever so lightly, it was amazing. He was begging for more and I gave in. While our tongues explored eachother, he was feeling me, everywhere. I started moaning, and so did he. We were a moaning mess until I pulled back for air. He quickly pulled me back in for more and we were at it again. That was until I got a text from Cupcake Harry saying they were outside in the limo. I turned around and Niall smacked my butt on the way out.


We all got in the limo and rode off to the nearest mall. 4 floors of shopping in the mall! I was so excited, well we all were. When we walked in all the girls left off and the guys went the other way. It was going to be a long day.


We left the mall after a 6 hour shopping spree. I had bags from almost every store, but Niall was helping me carry them. When we got home I fixed everything, and it was time for dinner. Niall ordered pizza and we went to my room to watch a movie. We were watching Catching Fire, an amazing movie.After a while Niall and I fell asleep, it was an amazing night. It almost made me forget the scene with Cameron....


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