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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]



Zayn: hey mate you done with Veronica's coffee
Me: yes.....
Zayn: can you make one for Liam too please?
Me: well Veronica's probably gonna give hers to her lovely boyfriend!!
Zayn: what the fuck !!! She's single ! Liam is her older brother
Me: oh ............
Zayn: well are you gonna make his coffee
Me: yeah sure....sorry
i made the coffee and payed and went back to the guys. I walked over to Veronica and Liam to,give them their coffee.


I saw Niall coming my way with 2 cups of coffee. Was he going to talk to me ?
Niall: um here .... Is that good?
i saw his sadness in his eyes. His eyes were red and puffy he was probably crying.
Liam: thanks mate
Me: it good thanks Niall :/
Niall: hey um can we talk? :/
me: um sure ... Liam don't drink my coffee
Liam: no promises

I walked to a near shop with Niall

Me: soo
Niall: can we get back together .... Pleaseeeeeeee
Me: Niall .... We can't
Niall: why
He grabbed me by the waist and tried to kiss me
Me: Niall stop!
Then I saw Cameron one of my close friends
Me: Niall please let me go
You tried to pull his chest but he pulled you harder to him by grabbing your waist
Niall: then say you'll be my girlfriend !!!
He was pissed . I've never seen this side of Niall. I saw Cameron walking over he grabbed Niall by the shirt. He was a good 3in taller than Niall
Cameron: She said No so leave her alone!
Niall: who are you to be talking to me like this !!!!!
Cameron: does it matter...No!!!!! Go away!!!!!!!!!!!
Niall left and that leaves me and Cameron . He asked me out in high school but I rejected him. He was popular and I was a nothing
Cameron: are you okay Veronica ?
Me: yeah I um have to go now ...
Cameron: wait
He grabbed my hands and interlocked fingers with me. I felt his warm hands. He whispered in my ear
Cameron: don't leave me
I felt shivers down my spine
Me: sorry I just have to go my plane is leaving in 30 minutes
Cameron: Where are you going
Me: London
Cameron: me too can we sit together pleaseeeee
Me: um sorry I have to sit with my brother
Cameron: I thought you only had a sister .... Rachel
Me: yeah but before I was born my mom had a boy with health problems so she give him for adoption but now I found him :)
Cameron: c'mon I live in London and you guys can stay at my place it's huge pleaseeeeeee
Me: um ok thanks
He hugged me and I hugged him back he kissed my cheek and I felt sparks. No. I can't . I can't fall for him. Am I? Am I falling for Cameron?
Cameron: well do you want to go with your group ?
Me: sure
We walked over to the guys and 2 girls
Harry: Hey Cameron !!! Mate I haven't seen you in a while!!!
Cameron: hey Harry how's life!!
Me: Cameron you know Harry?
Harry: yeah he's my neighbor since he graduated high school
I remember Cameron having this big goodbye party when we graduated
Me: guys this is Cameron
I told Cameron everyone's Name except Niall's I could see his eyes full of anger like he was going to explode
Liam: well we have to go oh Veronica here's your coffee
Cameron: I'll have that
He drank like half of it
Cameron: sorry um do you want some
Me: just finish it xD
Cameron out his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. Everyone was ahead it's just Cameron is a slow walker
Me: woah Cameron hold on
I took his arm and put it down
Cameron : .-. How bout shoulder
Me: ehhh
Then he just put his arm around my shoulder
Cameron whispered : you know I still have feelings for you
Me: ....... Oh.......why me I'm ugly and fat and your the opposite of me
Cameron: baby I'm not like other guys who care if you have boobs and a big ass....I worry about personality not gestures
Wow I would never think id hear that coming out of the most popular guy in high school's mouth
Cameron: please give me a chance
Me: I just broke up with Niall yesterday and I just don't feel ready yet
Cameron: hmm playing hard to get I see ;)
Me: Cameron ... We need to go
Cameron: you'll see in a couple of weeks you'll be mine ;)
Me: dude stop
Cameron: .-.
We gave our boarding tickets to the lady she looked around our ages and kept flirting with Cameron. Cameron looked at me and I looked at him when the girl wasn't looking and he wiggled his eyebrows. I remember he used to do that when he was gonna pretend something. The girl looked at Cameron and Cameron looked at me and said
Cameron: babe I'm tired
Me: I know baby but we're gonna be on this damn plane for a long time and you'll get tired of sitting
Cameron kissed my cheek and the girl looked so jealous. She gave us our tickets bad with a mad mood now and we walked and Cameron and I bursted out laughing
me: hahaha did you see the look on her face !!!
Cameron couldn't stop laughing
Cameron: hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahaha Yes lol
we got on our seats and I took my phone out turned the camera facing me and I took a picture of a Cameron off guard and he quickly saw himself and made a weird face .



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