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Summer Love [Niall Horan AU]

Brother ?

Veronica's P.O.V
Liam: have you been crying ?
Me: yeah that's what I was gonna talk to you about
Liam: ok
Me: so I was packing and I turned around and I felt Niall I kiss me and I felt his lips different I stopped kissing him and I saw Niall coming through the door with a surprised look and he walked out slamming the door then I realized I kissed Joshua.....then Mia went to go find Niall and heard Niall fucking Sara the girl that bullies me then Mia took Niall to my cabin and we argued
Liam: wow.....did you 2 break up
i started crying and Liam hugged me
Me: ....yeah ..... I thought it was the best for us
Liam: I'm sorry why would he fuck another girl when he has you?
Me: I don't know
Liam: are you going to London later?
Me: Im not sure .... Are you going
Liam: um if you're going I'm going .....and if you don't go I don't really talk to anyone else except Niall but I'm not gonna talk to him after he did that to you
Me: you can talk to him it's just I won't feel right when I'm with him ..... I'll go but just please don't make me talk to Niall and just one more thing always stay by my side :)
Liam: I won't even let him get close to you :) ..... And sure sis I will :)
hey gives me a hug and I give him a kiss I the cheek. I felt my butt vibrate and it was my phone. I got a text from Zayn I put Zaynieboo as his name in my contact xD
Me: sorry Liam I need to quickly text Zayn
Liam: it's alright :)

Text Convo

From Zaynieboo: hey are you leaving with us?
To Zaynieboo: yeah ....hey I broke up with Niall so don't make things awkward
From Zaynieboo: ok well we're all here by the bus waiting for you and Liam......why?
To Zaynieboo: Ok just one sec and I'll will tell you later
From Zaynieboo: alright hurry up....ok bye xx.
To Zaynieboo: bye xx.

end of text convo

me: Hey Mr.Payne we got to go hurry up
Liam: ok
he stood up and grabbed his suitcase and phone
Liam: let's go sis
Me: Liam I'm scared
Liam: why sis ?
Me: what if he ....... Hits me
Liam : he wouldn't .... Just relax and sit with me in the bus and flight ok :)
he hugged me and I said ok
we walked and saw them waiting for us Mia waved and Niall looked at me and looked back down at his phone. I stopped walking and told Liam
Me: he looks so sad but I feel bad for what he did to me he fucked my enemy >:(
Liam: V just calm down and hey .... I don't think this toooooo mean by why don't you give him the silent treatment ;)
Me: ..... I should thanks Liam
I hugged him and saw Niall look at me
Me: shit he keeps looking at me
Liam: sorry if this sounds mean but no shit you guys just broke up
i playfully slapped his arm
Liam: ow
he played around . Sometimes I feel Liam is my brother I remember my mom telling me I had an older brother but she gave him for adoption since he only had one kidney and she didn't want to see him suffer when he was a baby...
Me: hey Liam ....
Liam: yes
He said putting our suitcases in the bottom of the bus where we but our stuff
Me: did you ever I don't know have problems with your kidneys maybe ?
I tried not to sound suspicious but I completely failed
Liam: um yes why ?
Me: just wondering
Liam: c'mon tell me why would you randomly bring this topic up
Me: well because i remember my mom telling me I had an older brother but she gave him for adoption since he only had one kidney and she didn't want to see him suffer when he was a baby.
Liam: well I knew I was adopted ... Do you think we are .....
me and Liam: siblings!?
Me: omg what if we are !!!!! I've always wanted an older brother !!!!!!!
Liam: I've always wanted an little sister
Me: wait what was your last name before you were given the lat name of " Payne "
Liam: um ... On yeah Garcia !
Me: what the ..... Holy .....OMG Liam I think we are siblings my last name is GARCIA wait before we get exited I need to call my mom
I dialed my moms number
Phone Convo
Me: hey mom it's me Veronica remember you said you had a baby before me with health problems and that you have him for adoption ?
Mom: yes ... Why
Me: because I think I found him at camp
Me: mom wait what was his name
Me: omg
I told Liam " Liam is your middle name James " Liam respond " yeah ... Am I your brother " " wait I think so "
Me: hey mom you still there
Mom: yea
Me: mom when was his birthday
Mom: August 29, 1993
I looked at Liam and he nodded yes
Me: mom I think I found Liam
Me: language !?
Mom: sorry wait let me talk to Liam !!!....please
I handed the phone to Liam
Liam: um mom?
Mom: Liam baby it's you I'm so sorry for leaving you with random strangers for adoption I was young and stupid
Liam: it's ok mom :D is there a way if can live with you guys
Mom: well have to ask the government because you we're give For adoption but one this I know is I can have you back anytime :)
Liam: oh well can you figure that out mom that would be awesome
Mom: ok Liam well baby I have to go get some groceries and I'll get that solve and tell dad
Liam: ok I love you bye mom
Liam hung up
End of phone convo
Me: omg !!!!!
I jumped on Liam put my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I started crying and I kissed his cheek
Louis: woah!!! Guys calm down
Liam: sorry it's just ... VERONICA'S MY LITTLE SISTER!!!!!
Zayn: what the hell?!?!?!!?!?!?
I told everyone the story except for Niall he was on the bus already
Mia: that's so cool !!! Your best GUY friend is your brother....noticed I said GUY cause clearly I'm her best GIRL friend ;) ... Hey what if we're sisters
Harry: that would just me scary
I saw Rachel coming out of the bathroom
Liam: hey little sister
Liam put his arm around her shoulder
Rachel: what the fuck? I'm not your sister xD
Liam: oh yeah ask Veronica
She looked at me and I nodded my head yes
Rachel: .... So ur the boy my mom gave for adoption :D hey I have a brother omg yesssssssssss now I can know what guys like to get a guy
Harry clears his throat
Rachel: but now I have Harry
Harry: yeah I thought you forgot about me :(
We all got on the bus Niall sat in the spot where I met him next to Louis , Liam and I sat together , Zayn and Mia in the middle , and Harry and Rachel in the front.
Liam : well I guess I actually have sisters I can't believe it
Me: do you live with your " parents "
Liam: nah I got my own place since I had a huge argument with them
Me: I'm sorry
Liam: I'm fine now ... Are you gonna sleep you've had a long day
Me: ok
I feel asleep with my head in Liam's lap. Like 3 hours later I felt someone shake me to wake up. It was my brother Liam :D
Liam: Veronica wake up we have to go to the airport !!!
Me: I'm up I'm up calm down
We got off and walked into the airport
Liam: ugh how long is it from California to London in a plane ?
Me: 11 hrs 25 min
Liam started whining about how he's already tired and wants to go home
Me: Liam shut up here
I gave him my phone which played Toy Story 1 thru Toy Story 3
Liam : yessssss Toy Story
We walked thru the security check area and I noticed a security guard checking me out till I hugged Liam and kissed his cheek pretending he was my boyfriend
Me: Liam he's checking me out
I whispered .... Liam gave the security guard a dirty look and continued watching Toy Story
We continued walking till we got to the waiting area
Zayn: anyone hungry!?
Niall : me!!!!!!!!!!
Zayn: I know you're always hungry .... Anyone other that Niall
Me: Zayn can you get me a coffee and Liam a box of tissues please
Zayn gave me a confused look
Zayn: a box of tissues for Liam ?
I whispered to Zayn that he's watching Toy Story and he always cries
Zayn: oh ok hahaha ... Hahaha ....hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhaha ..... Ahhh that's funny
Liam: are you gonna go the sad part is coming
We all sat down and waited me still had an hour till the plane departed
Niall's P.O.V
Me and Zayn walked over to Rite-Aid an American pharmacy.
Me: I'll get Veronica's coffee I know how she likes it
Zayn: I'll get your food and everything else
I kept thinking about Veronica hugging Liam all the time. Like when we where with the security guards she hugged Liam and kissed his cheek and whispered something and Liam have him a dirty look. Where they going out?



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