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Player Love! (Niall Horan)

Chapter 6

Cassandra's P.O.V

So... Party time. This better be good and not a waste of my time.
"Ahh! Cindy's here everybody!" A girl shouted and everyone started cheering. I smirked. Well, I think this party is off to a good start. I winked at a few boys and walked over to Ashley and Crystal.

"Any news?" I asked them, eyeing them like they were idiots. Which they were.
"Umm..." Crystal trailed off. I could tell there was plenty of bad news.
"Yes?" I snapped, losing patience.
"It's about Niall..." Ashley mumbled. I raised one eyebrow.
"Go on." I said, glaring at them. They maybe able to get all the news at school but they were rubbish when it came to telling me.

"Niall told the whole school that you two are-" Ashley said.
"-Dating and since hardly anyone believed him-" Crystal continued.
"-He's going to prove it tonight by-" Ashley murmered.
"-Kissing you in the middle of the dance floor." Crystal finished. I was amused at the way they finished each others sentences.

"Anything else worth knowing?" I asked, only to be met by nervous looking faces.
"Er... Just warning you that Niall is going to do EVERYTHING it takes to make you sleep with him." Ashley warned me. I scoffed.
"I know that." I smirked.

I made my way to the middle of the dance floor and danced. I started grinding my hips to a few random boys and took a few shots. Not enough to get me drunk though. I stayed in the middle of the dance floor letting the music flow through me.

Niall's P.O.V

I watched Cindy dance with a few boys and I clenched my fists. An unfamiliar feeling spread through me. I don't know why I clenched my fists. I don't even know what I was feeling. But I knew it wasn't good. I started walking to the middle of the dance floor, where she remained, dancing like a goddess. She looked hot.

I took her hands and spun her around. I was surprised at how she took this so calmly. I made her face me and I looked into her beautiful, shimmering eyes. Another unfamiliar feeling spread through me. And this time, I knew it was a good feeling. I need to kiss her. I need to prove to everyone that she's my girlfriend. I have to keep thinking like this otherwise I'll get lost in her eyes.

I leaned in. And so did she. Then the most amazing thing happened. Fireworks, sparks and everything I never knew existed burst. This wasn't how I usually kissed someone. My kisses were always hot, rough and demanding. Not sweet, passionate and gentle.

I felt her shiver and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Slow music started to play but no one danced. They just watched us, staring intently, surprised and shocked. I mean, who would't be? I was shocked my self. Who would've thought that the school's two players/populars would be kissing, gently may I add, in the middle of the dance floor. If it was so wrong, then why did it feel so right?


Love it!!!!!! Lol... " what the blueberry?" I really love it!!!! Update!!!!!!

Love it! Lol, I kept laughing at when she said, " what the blueberry?" :)
wot..the...update!!! <3
UPDATE!! :D :D :D OMG!! <3
Perfect update!!!