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Player Love! (Niall Horan)

Chapter 2

I'm angry. Really angry. Stupid Niall and his needs. Ugh. But... I could plan something. Revenge, sweet revenge. I could break his little heart if he even has one. I'll play along with what he says. I'll make him think I like him. I could make him fall in love with me and, in the end, I'll break his heart, step on it and crush it to pieces. That will teach him not to mess with me.

I storm off to my limo after the episode at the front gates. Yeah, yeah. I have a limo. Whoop-di-doo! (Note the sarcasm). Yes, my parents are rich and stuff. They're lawyers. Stupid, boring work. I should think I'm lucky but I really don't. I hate my parents' job. It's so boring and everyone asks me for money. Ugh.

I push the button for the windows to be closed and to put an opaque window between me and the driver. I quickly get changed to suitable clothes before my parents see me. I paid the driver not to tell my parents about what I wear. What? The driver likes money!

"We are here, mistress." My driver said, bowing.
"Thank you." I said as I put £10 into his hand. He ran his fingers over the money, bowed and got back in his car. I walked to my front door, put my hand on the lock and watched the piece of technology do it's magic. Once it recognized my hand print, the door opened and I was immediately crowded by maids and servants asking me questions.
"Do you want your tea now, Miss?"
"Shall I tidy your room, miss?"
"Should I prepare the hot tub, miss?" I rolled my eyes.
"Yes, yes." I answered, waving them off. I went to the elevator and pressed the button labelled, 'Cassandra's Bedroom'.

Ding! I got out of the lift and ran to my room. I collapsed on my 4-poster bed and sighed. I would sleep for a little bit then get changed. If Niall's gonna come here, he would be here at 6 o'clock and that's not until 2 hours so... 1 hour sleep, 30 minutes in the hot tub, 15 minutes getting dressed and make-up, 15 minutes wait. Perfect. I set my alarm clock and laid back down. I was instantly engulfed by darkness.

RING!!! RING!!! My alarm blared. Grrr... Stupid alarm. Must you always wake me up on time? I unwillingly got up and stripped off my clothes. I got in the hot tub and sighed in pleasure. Ahhh. That's relaxing. 30 minutes later, I got out of the hot-tub and got dressed, curling my hair slightly so it was wavy. I need to look good.

After I was done with everything, The doorbell rang. I quickly ran to the elevator. I pressed the button labelled 'Ground Floor'. I smiled as I saw Niall enter. Just in time.
"Hello Niall," I greeted him, "What brings you here?"
"Hey Cassie, I need to see your mum." He said, trying to hide a smirk. I know that he's thinking his plan will surprise me. Boy was he wrong.
"Sure, follow me." I led him to the tea room. My mum and dad was sitting on the table, drinking champagne. I sat down and sipped some champagne too.

"Niall! What a pleasant surprise!" My mum exclaimed, hugging Niall.
"Hello Miss Lovelace! I have some news for you!" Niall grinned, taking some champagne as well.
"Ahh Niall, sweetheart. How many times have I told you? Please call me Sarah! What's the news?" My mum smiled. I almost gagged. Ugh.

"I have excellent news!" He smiled. "Cassie and I are... Umm..."

"Dating." I finished with a wide smile.


I rushed this one so please tell me my mistakes! I also had to edit this!

-Pauline! xxx


Love it!!!!!! Lol... " what the blueberry?" I really love it!!!! Update!!!!!!

Love it! Lol, I kept laughing at when she said, " what the blueberry?" :)
wot..the...update!!! <3
UPDATE!! :D :D :D OMG!! <3
Perfect update!!!