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Player Love! (Niall Horan)

Chapter 1

I flicked my hair as I strutted along the school halls, winking at a few hot boys. We wore our own clothes in this high school so I wore short, revealing clothes (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=93776448). When I reached my locker, I turned my head around only to be met by who other than Niall Horan. The 'Popular Boy'. I sighed.
"What do you want, Horan?" I asked, gathering my books.
"Ahh, Cassie... You see I need a favour from you." He said, smirking slightly as I raised one eyebrow. I hated the nickname he gave me. Cassie. Ugh. Sounds like a girly girl name. (A/N: No offense to people who are called Cassie. I just needed her to hate it. Sorry!)
"What is it this time, Horan?" I asked, "You need some notes for Biology or History Class?"
He snarled.

"No. This time it's... Different. I've... ran out of girls, you see?"
"No. Go back to one of your skimpy admirers." I replied, walking to my class.
"I don't go back to girls once I'm done with them." He stated with the same stupid smirk on his face, "And you're the only one left. So what do you say, huh?"
"Hmm... Let me think." I said, pretending to think, "No."
I glared at him, gave him the finger, flicked my hair and turned to leave only to be shoved back to my locker. I hissed.

"But no one ever says no to me, love." Niall growled.
"Well, I'll be the first one to then." I glared, "Now, if you excuse me, I need to go to class."
I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine and left in a hurry for class. Hmph. Who does he think he is? I glanced back at him. Eh. He's having a fun time groaning and writhing in pain on the floor. I'll just leave him. His little friends will find him eventually.


"Hey!" I called over to Ashley and Crystal. They waved at me and we sat down in the 'Popular' table. If anyone dared to come and sit here... Well, let's just say they find their selves expelled from this school.
"So..." Ashley started, trying to make a conversation as we ate our salad. "I heard some rumors about Niall and you."
"Well let's just say that after our little conversation, he was groaning on the floor." I smirked as they laughed. Even though they were victims of Niall, they were still my trashy friends.
"What happened?" Crystal asked.
"He asked me if he could get in bed with me and I said no," I smiled as I told the story, "The next thing I know was that I kneed him in the place where the sun doesn't shine." They laughed. God how I hated their laughs. It was all high-pitched and sounded so annoying. But I guess this was the price of being popular.

*End of school*

I hate exhausting days of school where you do boring work, work and work. And we had 7 pieces of homework to do! Gosh. I need to hire someone to do that for me. As I walked towards the door outside, I approached some geeky 9th year girls. They were giggling and talking about some TV show but immediately stopped when they saw me walking towards them.

"What is it, Ms. Lovelace?" They trembled. I smirked. I love being popular sometimes.
"I need some homework done. Here." I passed them my homework folder. "I want it done by tomorrow." That's their night gone.
"Of course, Ms. Lovelace." They replied, still trembling with fear as they put my homework folder into their bags. That's another A+ for me!

As soon as I reached the front gates of the school, I immediately heard 2 girls running behind me. I rolled my eyes.
"How many times did I tell you not to run? It makes you look like idiots!" I hissed.
"Sorry!" Ashley gasped, out of breath. Gosh. Aren't they sporty?
"Do that again and you can find your butt out of the popular table and into the nerds." I threatened.

"We have some news for you." Crystal panted.
"Well? What is it, huh?" I snapped, wanting to go home.
"Niall has something planned for you," Ashley gasped.
"He- he's going over to y-your house t-tonight," Crystal stuttered as I glared at them, "He's going to act like he's your boyfriend and announce the 'news' to your parents." Wait...

"WHAT???" I screamed.


Umm... Did you like it? I know it's a bit rubbish so sorry for that! :(

-Pauline! xxx


Love it!!!!!! Lol... " what the blueberry?" I really love it!!!! Update!!!!!!

Love it! Lol, I kept laughing at when she said, " what the blueberry?" :)
wot..the...update!!! <3
UPDATE!! :D :D :D OMG!! <3
Perfect update!!!