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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 9: Are you my Savior?

Niall’s POV:

I ran from the crazy crowd, not wanting to deal with them, and forgetting about Harry. He could just handle them, if he wanted to act that way. Maybe this curse would help his rotten attitude.

I was running through the hotel, when I collided with a girl, “Eek!”

Maybe I spoke too soon. Whatever she was holding it had liquid in it and it rained down on my body, making me change to my child form.

“Whoa, it felt like someone huge ran into me you tiny monster.” The girl laughed, her brown wavy hair reminding me that I was too harsh to Harry, and this was probably my pay back.

I decided to use Liam’s plan, “Help me?” I raised my little arms to her, drowning in my adult clothes.

“Well’ I can try.” She hesitated, clearly looking around for my mum.

“Niall?” I heard someone screaming my name from behind me somewhere.

I turned around as the girl perked up, looking for the real Niall. I sighed; I don’t think this one was my savior.

I glanced down the hall to see what new challenge awaited me, when June came into view, “Oh thank god! There you are.” She rushed to me, scooping me up.

I relaxed, and cuddled into her warmth, “I saw you running from a group of girls and…” she stopped noticing the other girl now.

“Did you say Niall?” she got to her feet.

“Yes…” June was hesitant.

“Where is he?” the girl looked around happily, preening her hair too.

“Um, this kids name is Niall.”

The girl scrunched up her nose and bent down to me, “This kid is so not cute enough to be a Niall.” She turned sharply, her hair slapping me in the face.

I was startled when June put me down, “Excuse me?”

The girl turned her head to June, giving her a once over that girls tend to do when sizing their opponents, “He’s not good enough to share the sex gods name with.”

I stifled a chuckle, sex god? That’s what they were calling me now?

“I didn’t quite hear you?” June took a step over, placing her hand around her ear to hear well.

“He’s not good enough to share the sex gods name with.” She spat out louder.

The two girls now facing each other down, “Well, Niall. Do you think she’s even worthy this great sex god?”

She cocked her head to me; I smiled evilly, “No. bitch is crazy.”

June laughed hysterically at the girls shocked expression, “You heard him…bitch.” She emphasized bitch, “the sex god has spoken, so get out of our sight.”

The girl glared with anger and lurched at June, “You bitch!”

June ducked out of the way, but got some claws to the face. She slapped the girl hard, and ran to me, scooping me up again, and dashing down the hall. The roaring brunette following behind us.

June was laughing into my body, “Did you see her face?”

I peeked up at June, her eyes glistening, “Yeah.” I smiled.

“Someone like that doesn’t even deserve your attention. So let’s go find that brat Harry!” she screamed, sprinting out the door that I came in.

I laughed into her shoulder. She was definitely interesting. I wouldn’t mind if she was my savior anymore.


June’s POV:

I was disappointed when Liam kicked me out of their hotel room. I felt like I deserved to be there since I helped the two for two days. I was walking around, debating if I should go back up or not, when I heard people screaming Niall. I happened to catch a glimpse of him sprinting into the hotel, so I decided to chase after him and rescue him.

After the girl was rude with Niall, and witness her hair flipping into his face on purpose I couldn’t hold it in. I snapped, causing a scene.

Now Niall and I are on the run from the crazy, looking for brat number two.

“He-hey. Now don’t get any closer.” I heard his annoying voice. I started following it, when I saw a different horde of crazy girls.

Great, several in front of me, one behind me.

I watched Harry in desperation as they circled around him, “How should we punish the brat?”

“Punish? Oh, little kids deserve spankings don’t they?”

“Hey! I like spankings and all, but right now, I'm not in the mood.” Harry started panicking as they closed in.

I pushed through the pack, “Stop!”

The girls all glared at me, just as the one behind me reached the group, “Bitch I’m going to kill you!” she growled.

The girls looked at her in confusion then all smiled, “Well, looks like the lot of you are not in great shape.”

I looked at Niall in my hands, which looked nervous, and down at a scared Harry, who was hiding behind my leg, his little hands clenching onto me, “These kids are mine to punish. Not yours.” I stood my ground.

They didn’t even flinch, as they paced closer, “The brat peed on me, I deserve to do whatever the hell I want to him!” she yelled out.

I glanced down at Harry, “Really?” I shook my head in disbelief.

“You should have heard what they were saying about me.” He pouted.

“We weren’t talking about you brat! We were talking about the gorgeous Harry Styles.
I stared at them in disgust, “They’re mine to punish. These. Kids. Are. Mine.” I stood firmly.

They hesitated when they heard they were my kids, when a guy pushed through the crowd to us, “Leave before I call the cops.” Liam glared at each and every one of the girls.

“Oh my gosh it’s Liam!” they all lurched towards him.

“I mean it. Leave now.” Just one look stopped all the girls in their tracks. They all backed away and dispersed, watching us from a far distance.

Liam spun around, “well, good job I guess.” He gave me a once over, then looked to Harry and Niall, “You guys are never goin to get this curse broken if you guys keep acting like this.”

“But…I was actually trying.” Niall sounded hurt, “Then the fan, she was crazy.” He whispered the last part as Liam looked down at Harry.

“Hey its okay.” I hugged Niall as Liam ignored him.

Niall smiled up at me, placing his small arms around my neck, the only area he could full wrap himself around, “Thank you June.” I could feel the heat coming from his cheeks that were rubbing against mine.

I blushed slightly, when I collapsed under the heavy pressure, “Ow!” I muffled into a broad shoulder, tasting bare skin in my mouth.

“Whoa there!” I heard Niall’s voice in my ear, “Don’t lick me there!” he hopped off me.

I stared up at his adult form, his clothes ripped a little from the constant changing of his body, “how?” I was shocked,

He glanced down at himself, “I…don’t know?”


Oh snap! What is making them change besides water and night now? :O



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

I Love One Direction <3