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Always Yours

eighteen: waking up, discussions & plans

I slowly open my eyes and immediately shut them, thanks to the bright sunlight that was coming into my room. It felt really early. What time is it? I think to myself as I bury my face deep in the pillow I was lying my head on. As my head hits the pillow, I feel arms wrap around my waist, and I smile to myself. I can’t help the smile on my face as I let my eyes slip shut so I can fall back to sleep.

“Morning, beautiful,” I hear his raspy voice in my ear, and I feel some of his hair brush against my cheek. I smile a bit and let a tired groan from my lips. My eyes stay closed and I feel his arms tighten a bit on my waist. I mumble back a “morning,” as I begin to drift back off. It was still early and I wanted to go back to sleep.

I let my eyes slip shut and I begin to drift off to sleep once again. Just as I am about to fall back asleep, there is a loud knock on the door. I can’t help but let out a somewhat loud groan at the noise. I hear Harry let out a faint groan at the disturbance and I crack a small smile. It takes me a few minutes to get up, thanks to his tight grip on my waist, but I stand up so I can get the door. I bet it was probably Claire, like always.

“Yeah?” I ask as I open the door to, sure enough, find her standing there. She had a small smile on her face.

“Mornin’ Aves,” she says.

“Morning, Claire,” I mumble with a smile and yawn. I cover my hand over my mouth to muffle the semi-loud yawn that left my mouth. “What’s up?” I ask as I lean up against the doorframe and cross my arms over my chest.

“Just wanted to see if you and Harry were up to go out, Niall and I were thinking about going to walk around somewhere, Liam said he wanted to see what was ‘round here to do,” she tells me.

“Oh, cool,” I reply with a smile. “Yeah, I’ll go ask him, be down in a few,” I tell her with a smile and turn toward the door. Just as I was about to walk back into my room, I feel a hand grab my arm. I can’t help but jump a bit because it was too early for this.

“Sorry to scare you, Aves, but what’s going on between you and Harry?” Claire asks with a smile on her face.

“I…w-we,” I begin. Would Harry mind if I told her? I hope he won’t get mad at me for it. He didn’t seem like the type to get mad at someone about something like that.

“You’re what?” she asks with a chuckle.

“Well,” I say a bit on the louder side and let out a sigh before I continue, “Harry and I, we’re together,” I say and can’t help but smile as those words fall from my lips. A smile is clear on her face and I hear an excited squeal leave her mouth.

“Oh my God! Since when?” she exclaims and covers her mouth with her hand to muffle the sound of her shrieking. I can’t help but laugh a bit nervously at her.

“Last night,” I mumble and shift my eyes to the floor, my cheeks heating up, as I say that.

“Cool,” she smiles at me before continuing, “I’m going to go check on Niall, he was making something to eat, hope he doesn’t burn the house down,” she says with a laugh and rolls her eyes. I smile and nod my head to her.

I speak up a few seconds later, “Alright, well I’m going to see if Harry wants to go, be down in a bit,” I tell her and give her a smile as I reach for the handle of the door. Claire soon begins to head down the stairs and I stand there for a minute to collect my thoughts. Did I really just tell Claire that Harry and I are together? I think to myself and shake my head at that thought.

I reach for the handle of the door and push it open so I could go back into my room. As I walk in, I notice Harry lying on my bed with a smile on his face.

“What’s with the smile?” I question as I look at him. It suddenly hits me. “Oh my god, tell me you didn’t hear that, hope you don’t mind I just went out and told her that we-” I begin to ramble on and look at him as he stands up and walks over to where I was.

“It’s fine, love, really, Aves,” he says and moves one of his hands around my waist and pulls me close. “I don’t mind at all, babe,” he mutters in his thick accent and stares at me, a cute smile on his face. I can’t help but smile back at him.

“So, Claire wanted to see if we wanted to go out with her, Niall and the guys and do something. Do you want to go?” I ask as I look up at him.

He continues to stare at me for a second before he nods his head. “I’d love to, as long as I’m with you,” he smiles and bites his lip as he looks at me. I smile and give him a peck on the cheek before I get out of his grip and go over to my closet so I could find something to wear for the day. It takes me a couple minutes but I soon decide on a pair of denim high-waisted shorts along with a crop top along with a colorful bandeau top to wear underneath it.

“Don’t I get a good morning kiss?” he pouts as I pass him, arms crossed over his chest, acting like a five year old who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. It was cute, though, I had to admit.

“I would but I have morning breath,” I tell him with a smile as I turn to him once I make it to the door. “You can wait, can’t you?” I joke.

“Fine,” he mutters and goes over to his bag so he can pick out his clothes for the day.

I let out a small laugh as I walk out of my room to the bathroom across the hall. I shut the door behind me after I walk in and set my clothes on the counter. I decide to take a quick shower since I didn’t take one last night. I feel refreshed after I get out of the shower. After I dry myself off, I put on my outfit and brush my teeth and put on some deodorant. It takes me a few more minutes to fix my hair so it looked nice, with a bit of a wave to it. I even spray some great smelling perfume on because it smelled nice. Just as I finish getting ready, there’s a light knock on the door.

“Aves, you almost done in there, love? Need to go,” I hear Harry on the other side of the door.

I straighten up a few things before I open the door. He stood there, a smile on his face, eyes wide as he spots me.

“You look lovely, babe,” he tells me and gives me a quick peck on the lips before he quietly shuts the door for privacy once he walks in. I smile to myself and head for the stairs. Once I make it down the stairs, I begin to head toward the kitchen where I heard numerous voices.

I follow the sounds of the voices to the kitchen. Claire stood there with Niall, and Liam, all with a plate of food in each of their hands eating. As I walk in the room, I feel their eyes on me. The kitchen smelled good, a strong smell of fresh scrambled eggs, which made my mouth water and stomach grumble. I was so hungry.

“Hey, Aves,” Claire smiles a bit.

“Hey,” I reply back with a smile as I walk over and take a seat on the nearby bar stool.

“Morning, love,” Liam mutters with a friendly smile.

“Morning,” I reply with a small smile.

“Morning, Avery,” Niall was all smiles as he looks over at me. “How are you this morning, love?” he asks.

“Good,” I mumble with a smile. “How about you?” I ask as I sit there for a minute before I get up so I can go over and fix myself a plate of food. I was starving, especially since I just woke up and haven’t had anything to eat yet. I grab a clean paper plate that was lying there on the counter and begin to fill my plate with food. Once I get my food, I walk over to the fridge and pull out a bottle of water. After I get my drink, I grab a fork from the nearby drawer and walk back over to the bar so I could eat.

“So, Claire filled me in and told me ‘bout you and Harry,” Niall says a bit loudly as he looks at Claire for a minute, and then at me, a curious look in his eyes. I stifle a laugh and take a bite of food. Of course, she told him already.

“What’s going on? I heard my name,” Harry says as I turn to see him walking in the kitchen.

“Um, nothing,” I mumble and turn back so I could continue eating.

“Heard from Claire that you and Avery are together,” Niall replies with a smile.

“You know, Haz, I called it last night after I called to see where you two were,” Liam says as he walks over and squeezes Harry’s shoulder in a playful manner. I can’t help but blush at that and continue to eat. A chuckle leaves Harry’s lips as he goes over to fix himself a plate of food. Soon, he is sitting next to me at the bar and I feel his open hand reach over and take mine in his, lacing our fingers together. I smile to myself as I continue to eat my food.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” I ask as I look over at Claire and Niall.

“Well before you two came down, we were chatting ‘bout it a bit,” Claire says and grabs the mug in front of her and takes a sip of whatever was in it, tea, I presume.

“Okay, and what are we thinking of doing?” I ask before I take a drink of water and screw the cap back on.

“Going to the Los Angeles zoo,” Niall mentions with a wide smile and takes a big bite of his food.

“Cool, it’s been a while since I last been there,” I say and take a bite of my food.

“Sounds fun, I’m down,” Harry says in his best American accent he could muster up. I can’t help but laugh and cover my mouth with my hand to keep myself from spitting out my food from laughing so hard. It was cute, him trying to do an American accent.

“You down to go, Liam?” Harry asks looking over to see Liam staring down at his phone in his hands. Texting someone I guess, his girlfriend, maybe?

“Huh, what? Sorry, was texting Soph,” he says and smiles as he says her name. His whole face seemed to light up as he spoke of her.

“Tell her we said hello, Li,” Niall calls out.

“The zoo, mate, we’re all thinking of going. You want to go with us?” Harry asks the older boy who stood in the doorway.

“Yeah, oh yeah, I’ll go, but I may have to leave a bit early to pick up Sophia from LAX because she’s coming to visit for a bit,” he says and pockets his phone.

“Avery, Claire, hope you don’t mind if she stays here, with me, while she’s here,” Liam says with a smile as he looks at Claire and then at me. I shake my head, I didn’t really mind at all. It was all up to Claire, and I’m sure she really didn’t mind, either.

“Yeah, she’s more than welcome here, Liam,” Claire tells him with a smile.

“Of course,” I give him a smile in return. It’s silent for a few minutes before Harry speaks up.

“Cool, I’m glad,” he smiles.

“Where’s Louis and Zayn?” Harry asks and looks over at Niall and Claire, who stood in the kitchen.

“Still asleep, I think,” Niall says and shrugs his shoulders.

“Let’s go wake them up and get going then,” Harry says and gets up from the bar and takes my hand. He pulls me up with him and I smile as I grab his hand. After he pulls me up, I feel him pull me close to him and lean over to me. He smiles as he leans forward and presses a kiss to my lips, lingering for a few seconds before pulling away.

“Alright you two, we don’t need t’ see that, wait ‘til you’re alone to do that!” Niall says in a loud tone as we head for the stairs.

“Yeah, Horan, and you’re one to talk,” Harry replies with a smirk.

The five of us head up the stairs so we could wake the two that were still dead to the world asleep. Then we could get on with our day and start our adventure at the zoo. It was going to be a fun day, and I couldn't wait to meet this girlfriend of Liam’s.


hiii. here's the long awaited update!!! i'm sooo sorry it's been FOREVER since I last updated.
Anyways, I hope you all like it!! It will continue in the next chapter.
I'll try and update again soon!

Please drop a comment and let me know what you think! I'd love to know what you all think. More updates are coming soon!:)


Great story! Can´t wait for the next chapter! :)

Great chapter again, to love over and over!!
Xx Me

It's fine haha. I will update again soon! (:

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx