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Always Yours

sixteen: swimming fun & sunsets

I can’t help a laugh escape my lips as Harry pulls me down the beach toward the water. Every so often, I notice him glance back and smile a bit. He was too cute, I swear, and I can’t help but smile every time we’re around each other. I was falling for him, falling for him hard, and I could tell he was too, by how he looks at me.

“C’mon love, in the water you go,” he says with a smile and pulls on my hand as we approach the water.

I just laugh a bit and walk into the water along the shoreline. I turn and look back at him with a small smile on my face. He smiles back as he stares at me with his captivating eyes of his I didn’t want to look away from. Man, was I falling for him. As he looks back at me, I can’t help but sense he feels the exact same about me as I do him, by just a glance.

The smile stays on his face as he comes forward. My feet stop and I stand in place as I look at him, the shirtless boy in front of me. What is happening? Is he really about to kiss me?! I think as I look at him. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.

“Only if you go in with me, Aves,” he says with a laugh, a shriek leaving my mouth as he swiftly lifts me up in his arms and runs into the water. I roll my eyes at his actions and try to get him to put me down. Next thing I know, I am being tossed in the water, thankfully where it was somewhat deep, yet it still wasn’t too far off from shore.

I come up to take a breath of air and cough a bit. “What the hell was that?” I joke with him and laugh.

He just shrugs his shoulders, that contagious grin on his face before I notice him disappear under the water. I begin to look around for him but I don’t see him anywhere, most likely still under the water somewhere. A few minutes go by and I jump out of my skin practically when I feel arms wrap around my waist and I am being tossed through the air into the water. That sneaky little bastard.

“I hate you,” I mutter as I come up to the surface and glare over at him playfully. He really sure knows how to scare me. I laugh slightly and roll my eyes as he swims forward to where I was.

“Was just having some fun, you know you liked it,” he laughs and moves closer to where I was trying to stay afloat in the water. For the next few minutes, we push each other into the water and have a good time splashing each other. For the next half hour or so, we swim and joke about random things. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun with a guy, no less, with someone who I liked, really liked.

Before too long, we make our way back up to the sand to lay out for a bit and enjoy the weather. It was hot yet relaxing at the same time. This has always been my favorite time of year, summer. I’m glad I get to spend the day with Harry, who makes it more fun with his lame jokes, kind sense of humor and just the fact that he’s here right now with me. I can’t get over the fact of how much I like him. It’s obvious he feels the exact same for me too, but he hasn’t brought it up.

Maybe he’s waiting for the perfect moment, but I wasn’t the one to judge. When the time comes, I guess I’ll know. A relaxing sigh leaves my lips as I lay on my stomach on the towel that was laid out on the sand. He was beside me relaxing as well. After a while of relaxing and lying out, I try to turn so I was on my back but don’t budge. What’s going on? I think to myself as I sit up a bit and turn to Harry who I found lying on his back, aviators covering his eyes along with his hat, curls sprawled out against the towel.

“Harry? What did you do?!” I ask in a loud tone and I can’t help but laugh as he jerks up quickly at the sound, clearly startled. He had a confused look in his eyes and I can’t help but let out a laugh.

“What?” he questions and runs a hand through his hair as he sits up, a small hint of a smile on his face.

By the look on his face, I knew he had to be up to something. Having a younger brother, I’ve learned tricks over the years of how they do things, plan stupid tricks and crap like that. He had put sand all around my feet and legs to keep me from moving. Smart move, actually, very smart move, Harry. Not. I’m surprised I didn’t think of that beforehand.

“What does it look like?” I motion to the sand that was covering my legs.

“Oh,” he smiles cheekily, “I wonder how that happened…sorry ‘bout that, was planning on making a sand castle and then somehow that happened,” he finishes with a laugh. I just roll my eyes and reach out my arms best I can to try and hit him in the arm but don’t reach him. He smiles a bit as he leans over to where I was for a bit and plops down near my feet.

“Help me, please?” I give him a small smile and motion to the sand that was covering my legs. He smiles and nods his head, the smile staying on his lips as he begins to help get all this off me. A good fifteen minutes later, I am soon sitting beside him and we are sitting in the sand, talking and enjoying this weather. It was hot yet felt good.

After a while, I ask him if he wanted to go get an ICEE to cool down a bit. He agrees and begins to help me pack up the towels and stuff we brought here with us in the bag, sunscreen and things like that. Before we pack up, I dry myself off with one of the extra towels and slip my shorts on over my bikini bottoms. I stuff my shirt in my purse which was thankfully somewhat big enough to fit it.

“Ready?” Harry asks as I put the bag over my shoulder which held the towels and the rest of it. He had his sunglasses on along with his snapback that was backwards on his head, his hair somewhat wet and messy, his white tank top clinging to his body, tattoos standing out against the newly damp fabric. I give him a slow nod as I look at him, my TOMS in hand.

“Mind if we put this stuff in the car first? Don’t feel like carrying it around the rest of the day,” I say as we begin to walk toward the cart on the boardwalk where they sell the ICEE’s. I set my shoes on the pavement and slip my feet in them before we start walking. Harry does the same with his shoes and looks over at me.

“I’ll carry it then, love, I don’t mind,” he tells me and holds out his hands to take it from me.

“No, you don’t have to, be easier to just take it to the car,” I tell him.


It takes us a few minutes but we take the bag to the car and put it in the trunk instead. After I lock up the car and drop the keys in my bag, I decide to pull out my phone. It was a little after two-thirty. As I press the home button, I notice I had a new message from Claire. She was just asking how things were going with Harry. I can’t help but smile slightly and roll my eyes at the message.

“What?” Harry asks, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Just a text I got from Claire,” I tell him as I look up at him. “She was just asking how things were going and stuff,” I say as I lock my phone and put it back in my bag. I decide I’ll text her back later since we were out and I wanted an ICEE.

The two of us are soon on our way to the cart where they sell the ICEE’s. It’s the same place where we got them a few days ago when we were all here. I’ve been here so many times, as long as I can remember, growing up here. There were a bunch of people here today and it seemed more crowded than normal. As Harry and I stand in line and talk a bit, laughing at random things, we are soon interrupted by someone, a young looking girl who looked to be about sixteen or something.

“H-hi, I, u-um, sorry to bug you, but I-I’m a huge fan, I love you and the guys’ music, it’s amazing!” she nervously tells Harry and I can’t help but smile a bit. The girl had long dark hair and a dark complexion, with brown eyes. She wore a shirt with the boys’ faces on it with ‘One Direction’ written on it, some shorts and these black shoes. “Hope you d-don’t mind i-if I ask for a picture with you?”

“Thanks babe, glad you like it! And it’s no problem, of course. What’s your name?” Harry asks with a smile as he looks at the girl.

“D-Destiny,” she tells him and pulls out her phone to hand him. After they take the selfie that Harry took with her, he hands back her phone. She smiles widely and thanks him before I notice her glance over at me.

“Quite nice to meet you, Destiny! Thanks for your support, much appreciated,” he tells the girl with a smile.

“I, um, sorry to be so forward but are you two, uh, together?” she asks with a smile as she grabs hold of her phone and tightens her hold on it. I smile a bit and look over at Harry, who stood beside me, our hands close to touching yet they weren’t. He smiles and looks at me before turning to her.

“We’re, uh, just friends,” I tell her and notice her smile drop on her face. I hear Harry mumble something under his breath but I don’t quite catch it.

“Oh,” she says. “Well, you two would make a cute couple if you were, you really would,” she tells us with a smile.

We thank her and tell her it was a pleasure before she walks off. Harry and I stand there in line for a few minutes before we go up to get our ICEE’s. I get a strawberry ICEE while Harry gets a blue raspberry one. Once we pay, the two of us grab our refreshments before we begin to walk down the boardwalk. I take the next few minutes to try and build myself up to ask him what he muttered a bit ago, what I couldn’t catch.

As we walk around with our drinks, we talk and go on about random things. It was such a nice day with such a great guy, who I was beginning to like a lot. As we walk along the boardwalk, ICEE in hand, I feel my hand brush up against his every so often and I can’t help but feel my cheeks heat up. I swear, what the hell is he doing to me?

“I’m curious, but what did you say earlier? After that girl Destiny asked if we were together?” I ask after a few minutes of silence between the two of us and take a drink of my ICEE.

“You’ll find out soon,” he tells me with a smile. “Not giving that away quite yet, Aves,” he smiles and takes a sip of his ICEE.

I let out a huff of annoyance and cross my arms over my chest to pretend like I was mad at him, which I wasn’t but wanted to make him seem like I was. For the longest time, I’ve always hated waiting for things, ever since I was little, and I still hate it just as much now at nineteen.

“Fine,” I tell him and take a sip of my ICEE before we begin to walk some more and chat a bit. As we walk around, crowds were slowly beginning to dwindle and it was becoming less occupied for the evening. It was nice, the weather was a bit cooler than it was earlier in the day, and the fact I get to spend it with Harry, someone I really enjoy spending my time with.

After we walk around a bit longer and chat some more, that’s when I notice that the sun was close to setting. The two of us meander over to a part of the balcony where there is a perfect view of the ocean. Right here is the perfect place to watch the sun set, the beautiful purples, yellows and pinks of the setting sun illuminating the water. I let out a content sigh from my lips as I lean on the pier and glance at the sight before my eyes.

“It’s so beautiful,” I mumble as I look out at the sight before me. It was gorgeous; I could stay out here all night if I could. I look over to my side to find Harry standing beside me, a small smile on his lips as he looks at the view as we stand there.

I smile a bit as I stand there and find myself getting lost in my thoughts as I stare out at the setting sun against the water. In my mind, I am wracking my brain trying to figure out what Harry meant by “you’ll find out soon”. What does he mean by that? I think to myself. All I know is that I just want to know what he meant. Hopefully he’ll tell me soon, I hate waiting as I’ve stated it before.

“Not as beautiful as you, love,” I hear Harry mutter and I feel him take my hand in his own. I turn and look over at him, eyebrows creased together as I look at him. As he says that, the wind picks up a bit and I can’t help but shiver. He smiles and wraps both his arms around me and pulls me into him, his arms resting on my sides.

“So, what were you going t–” I am cut off by him pressing his lips to mine in a kiss. I smile into the kiss and feel him smile against my lips in the kiss as well and pull me close to him. I move my arms around his damp torso and kiss him back. We pull away from the kiss a few minutes later, and I notice him looking at me, a smile on his lips.


Next chapter!!! :)
YAY, they finally kissed!!! :D 'bout time, Harry!

anyways, hope you all liked the chapter, even though it took me a looonnng time to write it! I think this is the longest chapter I've written for this!

Drop a comment and let me know what you think, please? :) I'd love to know what y'all think! <3


Great story! Can´t wait for the next chapter! :)

Great chapter again, to love over and over!!
Xx Me

It's fine haha. I will update again soon! (:

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx