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Always Yours

prologue: life's like a jump rope

I was sitting on the couch in the living room flipping through the channels on the television trying to find something good to watch. There didn’t seem to be anything good on, that I could find, at least. I let out a sigh and toss the remote off to the side.

For the time being, I had the house – or shall I say apartment – to myself. I had no idea where Claire was, most likely talking to her boyfriend, Niall I think, who is part of big British-Irish boy band One Direction. They were alright, I guess even though I wasn’t too fond of cheesy pop music in general. I mostly listen to rock, alternative stuff and country.

I live with my best friend, Claire, here in Los Angeles. I first met her the summer after I graduated, at orientation for UCLA. She was a transfer student from England by the way, which I thought was pretty cool. We immediately hit it off and became best friends. Something just clicked between us, I guess.

Reaching over to the coffee table, I grab my white iPhone 5 off the table and begin to scroll through my unread messages I haven’t read. After replying back to a few of them, I go and decide to check Twitter. I didn’t find anything interesting so I got out of the social networking app and grabbed my headphones that were lying on the coffee table.

After I put the ear buds in, I go to my music and press on the first song I came across. The music of Blue October’s ‘Jump Rope’ flooded through my speakers as I relaxed and rested my eyes for a bit. After a few minutes of listening to my music, I am immediately caught off guard by one of my headphones being pulled out of my ear.

I groan as I look over to see Claire sitting beside me, a bright smile on her face. I could only imagine the reason she was happy. Probably something having to do with Niall, of course, I was sure.

“So…what’s up?” I ask a bit harshly as I stare at her staring back at me. Her smile never faltered as she began to speak.

“Niall is coming to stay with us!” she exclaims a bit loudly with a wide smile as she embraces me into a tight hug.

I smile a bit at her statement. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy that she was able to see him and all but he was going to be staying with us? How long would this be going on for? I hoped it wasn’t too long like the entire summer. I pray it wasn’t the whole summer because I didn’t want to have to be stuck here in the house while the two are together most likely sucking each other’s faces off, practically.

Just the fact that she even had a boyfriend made me jealous. Plus, they were cute, I have to admit. Since I’ve known Claire, she has shown me numerous amounts of photo of them together which were quite cute I had to admit. For the longest time, I have always wanted a boyfriend and for someone to love me. I have never had a boyfriend and I’m nineteen for crying out loud.

“That’s cool! For how long?” I question as I stare at the blond haired girl I called my best friend.

“The entire summer!” she says happily. “And the boys are coming along too!” she exclaims with a wide smile before staring down at her iPhone most likely texting Niall.

“They’re coming too?!” I question looking at her, my brows furrowed. They were coming with him? I thought he was just coming but it would make more sense if they came together since they are in fact a boy band and practically brothers. I’d sure be surprised if they never get tired of each other, which I doubted.

“They’re really looking forward to meeting you, love,” she responds as she looks up from her phone to meet my blue eyes that were looking back at hers.

I give her a small smile in return. Just the many thoughts of five boys being in our house for the entire summer made my mind begin to spin endlessly. I was happy; don’t get me wrong, but its five boys we’re talking about here, not just one. I grew up with a younger brother, Jake, who is five years younger than me and he was is quite a handful at fourteen. I still don’t know how my parents manage to put up with him after all these years.

“So, when are they coming?” I ask as I twiddle my thumbs in my lap.

“Friday,” she replies with a smile as she moves her feet to rest on the coffee table. I was sitting with my legs pulled up against my chest. Friday, that was two days from now. It was Wednesday so I only had two more days to myself before they would be here.

“Now, come on, Aves, let’s get to picking up this apartment so we don’t have to rush and get it done tomorrow,” she says and rests her hand on my shoulder.

“Alright,” I sigh as I get up and begin to help Claire clean up the place.

We might as well try to get it looking decent if five boys will soon be around for the next two months. I hope it wasn’t going to be too awkward being around Claire with Niall and four other horny teenage boys.


here's the prologue. this is only the beginning.

let me know what you think! feedback is greatly appreciated<3

Chapter title credit:
Jump Rope - Blue October


Great story! Can´t wait for the next chapter! :)

Great chapter again, to love over and over!!
Xx Me

It's fine haha. I will update again soon! (:

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx

@light me up.
Well i don't now anymore it was a month ago and i guess it was really late...
So sorry for my sayings and p.u.a (please update again)
lovesss Noa Xx