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All That Glitters


Change is constant. Change is an irresistible reality sprinkled with glitter to lessen the blow. It doesn't take time for the trees to transform from a fresh green to a crispy gold, nor does it for the sun to burn a blissful warm instead of scorching hot. And just like the seasons and the nature, people change as well. It's when their eyes lose the warmth and start to resemble hard stones that you know that they've changed for the worst.

...or the one where visible is just a glittering picture.

all rights reserved 2018.


Faith Collins

Faith Collins

the fire that's burning out

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

the calm that's sometimes crazy

Hope Collins

Hope Collins

the reality that's too bitter


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That means a lot. Thank you!

I absolutey love your characters and dialogue!


I'm so sorry for getting back to you this late but school's started and I was so busy for the past month. Anyway, we shall know more about their past as the story progresses and see how both of their personalities are shaped up by the time they've spent apart. The main reason for them being so distant is the loss of communication but that doesn't stop Faith from caring about her sister in her own way. Harry obviously has a major role but that would not be revealed till later chapters and I hope you stay tuned for that. Your reviews bring joy to me and I look forward to hear more of your thoughts!

Knowing that Hope and Faith have lived apart for a while adds a new sort of dimension to their relationship. It's obvious though that even with their time apart and feelings that may have been ill Faith still cares about her sister a lot. I'm guessing the guy we got a glimpse of is Harry? It will be interesting to see the role he plays between the two. Don't worry about catching up on your sleep, that's what summer vacation is for. The pace on this story is perfect! Amazing as always! Can't wait to read more!

For starters, I love you're writing style so much! It's so great!

I love how you make the juxtaposition of the two twins. It's really interesting to see how different their personalities are and how differently they handle grief which is something I usually don't see portrayed in fics. There's usually only one cookie cutter reaction to grief that everyone feels people should stick with.I also love how significant their names are, Hope and Faith being similar but also two very different things. I'm really interesting to see where things will go!

Until next time!