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Story Covers ♡


:) need a cover? I can probably help!

I'll just need a few information from you for your story and all I ask in return is: to give me credit, as in put "Cover made by She Said Poptarts" or link back to my profile somewhere in your story summary!

Click here to see some banner examples!



@She Said Poptarts
Story Title:
Rome: The Forsaken
Other text: No thank you!
Images: Harry styles and if you can find a good picture Ksenia Solo with black hair and blue eyes
Colors/Mood: Dark and bloody even, it is based in ancient Rome so that kinda vice elegant but deadly.
Anything else: Like i said it is based in ancient Rome and I will let you read the first chapter if you want to kinda get a feel for it.

@She Said Poptarts
PERFECT!!!! thank you so much

@Allie Miller
Done :)

@She Said Poptarts
i love it!!!! i did a character change though and forgot to email you. would it be any trouble to change Lily Collins to Sarah Hyland?

@Allie Miller
Hi, I finished your banner :) x