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Story Covers ♡


:) need a cover? I can probably help!

I'll just need a few information from you for your story and all I ask in return is: to give me credit, as in put "Cover made by She Said Poptarts" or link back to my profile somewhere in your story summary!

Click here to see some banner examples!



Hi, your banner is posted :) x

Story Title: The Surrogate
Other text: By: abygail.bauman
Images: Harry Styles (either short or long hair, you choose), Louis Tomlinson, and a redheaded female (this is the photo I used for her character so I'll send it so you can get an idea)

Colors/Mood: Bright/happy, the story is about pregnancy and love
Anything else: The main character (the ginger) is a surrogate for Louis and his wife. She's pregnant and moves into Louis's house as the job detailed. She soon falls for one of his friends and a whole lot happens. Just try to make the cover look happy (: and whatever looks best.

Thank you so much!
Abygail ♡

Maia Mitchell! That’s an excellent character choice I never even thought of her and she’s my favorite person ever... almost lol

The Edge of Goodbye
...And just like that you were gone
By: Allie Miller
Harry Styles and Lily Collins
black and white with splashes of green and blue
my story is about love and loss with a bit of adventure

Title: Rainy days and Mondays
other text: funny, but it seems I always wind up here with you
Images: Harry Styles (long hair) and Maia Mitchell
Colors/Mood: bright but soft colors like blue and green. The story's pretty light.
Anything else: the story is about two people working in an animal shelter so anything that goes along with that.

Take your time. Thank you!