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Always In My Head: A London Calling Series

Text Me In The Morning (Neon Trees)

Once upon a time. A boy met a girl in a bookshop. And one day the boy got the guts up to text the girl.

Do you have a copy of the latest Nicholas Sparks novel available?

We have a deal going on right now. Purchase two Nicholas Sparks books get the pint of ice cream and box of tissues for free! Cat fur covered sweater and slippers sold separately.

HA! You alright?

I am. Admittedly the shop has been a bit quieter these last few days. This customer had come in every day and I haven’t heard from him in weeks.

Yeah? I bet he’s disappointed he hasn’t been in lately.

Well I can tell you I am. No dimply grins lately. Well there is that one guy…but he just asks where the kama sutra books are and stares at me like he’s imagining me naked. It’s weird.

Can’t blame him for that. You’re quite cute.

So how did you get my number anyway?

Bribed Lyla.

Oh God. What with?

Passes for she and her girlfriends to our show at Wembley next summer. She also wanted to meet Ashton from our opening act. Amongst other things. So I’ve got a list of demands to fill and American beauty products to buy for her. She’s ruthless. Will be good in business some day.

Oh…you’re buying American beauty products huh? She’s been stealing mine. Sister-in-law ships them to me. ;)

I will be home at the end of the month for a bit. Anything special I can bring you?

How much room do you have in your suitcase? ;)

Give me your list…

Oh. My. God. You’ll have to let me get back to you with that. There’s so much I miss. The junk food here just isn’t the same. I miss American Peanut Butter…and candy…and cereal…and the syrup you people use here is absolute shit. You should see the care package my Dad sends monthly. It’s like full of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and all this terrible stuff that you would laugh at.

Well take some time and think. I will make a special trip to an American grocery store for you. Bring you back what makes you miss home.

Could you fit a Target in your carry on?

Haha! If only. I know you’d be happy if I could do that.


Is it weird that I miss you? I got used to our daily chats when I came in.

To be honest…
I miss you a bit too. I’m glad you accepted the demands from Lyla for my number. Though you could’ve asked yourself. I saw that you followed me on Twitter. ;)

That seemed creepy. A DM that says ‘hey what’s your number’ I get quite a bit of those. Didn’t want to seem like that.

Well I mean yeah I am a world renowned celebrity with men falling at my feet so of course that’s a normal DM for me. :P
For real though…you could’ve asked.

I know. I thought the element of surprise would be good.
I should let you go. I know it’s late there. You should be going to bed. I know you’ve got a long day tomorrow. Bookshop and pub.

I do. I should be. You could text me in the morning. Help make my day seem shorter maybe?

Deal. Have a good night.

You too. Sing pretty since you probably go on stage soon.

I do. Getting ready right now.

Nice pink toothbrush. Dork.

So tomorrow…

Tomorrow. Goodnight Dimples.

Goodnight Sugar.


Let me know what you think of these. I’d LOVE to do more. Sort of fun to have a peak in to their lives. And it doesn’t have to be Annie and Harry…it could be any character. Have a suggestions. Send it on over! Have an instagram idea….submit it. I want to make this fun for everyone and these are fun for me.


I'm glad you liked it. I have every intention to tell more of their story but this was just the perfect way to explain their beginning.

YASSSSS girl. Lyla and Niall are adorable!!