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Wilder Mind


"Guys, wake up." I said reaching across Kaine and shaking Harry's legs.
Harry cracked his eyes open and I nudged Kaine's head which was still resting on my shoulder.
"We're beginning the descent." I said.
"God did I sleep the whole flight?" Harry asked.
"Yeah I don't know with how much coffee you drank." I teased.
"I can't wait to be home." Kaine said. "I didn't mean to fall asleep, shit do I look alright?"
Her hair was all falling out of the braid she put it in and she didn't have any makeup on but she looked fine nonetheless.
"You're fine, it's just your family." I said.
"I know but this is the first time I've seen Everett since August." she said rummaging through her purse.
We hit a patch of rough air and Kaine grabbed onto Harry's upper thigh.
"Woah, it's alright you're okay." he said his voice going a little high.
"Oh my god I'm sorry I didn't mean to grope you." she apologized and laughed.
"It's fine." he said. "That's the most action I've got in a month." he added under his breath.
"Here." I said holding out my hand.
She took it and squeezed it silently thanking me. The decent took about twenty more minutes and we had a rough landing where she nearly broke my hand and groped Harry again. She took out a tube of lipstick and applied it while we pulled up to the gate trying to make herself seem presentable and redid her braid. When the seatbelt light went off I stood up and grabbed our bags and put my knapsack on the seat. I grabbed our heavy coats out of the compartment and threw them at them too and we got all settled to get off the plane. Harry took his bag and I held onto Kaine's for her so she could lead the way through the airport. When the door opened we were some of the first people off the plane. I pulled out my phone to text my Ma that we were here.
"Mama's boy, total mama's boy." Kaine laughed.
"She just wants to know I'm safe." I shrugged.
"Well, he said he'd meet us somewhere around here." she said while we walked along past the line of chauffeurs holding up names. "I don't see him though."
We continued down the line when all the sudden Kaine started picking up speed. I glanced down a little further and saw someone holding a sign that said "Westbrook" on it.
"Ev!" Kaine nearly yelled and gave him several kisses before they wrapped their arms around each other.
"Hey." he said coolly and kissed the side of her head during their embrace.
The man, who could only be Everett, was a tall fellow, about Harry's height. He had brown hair that was slicked back away from his face and these dark brown eyes that looked very unfriendly right now.
"Can I help you two?" Everett said looking at me and Harry rather skeptically when the two pulled away, he left his hand on Kaine's waist as well.
"Uh, I forgot to tell you, Char and Sutton couldn't come so I asked Niall and Harry to come instead." Kaine lied.
I knew when she was lying, the tips of her ears got ridiculously red and she did this thing with her lips where she shifted them all the way to the left.
"Niall Horan." I said reaching out my hand for him to shake.
"And I'm Harry Styles." Harry said reaching out for Everett's hand after shaking mine.
"How do you guys all know each other?" he asked.
"We work together." I answered.
"Well, nice to meet you." he said half-heartedly. "Where's your luggage?" he asked Kaine.
I raised her duffle a little higher in my hand to show that I had it and he grabbed it from me.
"Alright let's just get home." Kaine said trying to cut the tension.
"How far is it from here Kay?" I asked.
"About a half hour." she answered.
"I thought only I called you Kay." I head Everett say under his breath.
We followed Everett to the car and I placed my things in the trunk. He drove a Mercedes wagon which really off put me. This guy seemed like the kind of person Kira would go for, not Kaine. I didn't get it.
The two talked about everything they could in the half hour it took to get back to her house. We were driving through these neighborhoods with these crazy giant houses I had never seen anything like before then all of the sudden we turned down a private road. We pulled into a driveway of this massive house with a few cars in the drive. The place was a massive ranch and I couldn't believe how much land surrounded it.
"This is it guys." Kaine said and got out of the car. "This is where I grew up."
"Fuck. They're loaded." I said when it was just H and I left in the car.
"This was a twist I wasn't expecting." he agreed.
We got out of the car and grabbed our things out of the trunk and followed them in through the garage. I was nervous all of the sudden, like Harry and I didn't fit in here. It must have been obvious on my face because Harry looked at me with his eyebrows scrunched together. He felt the same way. We slipped our shoes off in the back hallway and put them under the bench. We continued through the hallway toward all the voices talking.
I looked around the house from what I could see it was pretty open. The kitchen was impressive along with the dining room attached. And you could see the living room from there with a beautiful view out of some picture windows.
"Dad!" Kaine said and hugged her dad tightly.
"Hi honey." he said hugging her back.
He was tall too, and his hair was completely grey but he had the same green eyes as Kaine. She never really spoke of her family so we knew nothing about them. We didn't know if she had siblings or if her parents were together or anything, she was pretty much a mystery. But based on the mass of people in this house I'm positive she had more family than I thought.
"Mom! Oh my god I missed it here so much I miss you guys so much." she said hugging her mom too.
After she hugged the rest of the people in the room she walked over toward Harry and I.
"This is Niall, and this is Harry. I work with them and they've become my best friends." she said motioning to the two of us. "And this is my dad, Theodore, my mom, Annette. And over here is my oldest brother Teddy, and his wife Lucy and their son, Cooper. And my other older brother Dylan and his girlfriend Addie. Lots of people to remember but you'll get it." she said introducing us to the lot.
"Hello Mr. Westbrook." I said shaking her father's hand.
"We didn't expect there to be so many of you." Harry joked.
"Hello Niall." her mom said and gave me a hug, then the same to Harry.
I shook her brothers hands too and smiled at the wives and girlfriends. Harry followed suit and we were being as polite as possible.
"Here follow me." Teddy said motioning for us with his head. "I'll take you to a room."
We grabbed our bags and started following him quietly down a set of stairs.
"You'll be in the room through that door." he said.
We went in and dropped our bags on the floor and walked back out into the big room.
"Where are you guys from?" he asked.
"I'm from Mullingar, Ireland." I said.
"And I'm Cheshire area in England. But we both went to university in the US and we've been working at Wolfe since we got out." Harry said.
"Where'd you guys go to school?" he kept asking.
"I went to Columbia, and Harry was at Cornell." I said.
"So you guys are just a little smart then yeah?" he joked.
"A little bit." Harry said with a laugh.
"Did Kaine tell you anything about us?" he asked.
"No, actually we didn't know anything about you guys until we walked in here." I said.
"She's very secretive, always has been, we never understood why." he laughed. "Well I'm 31 and my wife's 30, Cooper is nearly 8 months old. And then Dylan is 26 and he's gonna propose to Addie who's the same age as him any day now. And then you obviously know Kaine."
"We knew literally nothing about you guys before we came here so it's nice to get a timeframe." Harry said.
"I turned 28 a couple months ago and Harry will be the same in February." I said adding some context to the conversation.
Dylan came downstairs while this conversation was happening. He went behind the bar and grabbed a few beers out of the fridge below.
"No offense at all guys but why'd she bring you two back with her for Thanksgiving?" Dylan asked handing us each a bottle.
"We don't normally celebrate and she nearly forced us to come." Harry said. "Thought it'd be good to clear our heads out of the city for a while."
"Is she taking you guys to the Packers game on Thursday? Dad said the seats were already taken." Dylan said.
"Yeah they're actually my team." Harry said.
"I'm more of a Cardinals fan myself." I added.
"Well they're playing the Bears so that'll be a good game. You guys are lucky though, turkey tailgating is the best." Teddy said.
"What's that?" I asked.
"So if there's a Packers game on Thanksgiving day we do a formal Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday and we make a shit ton of extra food. So then whoever goes to the game Wednesday gets to do a turkey tailgate." Dylan explained.
"Well we've never had a proper Thanksgiving so this whole week has been pretty exciting to us." I said.
"Better get back upstairs." Teddy said.
We grabbed a couple more bottles to bring upstairs for the rest of the family and walked back up into the kitchen. Everyone was sat in the great room and Kaine was on a couch between her mom and dad. Harry and I sat on floor next to the couches while the sons sat with Lucy and Addie on the other couch.
"So, boys, what do you do?" Kaine's dad asked us.
"Uh, I proofread at Wolfe. I just makes sure everything is in check with the brands and check copy write infringements and make sure lines are cleaned and all of that." Harry explained.
"Yeah and I code. I get the website outlines and I develop them. It's tedious work." I said.
"And they're supervisors of a quarter of the staff." Kaine added.
"How long have you been living in the city for?" he continued to interrogate us.
"I went to Columbia for school so it's been ten years now." I said.
"I moved after I graduated from Cornell so, six years?" Harry added.
"God have I really been there that long." I said in disbelief.
They continued to ask us more and more about our lives while we sat around. Theodore and Annette went to go pick up Kaine's grandparents after a while and we stayed in the room just watching a game on tv.
"So, did we tear you away from your girlfriends at all this week?" Everett asked, Kaine visibly nudged him.
"I actually just got out of a long relationship." I said knowing that's exactly what he wanted me to admit.
"Oh, I'm sorry about that." Addie said politely.
"It's okay. I kinda came here to get away from the city so I could uh, clear my head and all." I said.
"And Kaine is supposed to be setting me up with someone, but apparently hasn't gotten around to it." Harry joked.
Cooper had been wandering around the big room which was gated off from the rest of the house for him. He was carefully crawling around dragging a bear nearly the size of him in his hand while trying to crawl around the area entertaining himself. He was a cute kid, full head of dark brown hair and these grey eyes that seemed happy. He reminded me of my nephew who I hadn't seen in so long. Cooper came over toward us again and placed his hands on my knee trying to stand up.
"Hey buddy." I smiled at him. "Does he try to walk at all yet?" I asked Teddy.
"Nope, just props himself up and tries not to fall over while standing." he said.
"My brother's son was the same way." I said. "He was just as curious as this one."
"He just conquered crawling and has been on the move like crazy. We've had to gate off half of our house so we could keep track of him." Lucy said.
Cooper climbed over my knee and grabbed onto my shirt to keep himself steady. I kept my hand on his back to help him out with that.
"Sorry about him, he just does whatever he wants." Lucy said. "I can take him if he's bothering you."
"No it's okay." I said while he dropped his bear into my lap and put his other hand toward my chest.
"Say hi Coop." Teddy said.
Cooper looked up toward his dad who was looking at him with kind eyes. I envied Teddy so much, all I wanted was a family like this, with a wife who loved me. Teddy waved at his son with both hands and Cooper looked back at me. He took one hand off my chest and raised his arm and lowered it quickly, his little form of a wave.
"Hello Cooper." I said waving back, he giggled and kept waving at me while I waved back at him.
The conversation continued on without me who was too entranced by this little kid. Harry joined me in playing with him and the siblings talked among themselves. I laid down on my back and Cooper continued crawling and climbing all around me. He grabbed the beanie off my head and threw it on the floor next to me before he tried to crawl his way over my chest but I grabbed under his arms and raised him in the air above me putting him into a state of giggles. He was so god damn adorable.
"You're pretty good with kids." Kaine said.
"I spent as much time as I could in Ireland the year my nephew was born to help out my brother and I learned a lot." I said while moving Cooper up and down in my arms while he continued laughing.
After a while Harry and I went downstairs to our room to get ready for dinner. Kaine's parents were taking us all out to a place and we still were in our sweats from the flight. Kaine peeked into our room just when I was pulling my shirt over my head.
"Here's some towels guys, bathroom is down the hall on the left." she said placing them on the dresser. "Also sorry you guys have to share a bed."
"It's okay we don't mind getting cozy." Harry joked.
"Kay, you didn't tell us you had this amazing family." I said and laid back on the bed.
"I didn't think it was important." she said. "Didn't think you'd be interested."
"Of course we'd be interested." Harry said.
"Your brothers are really cool, and your nephew." I said.
"Oh my god Coop loves you guys, it normally takes him so long to warm up to people." Kaine exclaimed.
"I'm gonna run to the shower." H said excusing himself and taking a towel with him.
It just left Kaine and me in the room and she came to lay out on the other side of the bed. I was scrolling through my phone and texting Nate.
"Are you guys alright down in this room?" she asked.
"We're fine wherever you put us." I said.
"Well Everett and Dylan will be right down the hall, and I'll be upstairs with Addie and the rest of them at night just a heads up." she said.
As if on cue Everett peaked his head in the room.
"Am I interrupting something here?" he asked in a tone.
"No nothing at all. I brought down some towels." Kaine said evenly.
I guess myself being shirtless and us laying on the bed could've been mistaken for something else. I was getting the sense that Everett was not happy at all that Kaine brought a couple of guys back home with her.
"Where'd Harry go?" he asked.
"Shower, I'm getting in after him. His hair takes a touch longer to dry." I tried to joke.
"Why don't you go get ready too then, Kaine, yeah?" he said.
Kaine got off the bed sensing the tension and left the room. Everett stayed leaning in the doorway and I was feeling incredibly vulnerable.
"Can I talk to you for a minute, Niall?" he asked, well demanded.
"You already are." I said.
"Is there something going on between you two that I should know about?" he asked.
"No, mate you've got the wrong idea. First week I met her she told me flat out she was dating someone and I was still with my girlfriend up until a couple months ago. We're friends, that's all." I explained.
"You just seem awfully friendly." he said.
"Just friends. Nothing more. She'd never cheat on you, she talks too highly of you." I said holding my hands up in defense.
Harry came strolling back into the room with a towel around his waist. He raised his eyebrows confused on what was happening and I gave him a silent plea to get Everett out.
"Wear something nice tonight." he said flatly and walked out.
"What the fuck?" Harry asked.
"He accused me of sleeping with Kaine and sneaking around with her for the past few months basically." I said.
"Shit." he said. "I got the feeling he didn't like us as soon as he saw us at the airport."
"I'm gonna try to stay clear of him as much as I can this week." I said. "He hates my guts already and I haven't even done anything with her."
"I really don't understand their relationship, he doesn't seem like the type of person she'd go for." Harry said quietly.
"I thought the same thing, he's so straightedge and has been kinda controlling. I wonder if it's just been because they were apart for so long? Or maybe he was different in college?" I said.
"Maybe that's it." he shrugged.
"And who the hell does he think he is talking to me like that, I'm almost 6 years older than him." I said.
"He's got an older aura about him. He's just tall and stares you down. I don't like it." Harry said.
"I'm gonna shower I guess." I said picking up a towel.
"It turns on weird, just a heads up." he said.
I walked down to the bathroom and slipped the rest of my clothes off and fiddled with the shower trying to turn the water on. I figured it out and let the hot water run through my hair while I tried to clear my mind. I thought this week was supposed to be relaxing but now I have Everett on my case. I hardly even knew him and he's acting like I'm his worst enemy, he doesn't know me. I finished washing my hair then shut the water off and stepped out to grab my towel. I got as much of the water off my body as I could then put it around my waist and grabbed my discarded clothes off the floor. When I got back in the room Harry was fully dressed with his towel around his head and Dylan was sitting in the chair in the corner of the room talking to him.
"Well Rodgers played a good game on Sunday against the Vikings, I hope you guys catch a win. Have you seen them play before?" Dylan asked.
"I saw them play the Eagles in 2011 in Philly and the won so that's all I was concerned about. I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the stadium with a Packers shirt on that day." Harry said.
"Yeah but who went with you and who did you force to wear head to toe green?" I said.
"I guess that's true you were there too. Remember how cold that came was?" he said.
"My feet still haven't warmed back up." I laughed.
"Want me to leave so you can get dressed?" Dylan asked.
"Doesn't matter to me honestly." I said.
"Well I should probably check to see if my parents are back so I'll let you be." he said standing up.
Once he was out of the room I slipped on a fresh set of boxers and a pair of khakis out of my duffle. My shirt was ridiculously wrinkled so I had to find a iron fast, I didn't want to be criticized by Everett for looking sloppy. I texted Kaine asking where they kept it while I ran some product through my hair. She replied just to bring it upstairs. I slipped a tee shirt over my head motioned for Harry to follow me up.
We walked back up the stairs and Kaine was in the front room talking with her brothers.
"Oh here, I'll do it. My mom would freak if we let you into the laundry room." she said walking over to me.
"Thank you. I'm shit at ironing anyway." I said while she walked off with the shirt.
We sat around until Kaine came back in with my shirt which I put on and their parents walked in with their grandparents. The kids gave them hugs and then the attention was back on me and H.
"Nani, Grandpa, these are my friends from New York who helped me settle in nicely over there. The one with the long hair is Harry, which is easy to remember, and then the blonde one is Niall." Kaine said introducing us.
"Nice to meet you both." I said standing up to shake their hands.
They smiled at us and were taken off to their rooms to settle in. Lucy came into the room holding Cooper and a diaper bag ready to head out to dinner.
"I totally almost forgot." Kaine said digging through her purse. "My friend's mom crochets and I got this hat from her for Coop."
She pulled out a baby-sized hat that looked like a cooked turkey and situated it on Cooper's head.
"Oh my god." Teddy said laughing at his son.
"This is the best gift we've ever received I think." Lucy said.
Cooper was giggling in his mom's arms just from everyone else laughing around him. The hat was absolutely ridiculous, but hey so was Kaine. Everett entered the room and draped his arm over Kaine's shoulder while she got pictures of her nephew. Annette was leaning against the cupboard next to me smiling at her grandson.
"He really is such a cute kid." I said to her. "A really happy baby, you guys must be proud."
"We are, they are the perfect little family. We adore Lucy too she's the perfect match for Teddy." Annette said to me and Harry.
"That does help a lot now doesn't it." Harry laughed.
"Well, enough about them, are you guys all situated down there? Do you need any extra blankets or anything?" she asked.
"I think we're perfectly situated Mrs. Westbrook. Thank you so much again for having us, me and H brought some sweets from this great place in New York for you guys, couldn't exactly get a bottle of wine on the plane." I said.
"You're welcome here any time. I'm just sorry you have to sleep in the same bed. And thank you very much boys." she smiled.
We got ready to head out to dinner and went to the entrance to get our coats and shoes on.
"We'll take the foreigners with us." Teddy said with a light laugh. "That is if you don't mind a car seat between you."
"It's no problem." Harry agreed.
Lucy came into the kitchen with Cooper in her arms and the diaper bag and definitely looked like she was struggling.
"Do you need a hand?" I asked her.
"Thank you so much." she said holding our her son.
I lifted him into my arms and held him on my hip. I smiled at the boy and adjusted his little hat on his head. While we walked out to the driveway he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck and rested there.
"You better watch out Niall doesn't try to steal your son." Harry said to Teddy.
"I love kids alright?" I said defending myself.
"He really seems to like you." Lucy said while she followed us out of the house.
"At least someone does." I said. "Right Coop? You like me right?" I added bouncing him a little.
He lifted his had and looked up at me with his happy little eyes. I gave him a kiss to the top of his head before I put him in the car seat.
"Yeah you really have to watch out though, Niall is one hundred percent going to take him back to the city with us." Harry reiterated once we were in the car.
There was a chance.



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