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London Calling

Always In My Head: A London Calling Series

Hey everyone! I'm hoping this finds you well. I've recently had a lot of thoughts about the characters of London Calling pop into my head, which is sort of difficult considering I'm in the midst of writing In the Heat of Los Angeles. I've been considering doing some stand alone stories involving the characters of LC, I know I've gotten interest in the story of how Niall ended up with Lyla. I wanted to gauge my audience to see if there was still interest in that. I am having an absolute blast writing ITHOLA but that doesn't mean I don't miss LC. If you are interested in some standalone fics or mini-series involving the LC characters leave me a comment because I don't want to resurrect the characters unless there is interest. I'm proud of how LC ended but there are stories in the timeline of the original story, during the 7 year break and after that I want to tell. I had originally posted these as their own series called Always in My Head, it never took off the way LC did and since the fiasco of my Facebook login no longer working I don't have access to AIMH so I was considering just posting them in this story as LC is finished but they are tied to LC. I can also post them on Tumblr but I know that not everyone has that. I'm curious as to your thoughts. If you are interested in me just adding them on at the end of this story do you want me to include the original standalone tics that were already in AIMH? I can add them in here as well. Feel free to message me or leave a comment. I think the release of Harry's first album has been giving me LC feels and I can't seem to get rid of them.

Thanks so much for your support throughout the writing of LC and for those of you that have also started reading ITHOLA, I am so grateful to have you. Writing is my stress relief and without you I'd only be writing for me. :)

xx AM.

UPDATE: I've added Always In My Head back so that it is connected to this account. All of the standalones are added to it as well as the BRAND NEW one: I Was Made For Loving You (Tori Kelly featuring Ed Sheeran) - The Story of Niall and Lyla. Find it here: http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/89760/Always-In-My-Head-A-London-Calling-Series/



Yes I'm interested in Nialls story

@honeymystic @xXFluffy_GruXx

I've opened requests on my Tumblr for standalone pieces. My first one will be Niall and Lyla's story. But I'm interested in seeing what people what to read sooooooo if you're still interested in standalone stories connected with this let me know what you want to hear and they will be posted likely on tumblr and potentially on here!

Personally, I would do standalone, just because London Calling is really about Harry and Annie. The others will be about say... Niall and Lyla. It's a different love story that is just intertwined... does that make sense?

Awesome. So here is my big question. Do I need to start another story for the standalone fics connected with London Calling or do I just add them as chapters to this story?

Thank you! Same goes for you! :)