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How to Move


All of those people who new about her past didn't blame her for being scared. She found herself trusting no one. And when she had to escape to a strange city with new opportunities she finds herself moving from Sweden to England.
Only one problem, she had nowhere to live. A strange opportunitie arrives and one things led to another, she is now living with two fifths of One Direction.
The issue at hand although is that even though she falls for a boy, she has to do everything in her power to make him stay away. She isn't safe to be with.

PS. The cursive text is a sign that they are speaking swedish!! DS.



Oh this means the world to me! The story is finished and I'm trying to edit it into a book since it is some of the most emotional stuff I have ever written. Thank you so much for reading this! :)

I have to say I love this story! I did once have a physically and verbally abusive relationship and it is hard to open back up! I love how you are bring awareness to this and how it is hard cause you do believe it is your fault! I love Jo and love how I relate to her! Please keep writing :)

This fic.......wow. I've been reading it for a while and I just fell in love with it completely! I'm about to read e sequal, which I can't wait to read! But I thought I should just let you know how brilliant and well written this story is.

I can't even tell you how much you personally mean to me now! This comment isn't only making my heart swell, it made me cry when I read it! I don't always like my own writing my I post because of people like you, and it truly means the world that you like it!
I will continue to write for as long as I live and I will continue to post stuff just for you and for people like you! Thank you love, and I love you! <3