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Unknown Secrets // Liam Payne Fan- fiction

Mystery (Chapter 1)

(Liam Payne’s P.O.V)

“Just tell the lads that I am going to explore Nepal….I mean we are staying here for a week after all,” I informed my bodyguard Kevin.

We are doing our world tour again at the moment and we are currently staying in Nepal capital city, Kathmandu. None of the lads or I have been to Nepal before, it is our first visit here and I never knew that we have so many fans here. Sometimes it really surprises me on how many fans we actually have.

“Liam you have a show tonight and plus you have just landed two hours ago,” Kevin replied but I didn’t look at his direction as I prepared myself to explore.

In reality, I don’t really want to explore as much as I want to get away. I wanted to get away from everything….the world. It’s been two weeks now since Amber broke up with me…..the lads tried to cheer me up and the fans tweeted me ever since they know about the split…..but I didn’t feel it….with the amount of support that I am getting….there words didn’t go through me.

You can call me a sissy or whatever but I feel like I am not part of this world anymore. When people say they understand what I am going through, it really piss me off sometimes because they don’t understand what I am going through…..they pretended to know what I am going though.

I mean do they really know what it feels like to be dumped by the only person you’ve ever loved? A person you thought you are going to share a future with? Being dumped on the night you were going to propose to them? Do they really know what it feels like?

“Yeah and I have eight hours to explore,” I stated as a matter of fact way. “Liam you can’t just leave alone….have you forgotten that you are one of the biggest boyband in the world?” he reminded me, but I didn’t care at this moment. I had to get away……get fresh air.

I didn’t say anything but instead I grabbed a backpack that I prepared to take with me. “I will let the other body guards know…..and I will tell them to inform the other lads…..but I have to go with you,” he sighed after watching me with sadness in his eyes.


“Where do you want to go sir?” a Nepalese man asked with a bright smile while Kevin and I are inside a private car. “Any recommendation on an interesting place?” I questioned. I mean I really don’t know the place, I didn’t have a plan on where I wanted to go…..I just wanted to go anywhere….anywhere were I can forget and move on.

“For me personally Mr Liam…..the most interesting place I find around Nepal is a small country not far from here called Bhutah…,” he trailed off with a known secrets hidden in his eyes. “What so interesting about it?” I asked eagerly wanting to know more.

“It used to be a Kingdom…..a Kingdom that belongs to the lost king…..not many people know this country….maybe never heard of it of it before……legend has it that….the current president of the country killed the kings wife when he bombed the kingdom…..but himself and his daughter escaped” he explained.

I was intrigued by the story and for sure I’ve never heard of this mysterious country before. “How far is it from here?” I questioned wanting to know more.

“It’s about three hour drive from here…..but they don’t allow trespasses…..no one knows what is going on inside…..no one from that country come out to the outside world.” I amazed by the information.

“Could we go there?” I asked excitedly. I don’t know whether this man was playing with me or not but I really want to see this country for myself. Something about it draws me in. “Mr Liam….like I said before they don’t allow trespasses……it could be really dangerous,” he tried to explained, but I wasn’t having it. I need to go there…..see it for myself.

“We don’t have to go into the actual country…..we could just go close to the border or something?” I questioned. “Liam….you don’t know anything about this country…..we don’t know what they do to trespasses and we don’t know what they are capable of…..this could be very risky for you,” Kevin tried to negotiate.

“I know Kevin…..but don’t you find it fascinating? I mean we only live once right?” I chuckled. At this point I didn’t care if I am risking my life or not because I am not really living anyway. I know the lads tried to help me so much…..I also know that they are getting sick of the way I am acting. Being depress all day like I don’t have a life…..well technically I feel like I don’t have a life anymore.

I hate the fact that my mood also affects the lads and everyone around me. I don’t want them to sit around moping like me, they are fun lads….who are always happy and outgoing…..I don’t want my negative mood to bring them down.

I can’t help it….I can’t help but feel sad all the time. Everything reminded me of her…..everything. Every morning I wake up, every night before I go to sleep…..I would think of her.

My house reminds me of her…..our songs remind me of her….my happiness reminded me of her. How can you not be depress when everything reminded you of the person you love…..when knowing they are not there anymore….they don’t love you anymore.

“Liam I can’t let you risk your life like that……if something happens to you-“I cut him off before he could finished. “Kevin….I’ve never been so intrigued by anything like this in a long time…..this could be the answer to my negativity,” I tried to make him understand.

This really could be a closure for me. I don’t know how……but hearing this story makes me forget about my current live and everything that is going on. By going to see this mysterious country that I’ve never heard of before could help flip the next chapter of my life. I don’t know how….I just have this strong feeling that it will.

“I can only take you to the border Mr Liam,” the Nepalese man told me and I nodded in reply. I know Kevin doesn’t like the idea of going to a country that no one knows about…..anything could happen really. I also know that Kevin wants me to forget and move on from my depressing state.

This is the reason why he is not arguing with me right now……the lads, the fan, my family and of course Kevin and all the people that works along with us want me ‘back to normal.’ That’s what they call it. They said that they would do anything really…..to have the old Liam back…..this is the reason why Kevin is letting me of the hook. But he is a genuine man in general.

**3 hours later**

“This is it Mr Liam,” the Nepalese man ginned while pointing at the deep dark forest down the road ahead of us. The concrete road that we are currently are on has come to a stop in the border. You can only see dirt road path that leads deeper into the forest.

I shivered at the sight. It looks absolutely beautiful, I’ve never seen an actual forest in real life before, but it looks amazing.

“Wow…..could be go a bit further?” I ask curiously. I don’t know what it is about this place, well more like country…..but something is pulling me in. It is almost like some sort of magnetic field pulling me…..wanting me to go further and further into the forest.

“I’ve never gone past this road before Mr Liam….” he trailed. “We don’t have to go too far…..just another five kilometres or so,” I told him. “I guess another five kilometre wouldn’t hurt,” he sighed. I know he doesn’t like the idea but he is agreeing for my own benefit.

I could hear the sound of Mother Nature as I open my windows. Birds were chirping and frogs were croaking. It was just beautiful. I felt like I could breathe….I didn’t feel suffocated. The road started to go bumpy as we started to drive into the dirt road.

“Legends has it that the lost king is still out there somewhere…..he is waiting for something….or more like someone that will help him get his kingdom back,” the Nepalese man started talking again once we entered Bhutan.

“Someone?” I asked. “Yeah….people says….he is waiting for the chosen one or something,” he clarified. “People also said that the princess is so beautiful that you would fall for her at first sight,” he said in an awe, as if he had met her himself.

“Is that why you are so interested in this place? It’s because you want to meet the princess isn’t it?” I joked and he laughed in return.

I know this Nepalese man story sounds more like a myth that existed a long time ago. A fairy tale that makes you fall a sleep at night, dreaming about the beautiful lost princess. Even though his story sounds far from realistic…..I can’t help but believe his words.

“Rumours has it that…..people that live inside this country suffers a lot because the president treats them badly,” he said seriously

. “Some people escaped along with the king…..the people who are left behind suffered….there only hope is that there king will return one day. The president is still looking and searching for the king till this day,” he finished off and stopped abruptly.

“Wow…so the people-,” I started but he cut me off by shushing me.

“Shush…..we are not alone here,” he turned towards Kevin and me. “We have to get out of their country,” he said quickly while trying to do three-point turn.

“How do you know we are not alone?” I asked while getting a bit worried. "See how much the birds are chirping now? Also they are flying off away from here,” he clarified. I haven’t notice how much the birds are chirping now.

I don’t know how deep we are inside this forest but we still have to drive quite a bit back before we reach the border.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sound of gun shooting startled the hell out of me. The car kept on going but now it is going off the road. “Liam…Liam….he got shot,” Kevin said in shock. “We are going off road…..grab the starring wheel,” I shouted.

“Kevin….take his foot off the accelerator….we are going to crash…..Kevin,” I screamed frantically as we headed towards the huge large tree.

In a matter of second the car smashed the tree at 60km/h or so. Everything went black…completely black.

My head were throbbing as I tried to open my blurry eyes. I could hear this high pitched sound in my ear and nothing else. I unbuckled my seat belt and looked at the two men who were sitting in the front seat.

“Kevin…..wake up Kevin…” I tried to shook his body but there was not response. I look over at the friendly Nepalese man…..he got shot straight in the head and I know straight away that he is dead.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

I could hear more shooting but so quietly. But I know for fact that it wasn't far and tried to wake Kevin up again but still no response. If I don’t get out of this car….I will die for sure.

“Bang! Bang!”

The gunshot just kept on firing…..I know they are close now as I could hear murmuring in the distance. I turned around to look at where they were….. I saw nothing…..but the shooting kept on continuing and I know that they were there. I open the door while looking around to see any sign of movements from the shooters.

When I saw nothing, no movements, and no one…..I dashed into the forest trying to blend in with the colour to make myself invisible.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

But as soon as I stepped out of the car…..the shootings were coming from every angle…..everywhere really. It’s almost like I am in action movie or something…..but the scary part is….it was all real.


I could feel a forceful bullet hit my lower abdomen and I grunted in pain while leaning against a tree. I breathe in and out heavily. The pain rushed in, I’ve never felt such pain like this one before and I could feel blood oozing out.

I took out my jacket quickly and tried to put pressure into my wound as much as possible. My adrenaline were still very high as push myself to keep running.

I kept running and running without looking back.


I know I am not supposed to write so many stories at the same time.....but I can't help it :D

I just have to put it up while it is still in my head :D

I guess this is my new story and I hope you guys will give me a chance....This chapter is only the beginning and you guys might be confused.....but I promise if you keep on reading....later you will understand more <3 <3

Please vote, comment, subscribe and give me feedback.....I really want to hear your opinions :D

Lots of Love P.S xxx - I love you all....in advanced <3


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