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The Horan Twins


"you know what i don't get..?" Emma asked as we walked to my house, "what?" i said "why people from other schools think our school is soo nice.. i mean yeah our school is nicer than others.. but it's a school the same shit happens at any other school.." she said, "yeah i know. but i mean it is a very nice school. its huge. i still havn't seen the music room the auditorium or the gym." i said, "so you've seen the Art room?" Emma asked, "we have an art room?" i asked, "guess not.." Emma said, more to herself than to me. "look tomorrows our best day, we have art than math than music than gym and English" Emma said, "wow.. okay. cool." i said,

"Wow." Emma said loking up, "what?" i asked, "is that your house?" she asked, "it is.. why?" i said opening the door, "LEWIS!" i shout, "ONE SEC!" he shouts from the basment "you have a brother?" Emma asked, "yeah?" i say "if i didn't id live alone." i added, "wait what about your mom or dad?" she asked, "nope. both in Australia. they don't give two shits about us.." i say "oh, im sorry." Emma said, "no bro its fine." i said "they pay for everything anyways," i said, "like Everything Everything?" Emma asked, "yup food, House, clothes shit like that." i said "LEWWWWWIIISSSS" I shout again "GOD WOMAN, YOU CAN'T WAIT FORM TWO FUCKING SECONDS!!" he shouts back, "great brother you have there. whats his name lewis?" she asked, "long story, and no its-" she cut me off. "shhh.." she said pulling me into the closet. "what are you doing?" i whisper. "Louis Tomlinson is in your house, now shh.. i don't want him to find us.." she said, the closet door opens, "why are you in the closet?" Louis asks, "i don't know Emma's being weird," i said pushing Louis out of the way so i can get by.

"wait. you mean to tell me that Louis Tomlinson is your brother?" Emma asked, "yes. im her brother.. whats so bad about that..?" Louis asks, "well you were i-" louis cut her off "SHH!" he said staning up, Emma flinched away. "you don't have to be scared of him. he's my brother.." i say, "i won't hurt you Emma.." Louis said, "were going to go upstairs." i said i walk up to my room Emma following close behind, "what's up with you? Louis can't hurt a fly.." i say "you obviously don't know your brother.." Emma said sitting down on my bed, "i don't know my brother..? he's my blodd i know him its you who doesn't know him." i said, "my mom just texted me she want me home." Emma said, "oh, okay. well Louis can drive you.." i said, "okay.." Emma said, "you'll come too right?" Emma asked, "if you want me too..?" i said "no, its okay.. i think i can handle it. like you said he can't hurt a fly.." Emma said,

Louis was out driving Emma home, theres a knock on my wondow i look over, "Niall?" i say i get off my bed and open my window, "what are you doing here?" Niall asked, "what do you mean what am i doing here?" i asked, "wait..." Niall paused, he climbed into my window and shut it, he drew the blinds as if someone was watching, "you're, the sister..?" Niall asked, "Niall, im sorry i didn't tell you, i.. it.. i don't know what my brother got himself into.. and i just.. when Zayn showed up and James.. and Lousi told me not to tell you.. and its just i-" Niall cut me off. "shh.. its okay princess.. its okay." Niall said pulling me in for a hug, i pull away. "why are you here?" i asked, "Louis was a part of my gang.. and we had this bet.. it-" his phone went off, "shh." he said, he picked up, "hello?" he said, "yes." he said he turned to look at me. he closed his eyes. "no she's not.." he opened them again "uhh.. okay.. Wait! were in the house?" Niall asked the person on the other line.. he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the closet, "yeah.. mhm" Niall muttered as he pushed my in the closet, he put the phone to his chest and said "stay quiet." he kissed my head and closed the closet doors, "what? sorry i was looking in the closet.. is the brother home?.. no?.. " was all i heard along with me bedroom door being pushed open,

**nobody's p.o.v **

"oi! Niall?" James shouted Niall put his phone in his pocket, "hey." Niall said in reply, "you looked everywere?" James asked, "yes. i did" Niall said, joanna being in the closet and being able to hear everything she was scared. she knew her brother had done something, she didnt know what yet, and she knew that Niall was hidding her, there were footsteps coming twards her so she hid in the londry basket, "i looked in there" Niall said "well im looking again." james said brutsing threw the closet doors, he saw nothing, he turned away and headed for the door, "do you know who the sister is?" James asked, "no. i don't." Niall said in reply, thats when Joanna's phone went off, she pulled it out of her pocket and quickly placed it on a shelf and hid herself again, Niall grabbed the phone and picked up "Hello?" Niall said. "Hello?..." Niall said again. than he just hung up, James left the room, not knowing who had left the Room Joanna staied in the laundry bascket. although Niall had no idea were Joe was he walked over to the closet, "joe?" he whispered, she shot up and out of the dirty laundry, "in the laundry bascket? Really?" Niall asked, "i had to hide!!" she silently shouts, "NIALL?!" James shouted form the next room, Niall pushed Joe to the wall, "deny everything." Niall said quietly, "yeh?" Niall said "what do we have here?" James said.


Cliffy I know don't kill me D: I love you c:

okay so it's long. I hope u liked ;)


Fucking update already x

Omg this is amazing!

TJHoran TJHoran

I am so serious update this fucking story already it's killing me please xxx

sorry, i started it. but my laptop go a virus.