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Beneath The Lies

Exposed (Chapter 9)

Exposed: (verb)reveal the true, objectionable nature of (someone or something).

(Raisa’s P.O.V)

“What are you two girls arguing about?” a familiar deep raspy voice yelled in our direction, Naill and I both tensed up.

General Harry made his way towards us, “you both should be in your cabin now because you don’t want to be late for your morning training tomorrow,” he warned. We were supposed to be in bed by nine. I know it is so lame but then again I guess it is good to save up energy. I mean we do have to wake up really early in the morning.

Well that is for all the males soldiers here of course. I am on the other hand barely get any rest, having to sneak out in the middle if the night to have every night so I can have a shower without people knowing that I am a girl.

“That goes especially for you Mr Adams….we don’t want to do another week of cooking and cleaning, do we?” he asked directly at me with a stern tone.

“No sir,” I replied without meeting his gaze. “Good, because you are already behind, both you and Zayn,” he stated before walking off. I seriously don’t like him, I mean he gave me a punishment for a week and I wasn’t even at fault.

Let’s not forget, he made me cook for three hundred men, morning and night for a week. I have every right not to like him. I mean his looks can fool any girls, but I am certainly not falling for that trap.


“Psst….Louis,” I tried to see if Louis was still awake. He is always the last person to sleep in our cabin and once Louis is a sleep, I know it was a cue for me to leave the cabin and enjoy my shower.

Once I know that he has fallen asleep for sure, I sneak out of the cabin quietly so that I don’t wake anyone up. I can assure you that it wasn’t that hard. These men are knock out cold after they all finish there shower because they literally are exhausted form all the training.

Tonight was fall moon which makes is easier to walk around the dark without a torch because it is pretty dam bright. The stars are out because the night sky is so clear without a trace of any clouds. I sighed in relief as I look up the beautiful night sky knowing that my family are all safe and are asleep comfortably at home.

“Phew,” I breathed out once I made it to the all shared bathroom. I haven’t realized that I’ve been holding my breath this whole time. It’s easy to sneak out at night, but I still had to make sure that no one can spot me or else I am a dead meat. Even though I am using up a lot of my sleep time just so I can stay clean, it is good to have sometime all by myself without any men around.

I can assure you not all the mean here are actually showering which is really disgusting. I mean I have to pretend to be a guy, but it doesn’t mean I have to be filthy like one. I hummed to myself as I went inside one of the shower room and I felt relaxed once the warm water touches my skin. I still am humming the tune as I scrubbed myself clean.

I’ve always like singing, but people calls me freak because my taste of music is not like normal teenage these days. I like the songs from the twentieth century. Those music were a lot better than modern day music because they actually have some sort of meaning, unlike now.

Once I finished cleaning myself I decided to turn the shower off and go outside to change. I slowly open the door so that I wouldn’t make a lot of noise because the door creaks like hell. I made my way to the sink but I instead I bump into a solid figure, well more like a well-built men.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” I screamed without realizing. The man turned around quickly and covered my mouth, “why are you screaming? Are you trying to get us both into trouble or something?” he hissed while looking behind us as if someone was watching us. Once his eyes were meet mine, I could see that his face soften a little but it was gone within a blink of an eye.

He now looks like as if he has seen a ghost. That look on his face is evidence that he knows who I am now. I mean who wouldn’t able to tell? I have a towel wrapped around my exposed body and that’s it. Any guy would be a fool to not guess who I’m really am at this state.

He let his hand dropped from my mouth and scratched the back of his neck. Let me tell you, this man is really gorgeous, light brown eyes, his hair in a stylised quiff and well his well-toned body. “Um-hum,” he cleared his throat which made me stop staring at his jaw dropping features.

I would be lying if I said that some of the lads here are ugly because some of them are definitely not. As much as I hate Niall and Zayn, they both do look good, but I would never admit that of course.

Louis may have a scar on his face and a lot of tattoos on his body, but he still looks hot in an intimidating way. General Harry, we’ve already established that he is flawless except for his personality and now this man too?

“I am sorry. I didn’t know that anyone would be here….at this time of the night,” he almost whispered the last bit. That was really surprising; I thought that he would be accusing me of being here because I am a girl. “I guess, I am not the only one who sneaks out to have a good quite shower,” he chuckled awkwardly.

All I can say is that the atmosphere in this bathroom is very awkward now. “Um….yeah,” I stated shyly. I felt relieved that he can’t tell that I am a girl; I mean I am wrapping my towel around my body higher than he is because he is only wrapping the dam towel around his waist.

“You are not going to tell off on me?” I tested. “Tell of on you? Why? I do this every night because sharing a bathroom with three hundred men can be crowded sometimes,” he smiled. He really doesn’t know that I am a girl? He must be a fool then. But I am not complaining of course, then goodness that my boobs are small.

“Good,” was all I said in replied. I went to grab my clothes so that I can change quickly and get out of here. “Wait,” he grabbed my elbow as I was about to go into the change room. “Are you new? I’ve never seen you at training before,” he asked nervously.

“No! I haven’t been at training because I’ve been cooking for everyone, it was my punishment,” I told him bluntly. “Oh…you were the one who cooks the food…..no wonder Harry hasn’t been complaining about the food lately. So you must be Rai then?” he asked with one eye brow raised.

I tighten the towel around my body. Like I said before, I am feeling very exposed in front of this handsome unknown male. “Umm yeah….you are?” I asked nervously. I don’t know why I am nervous. “Oh yeah right…..sorry I am Liam, Liam Payne,” he answered with a smirk.

If I didn’t know better, I would say that he is giving me the flirtatious smirk at this moment, but I do know better and he is only smirking because…..I don’t actually know why.

“Nice to meet you Liam….I need to go change,” I informed him with a tight smile. “Aww are you just going to leave my hand hanging?” he smiled cheekily. I didn’t know that he hold out his hand for me to shake until he stated which made me blush a little. I also can’t help but feel like he is flirting with me, but he doesn’t know that I am girl. No he is just being friendly.

“Right sorry,” I answered while shaking his hand. “Gosh your skin is just as soft as it looks,” he muttered, most likely to himself but I can hear him very clearly. His statement made me drop our little handshake very quickly. I rushed to the bathroom and lock the door while taking a deep breath.

What is with men and thinking my skin is soft and touchable?


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Hahaha awesome :) Thanks....I know it's a slow start....but things will happen evantually ^_^

Just like I promised, I checked it out. Very good! Can't wait to see what happens!


Aww thank you soo much. You don't know how much your words made me smile :) xx

I think you've done amazing with this story. Just like all your others xo


Aww thank you love :) I hope it is o.k...I mean I am not very good at English in general :)