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Beneath The Lies

Warning (Chapter 5)

Warning: (Nouns) Astatement or event that warns of something or that serves as a cautionary example.

(Raisa’s P.O.V)

Tall, short, chubby, skinny, tough looking and nerds looking men are scattered all over the campsite of Base Lakebottom. Some looked extremely excited and some looked like they are about to faint. I guess we are all having different emotions being here due to force.

I can’t blame them really, I am sort of excited because I have always wanted to join the army but sad that not only I am hiding my identity and the fact that I had to leave my family behind.

“Hey watched where you are going,” a deep male voice growled as I bumped into him without realising it. “Sorry,” I replied, “sorry? That’s your answer? Let me teach you something kid,” this furious male snarled grabbing my collar and push me against the wall.

“This is not the playground…your apologies won’t be tolerant in here,” he boomed. Who is this male? Is he some sort of leader in here? He is well built without a doubt but he isn’t wearing any uniform. He got to be just like one of us.

“Fight! Fight!” I could hear people around us started to chant. “Teach him a lesson Zayn,” another male who was closed to us called out. Wow I feel like I am high school all over again. How childish are these men? First of all I didn’t even do anything; I bumped into this stranger accidently and have already apologized. But apparently that wasn’t enough.

“Bang!” the gunshot roared over the sound of the huge crowed making everyone go silent. “What the hell happened here?” a deeper raspy voice yelled behind the crowed and people started making clearance for the unidentified voice walking towards us. My eyes strained on the tall well-built man with the General uniform walking in our direction and even from the distance I could tell he was very attractive.

“What do you think you are doing?” the attractive male asked with his voice slightly off the edge. “I was just trying to teach this kid a lesson,” the violence male, now known as Zayn answered while dropping his grip from my collar. “You…what is your name?” the attractive male questioned sternly while pointing at me, “ummm…R-Rai,” I shattered.

You are a man not a woman…deepen your voice Raisa for goodness sake. Are you seriously going to get caught on your first day?

“Well…what is your name?” he asked losing his patient, “Umm (clear her throat) Ray…my name is Ray Adams,” I replied with my voice an octave lower. “The Adam as in James Adam’s son?” he asked surprised. How does he know my dad’s name? Oh wait! Of course he does, my dad was a general himself and I barely know him.

“Umm yes!” I answered, “I never knew General Adam has two sons,” he stated more to himself. I guess he also know my brother? “Well…everyone, our little friend Ray and Zayn here decided to perform for us… as a prize…they both will be doing the cleaning around the camp for a week,” he announced to the crowed. I didn’t even do anything and here I am getting punished on my first day here.

“Majority of you may wonder who I am…I am General Harry…you will be stuck with me until I think you are ready to face the real world out there,” General Harry informed us. Harry, is that his last name or his first name? It’s got to be his last name. Harry is unusual last name.

“I will divide you all up into different cabins and training will start first thing tomorrow morning,” he clarified. We were all still standing in the same position as we were before. Only now I get the full view of this aggressive man named Zayn, he doesn’t seem that old maybe around his early twenties and now I can see the amount of ink that has covered his skin.

He is one of the male here that I will try to avoid, but how can I when I am stuck doing a cleaning duty with him for a stupid week? Yay life! My life is getting better by the minute.

The Wolf cabin was the one that I’ve been placed in. Apparently all the cabins are named after a certain animal and personally I think it is quite funny. I mean this is the military base and they are naming there cabin after animals.

When I walked in I could feel all eyes were on me and I’ve realised that, these men who I am placed with are surely the weakest men in this infantry. I scanned the area trying to detect any spare beds and I could see at the back of the room there was a spare bad on the top bunk, still available.

Yes! The bed they use here are the bunk beds and trust me the cabins are not that big. I think this cabin consist of twenty bunk beds, which means there are forty males in this cabin. We all have to share bathrooms and toilet which is in a whole new building.

“Ooo sharing the same bunk as Tomlinson,” one of the male murmured.

“He is a dead meat,” another said.

I don’t know who this Tomlinson dude is, but I feel like I am missing something, maybe some information that I haven’t heard off yet? “Who is this Tomlinson guy?” I asked getting paranoid by the amount of whispered that has been going around from the second I step my foot into this cabin.

“I am sorry kiddo…we can’t help you with this one, but you will know Tomlinson when you see him,” the oldest male who which I presume is around his forties informed me. I don’t know whether to feel relief that I found out new information or scared by this mystery Tomlinson dude.

Nevertheless, I ignored everything and continued on doing what I was supposed to do. This Tomlinson dude has to just deal with it, there are no more beds in here and he has to deal with it whether he likes it or not.

Once I finished organising everything I’ve realized that everyone was already gone. I must have been too zoned out to notice that they have left. Why didn’t they tell me? Where the heck did they go?

I run outside to scan the area, to spot anyone from my cabin at all but unfortunately there was none. I am screwed. “Well….well…well, if it isn’t softy,” out of all the people here it has to be him that I see in a situation like this, “get a life Zayn,” I spat turning around to face him. “Watch your mouth boy…you don’t want that pretty face of yours to be transformed,” he warned.

“Boy?” I laughed. “You are the ‘boy’ here, trying to pick a fight with me,” I scoffed while emphasizing the word ‘boy.’ I know I should not challenge someone like Zayn because he doesn’t look like someone you should mark around with, but I can’t help it and I hate being treated this way.

Within second after my sentence, once again he grabbed my collar and slammed me into the cabin door. “You are really testing me aren’t you softy…hey this infantry doesn’t have any male who has such a soft looking skin like yours and I am sure those feminine hands of yours can come to a good use,” he smirked evilly.

I know I said that Zayn is not the type of person to mark around with and I am certain that Zayn is not the type of person you want to be around either. His word literally terrifies me to death. I don’t know what this man is capable of.

“Malik why don’t you pick on someone your own size mate,” a higher pitch male voice interfere between Zayn and I, I have to remember to thank this person. Zayn dropped me and turned to face my life saver who I cannot see since Zayn pretty much covered up my view.

“Aye Tommo…we were just having a little fun…aren’t we softy,” Zayn mused. “Fun?” the high pitched male scoffed. “You and I too can have a little fun then,” he continued and I can certainly sense warnings in his tone. Without another word Zayn left and now I can see who my life saver was. Now I know what people mean ‘Once you see him, you will know it’s him.’



Second update today :) Like I promised, this chapter is longer :) I hope you will enjoy it though :) We've met all the one direction members now yayyy :)

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Hahaha awesome :) Thanks....I know it's a slow start....but things will happen evantually ^_^

Just like I promised, I checked it out. Very good! Can't wait to see what happens!


Aww thank you soo much. You don't know how much your words made me smile :) xx

I think you've done amazing with this story. Just like all your others xo


Aww thank you love :) I hope it is o.k...I mean I am not very good at English in general :)