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False Bond ***ON HOLD***

Like an idiot (Chapter 3)

(Kim’s P.O.V)

-Previously in chapter 1:

“Um…Khun… with the red converse,” again the voice yelled but in a kind tone and now I can detect that the male have a British accent. I looked around to see who is wearing a red converse but there was none and then I realized the man was calling for me because I forgot I wore a red converse.

As I could hear footsteps approaching me, once again the voice said, “Sorry to bother you but I am…um…kinda lost….could you possibly help me?” This man sounded so nervous probably scared out of his will in this huge airport because I know I would be in a foreign country.

Yep! This man is definitely British.

With the helping nature that I have, I decided to help the poor man out and turned to face him slowly.

Hang on a minute, he is just a kid probably still in his teenage years because he looks so dam young. Why are his parents letting him travel alone? Then it hit me, he must be trying to find his parents probably he got lost while going to the loo or something. Not going to lie but he is pretty tall for his young looks, maybe 6 foot with bouncy lock of brown curls and intense green eyes.

“Um… kid… are you lost? Are you trying to find your parents?” I decided to ask and the shock look plastered his face is worth a million I swear, I had to contain myself so hard not to burst out laughing because that would be rude of course. I don’t know why he was so shock by my question but the reaction he gave was priceless, if only I have taken a photo of it.

Wait! What the hell am I talking about? I’ve only just sort of met the kid.

“Aham….um… for your information…I think I am older then you but let’s move on from that, I am um…trying to find terminal three and um…a place where you can buy food?” he mumbled scratching the back of his neck.

With that statement it made me burst out laughing like an idiot. With the young boy in front of me giving me the weird yet confused look from my outburst before smiling widely at me displaying two really cute dimples on his cheeks.

Oh lord, I’ve only met this kid and I am already giving him a bad impression of me.

“Firstly…. I doubt that you are actually older than me Kid…but anyways terminal three is just around the corner and the food area is just after that section.” I pointed out to the areas to show him as I tried to catch my breath.

(Harry P.O.V)

My eyes goes widen at her questions almost popping out of my head with my jaws practically dropped to the floor.

O.K a little bit over exaggerated, maybe just a little.

Why the hell is she calling me a kid? She herself looks about my age or even younger, is she one of those people that use plastic surgery to look young or something?

No! She looks way to natural to be fake.

“Aham….um… for your information…I think I am older then you but let’s move on from that, I am um…trying to find terminal three and um…a place where you can buy food?” I mumbled scratching the back of my neck.

Why am I mumbling and shattering again after she just practically insulted me? Well sort of insulted me, but normally I would spit back at those people. But no, here I am getting all nervous and shit. I don’t know. Something is definitely not right here.

A burst of giggling which soon turn into laughter fills my ears and I was really confused by the scene in-front of me. But her laughing seems to be very contagious because I can’t help but smile widely at her like an idiot.

“Firstly…. I doubt that you are actually older than me Kid…but anyways terminal three is just around the corner and the food area is just after that section.” She assures me as she tries to catch her breath and pointed out to the areas I was looking for.

I decided to not make a comment to her last statement and thanked her for her kindness. Which she soon walks away into the distance and then I realize I didn't even know her name.

So used to the old you aye Styles? Not wanting to know the girls names but only for sexual activities.

My subconscious reminded me, yeah that is true and it’s not like I am going to ever see this hot sexy girl that happens to be so innocent at the same time ever again anyways. I will forget about her as soon as I step into Hamburg, that’s one thing I know for sure.

Uhhh I end up getting a seat that is in the middle of two people. This is the reason why I hate planes sometimes, I hate having to sit next to some weird strangers, well unless they are hot of course but so far I have no such luck. Thank god the airline attendants are pretty good to look at but once again, I got given the middle seat.

As I walk towards my seat through the crowded people, I saw the same girl that I met earlier; the girl I thought I will never see again was sitting on the window seat next to mine sobbing with a photo in her hand.

God must have heard my prayers. I thought to myself, well not about the crying of course but about having to sit next to a hot girl on a plane thing.

But seeing the scene in-front of me makes my chest hurt and from that moment on, I feel like I have to get to know this girl better and it’s like some magnet field from her that attracts me towards her. I wanted to hold her in my arms and wipe away all of those painful tears. I wanted to be the shoulder she could cry on and make all the pain goes away.

In a perfect world, an innocent girl wouldn't be on the plane alone and bawling her eyes out but unfortunately, it is not a perfect world and nasty things are hard to prevent sometimes. Yes! I don’t want any relationship and all those crap but I am not heartless and seeing women cry is something I cannot stand watching.

I set down on my seat, but she doesn't even seems to notice me as she stared at the photo in her hand, which I assume is a photo of her and her boyfriend or her and her brother. In the photo they both seem to be glowing with happiness, which is a total opposite to the girl I am sitting next to right now.

How could I not see this before?

The girl in the photo looks very energetic and lively, while the girl next to me is miserable and depress. I was too distracted from her natural beauty on our first encounter to notice the dark rings under her eyes and how weary her body looks.

I now see how broken she really is.


Will Harry talks to her? What will happen next? Has Harry already start to have a feeling for her? (Stay tuned and find out)

Give me a chance please?

Lots of love P.S xxx


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