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Contrast between You and Me

Nightmares (Chapter 7)

(Bai’s P.O.V)

“Enough to know that you’re dad has been abusing you for seven years,” he told me.

I am not ready to open up to him just because he has been nice to me tonight, who knows what he will do tomorrow and for someone to earn my trust is not easy. Harry is certainly the furthest person on the list.

“Well what you heard was wrong…do not bring it up again,” I lied and I can feel his intense gaze trying to read me, but I do not dare look at him in the eyes. “O.k.” he replied weakly and from his voice I know that he is not buying my lies.

“Anyway I better get some sleep then…good night Harry,” I got up from the couch and about to go to bed but Harry grabbed my wrist which made me flinched a little. “I am sorry alright,” he apologized again but I gave him a tight smile and head of to bed.

I wasn’t tired; I mean I fainted for a while, fainting and sleeping is pretty much the same.

“It’s all your fault…it’s because of you that my beloved wife is dead,” my dad yelled at my little baby sister. He came home late all the time since mum is now in a better place. He would come home and yelled at my little sister Nita who is sleeping slightly in her cottage, every night. He scared the poor baby every time with his loud voice but this time he is different.

He woke me up from his loud voice, but this time it was loud, he can’t stand on his feet, his voice were barely understandable and he has a broken bottle in his left hand.

“It’s your fault….it’s all your fault…now you…you going to suffer what my wife suffer….I hate you,” he pointed to my now screaming two months old sister. “Stop crying…if you don’t shut up I will cut through your mouth,” he screamed and I am shaken from fear.

I don’t know what to do and I have started sobbing at the scene in front of me. He couldn’t see me behind from this creak door, even though I am terrified of my dad I can’t let him help my little sister. “I said shut the hell up,” he roared and leaned in towards my baby sister with the sharp borken bottle pointing directly at her face. “Stop….Stop…” I screamed running towards my dad and my poor baby sister.

Stop! Stop it…you can’t hurt her….

“Bai…Bai wake up,” I could feel someone shaking me and I open my eyes to find harry sitting on my bed. “It was all a dream Bai, it was not real,” he said softly, but I am still shaken up from the memory. I haven’t dream about this day over many years but I don’t know why but it is back again. “It was all a dream…it was all a dream,” I repeated to myself and I haven’t even realized that Harry has engulfed me with a tight hug. “It’s o.k. Bai…it was only a dream alright,” he cooed and now I am sobbing on his naked chest.

I haven’t been so close to a boy like this before, I haven’t even hold a boys hand before , let alone see him half naked and ever since I moved here that changed dramatically. Ever since I moved here Harry has been close to me all the time and even kissed mt cheek. But at this moment in time, I didn’t care because I couldn't think straight anyway.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked and I shake my head in response, “I will get you some water alright,” he smiled down at me sweetly and walked off. I don’t understand, why am I having these dreams again?

(Harry’s P.O.V)

After having midnight snacks with Bai I couldn’t get the thought of her being abused out of my head. I don’t know how long I had been laying here for but when I heard screams coming from Bai’s room, I quickly got out of my bed and dashed towards hers to see what happened. But then I realized that she was dreaming, well more like a nightmare about something or someone attacking?

She looked so lost and vulnerable when she woke up. Seeing her cry always made me feel guilty for treating her harshly when I first met her. I don’t know why I treated her badly but I guess I didn’t like nerd in general.

Just spending a couple hours with Bai, I have learn a lot from her and I sort of got to know what type of person she is. Without a doubt she is very forgiving and I am worried about that. But she also has a very big wall, blocking everyone out and I can tell she doesn’t trust people easily.

“Is everything o.k.?” my mum asked as I walked out of Bai’s room to get her water, “yeah…she just had a nightmare I think,” I told my mum, “is she o.k. now though?” she questioned again and I nodded in response.


“Here you go…my personal lemonade filled with cold ice cubs,” I smiled and handed her my amazing lemonade, “you made it for me?” she asked and I nodded, “only a certain people get to drink them,” I added.

“You are not trying to kill me are you?” she teased but her voice sounded so serious that I would have thought she was worried about me killing her. I chuckled at her question, “I mean only special people get to drink my million worth lemonade,” I stated with a wink and she laughed softly at my cocky statement.

“Are you saying that I am special now?” she questioned with her eyebrows rising, “I never said special in a good way….there’s two kinds of special you know,” I explained to her while smirking. “Oh well either way…I still get to drink Harry Styles million dollar worth lemonade right,” she gave me a smug smile and I mirrored her smile.

The atmosphere has changed dramatically, it went from intense and extremely emotional to joking and teasing each other. I am really enjoying her company. “What is the time now?” Bai asked, “It’s still four in the morning…you still have time to go back to sleep,” I told her but she shook her head in reply.

“I don’t think I can sleep anymore,” she told me taking a sip at the drink, “I understand…but I think you should get more rest…you’ve been through a lot in this 24 hours,” I tried to explain to her but she is way too stubborn. “Wait here I will be back,” I told her and went to my room quickly.

(Bai’s P.O.V)

I laid down on the soft warm bed after finishing the drink, the door open revealing Harry with a guitar in his hand. “What are you doing?” I asked still laying down, “well since you can’t sleep…I will play something for you,” he stated, “I didn’t know you play…” I told him while I turned my body to face him.

"Off course you don’t…there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” he chuckled, “well I know that you are a jerk…and a player…and a jerk…wait…have I said jerk?” I smirked, “O.k…I get the point…I am a jerk alright, now shush woman or else I won’t play for you,” he said seriously but a smile starting to form on his lips.

“I haven’t played in a while soo don’t judge me alright Miss music expert,” he joked, “oh just get on with it will you…or else we will be here all morning,” I wined. Harry has been good to me ever since the incident and I definitely like this side of him better. I want to have a friend too.

When it's black
Take a little time to hold yourself
Take a little time to feel around before it's gone
You won't let go but you still keep on falling down
Remember how you save me now from all of my wrongs, yeah

Wow his voice is so deep and raspy. It is so captivating and he has such a beautiful voice, I wonder if his friends know that he could sing.

If there's love just feel it
And if there's life we'll see it
This is no time to be alone, alone yeah
I won't let you go

Say those words
Say those words like there's nothing else
Close your eyes and you might believe
That there is some way out, yeah

Open up
Open up your heart to me now
Let it all come pouring out
There's nothing I can't take

For some reason I have a feeling that this song relates to me in a way. The lyrics are quite deep and having Harry’s beautiful voice spilling out the meaningful song makes it even better. I could feel my eye lids getting heavy but I forced it to stay open because I don’t want to stop hearing his voice but soon enough darkness took over me as I could hear a faint tune fading away.

And if there's love just feel it'
And if there's life we'll see it
This is no time to be alone, alone yeah
I won't let you go
(Won't let you go)
(Won't let you go)


Another chapter is up, I hope you guys will like it :) I promise it will get better.....

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Lots of love P.S xxx



Hahaha awww <3 .....I am glad you like her :D I will try to update soon dear &_^

You're welcome! It's a joy to read them! I love Bai. She's just so wonderful. I can't wait to see what happens next!


HAhahah aww thank you love :) I am glad you are reading my other stories as well....your supports is my world <3

Amazing, as always! You never fail to please! Keep it up! I'm LOVING IT!


Aww you are way too sweet :) I am crying with happy tears....sorry I am being dramatic I know but I can't help it :D Thanks heaps love xxx