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Good things come in threes, or should I say fives..

Breaking The News

I woke up to my alarm at 7am. I patted the sheet to my right until I felt my phone. I slowly edged my eyes open and noticed that I had received multiple text messages. I stood up out of bed and noticed I was in Harry’s blazer. What? I made my way down stairs and noticed a note on the kitchen bench;

“You fell asleep last night on my lap so I brought you home. Have a good day at work beautiful.

-Liam xxx”

I made myself a tea and checked all my messages. They were all pointless except one from Harry;

From: Captain Curls

Hey beautiful, I hope you’re feeling better today. I know something was wrong yesterday and you are going to tell me tonight at 7pm. I’ll be at your house then.

After drinking my tea I made my way upstairs and threw on some black tights and a pink mid-drift. I brushed my teeth and threw my hair into a messy bun. I heard the carpool beep its horn outside my house. I grabbed my bag and stuffed my phone and wallet into it as I locked my door. I got into the car and Eleanor greeted me with an awkward hug since we were squished.

Once we arrived at the building we were modelling at today we were directed straight to our dressing rooms. As I opened the door I was greeted by a pretty lady who sat me down in a chair infront of a mirror. She was my stylist. My makeup was heavy and I had bright red lipstick on. My hair was teased and I was dressed in black skinny jeans, black vans and a black loose shirt with white writing that read “sleep when you’re dead”.

I walked out of my dressing room as Eleanor walked out of hers. She was dressed in all black too. We were soon greeted by our manager Mandy.

“Hi girls, today’s photo shoot is themed punk rock, as you might have guessed” she said as we followed her to the set.


“You girls can go have your lunch break now!” Mandy spoke with a grin.

Eleanor and I walked slowly down the road to Starbucks with small talk going on. I was dreading the moment she was going to bring up last night. But I knew it had to be spoken about. After we ordered and received our coffees and bagels we found a table and sat down.

“So,” Eleanor started, “Are you feeling better today?” she continued.

Not making eye contact with her I replied with a simple “yeah.”

“You know you can talk to me about anything you want? I am your best friend Tahlia.” She said grabbing my hands.

I looked up to her and replied “Yeah I know, thanks Eleanor, but I’m trying to forget about it so can we please change the subject?”

“Sure, but remember that I’m always here for you.” she said while releasing my hands and giving me a cute friendly wink.


It was now 2pm and Eleanor and I had finished work for the day. I had changed back into my original clothing. As I walked out of the building my phone vibrated in my bag. I checked it and it was a notification from twitter saying “@HarryStyles posted a tweet”, I checked his tweet and it said “I couldn’t wait :3”.

“Couldn’t wait for wait?” I asked myself not-knowingly out aloud.

“To see you.” I hear. I lifted my head from my phone only to see Harry in his black Range Rover. “Hello beautiful” he spoke confidently.

“Hi,” I shyly spoke looking down at my feet, “I was just about to walk home.” I continued.

“Well not anymore, I’m picking you up and driving you home, get in.”

I got into Harry’s car and fastened my seat belt as he drove away from the curb onto the road. We sat in awkward silence until we arrived at my house. Harry got out and jogged around to my door and opened it for me. He then leant over me and unclasped my seat belt, leaving his hand lingering on my leg. He helped me out of the car and carried me to my door step where I unlocked my house and he walked us in.

“Ok now Tahlia, the reason I am here is because I need to tell you something,” he said as he place my feet back on the ground, “the boys wanted me to break the news to you.”

A million thoughts rushed through my head but all I could reply with was a slight whimper. “Is it bad?” I asked.

“Well not really, but kinda…. But…. Just let me tell you!!” Harry stuttered and stumbled over his words.

I had pins and needles in my toes and fingers from the lack of blood reaching them. My heart was pounding within my chest. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear the news. As Harry opened his mouth I took in a deep breath and he started talking.

“Well the boys and I are going on tour for 9 months.” He said uneasily.

“WHAT?!” I screamed in disbelief.


Well guys the Eleanor bit it just a fill in and im trying to build tension. sorry that i havent updated in a while but im on holidays with my family so im trying to spend as much time as i can with them. Your comments and feedback are muchly appreiciated, remember that. okay bye for now xxxx


@Alex O'Neill

Thanks Alex! Should I continue with the story?
hahahaha Tahlia this is so good!!!
I jUsT caNt eVeN omGGgggG
omg update it is so good. OmG thEeSSe feeEeELLss!! lol