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Help when needed


i made this cause there are a lot of people who have problem's in their life's that need help and i want to help you cause at some things i have been in the same seat and that's is why i want to help and make your life become better cause you Always need to remember that nobody can make you feel worthless or anything els only you can cause you are you and that need's to stay like that cause you decide what happen's and nobody els does but when it get's a little hard and you need help i will be there for you even when we don't know each other i will still help and i won't stop till everything is all right cause i know what happen's in the world




Sweet girl that i helpt and it meant every thing to me



Me ;3

You guys

You guys



  1. Bulliying :(

  2. Life

  3. Suicide Is No Joke

    Help with those who are depressed/ do self harm

  4. Friends and Backstabbers

  5. Being different, well thats what they say

  6. Problem's at Home

    Help with those in need

  7. Anorexic People

    ):The title says it all:(

  8. Being curvy

    It doesn't matter

  9. Arrogant people

    We all know them from something

  10. Fandom's and Shipping

    *everything said in this is experienced by myself and I do not want to offend any of you with my words so just tell me if I did*

  11. Losing someone

    My condolences to everyone who has lost someone this week, last week or somewhere in this year.


I- I mean we- love youuu!

Welcome to the site! And if you need anyone to talk to- I'm here girl:)x

Your welcome girl, that's all we want it to be. It's something to help people and to let people ask quistions and discuss problems if they want so thank you for the comment.

And if there is maybe something you want to talk about, you know where to find our help

Hi xx.

I'm a new author, and this is the first book I've read. And it's very inspiring. Thank you. Xx