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Let's Rant


Just a book composed purely of my opinion on certain things.

If you relate, cool.
If you don't, I don't care.



ikr, fuck Zayn! he's fucking...ugh! and I thought I actually liked him. btw, can you do a chapter about...boys?

Sry pretty late but things parents ask\ say number 8
Oh their life turned out so perfect, did it not

Right! Omigosh! That beautiful moment where you become a Louis girl!!!!

Your comment literally made my day! "Jewel encrusted tears" "fall in a shallow ditch." That killlleeedddd me! But I totally get you. I even gave my dog my Zayn cut out (which he ripped to shreds). But it's all good inn he hood, we still have FOUR AMAZINGLY TALENTED BOYS.. xx

I was really frigging upset about him leaving the group but I wanted to accept his decision. But then I motherfucking found out about the Zaughty stuff and I was just so over it! Like I wasted my jewel encrusted tears on you, asshole. I just wanted to be happy for him but he should've just said he wanted to work on his own. Like LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.

TRUTH be told I want him to fall in a shallow ditch.