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Taking the long way home

Excuse me Lady, you can't pass

*Alarm clock sounds*

I opened just my right eye and i can see on my clock 6:00 am, Thursday...

I woke up and all i can say is: "Oh well, the big day is here" with a tired voice. To be honest i was a little bit exited haha, the smell of the coffee pulls me up from bed! I'm glad to have Kylie here!

On my way to the kitchen I was wondering who would it be? Back in the days I attended some actresses and actors... anyways I have to prepare myself to be a nice chef!

"Tesha! Coffee is ready, I have to go now be cause I will go to buy some fresh berries to take to work! Okay?" Kylie said really happy and exited.

"Okay! see you there sunshine!"

The shower is really good and I can feel the fresh air going through the window... "It's gonna be a good day! I can feel it!" I really screamed that haha with all the good attitude possible.

I took my usually clothes on, skinny black jeans, vans and if course my chef uniform. I made my hair on a messy bun and ready! A little bit of make up, just to make my appearance cool and fresh.

"Oh my goodness!!!!!! What the hell is going on here??" I scream when I turn on the corner and all thata I can seewas a bunch of teenagers screaming all the way, I was like: "excuse me... excuse me... sorry! excuse me" like a thousand more times.

*The cellphone rings*
"Tesha! where are you? everything is ready to present us!!!" Kylie sounded really desperate.

A big dude come to me and said: "Excuse me lady, you can't pass"

WAIT, WHAT?? Dude! I work here! Look! I have my carnet here!

He just laugh at me and said: "oh I'm really sorry! come in"

I walked like three steps really angry, and they was there... they, they, they...

I felt four guys looking at me and laughing be cause of my angry.but those blue eyes, oh my goodness, they was staring at me.

When actually a scream back me up to real life... "TESHAAAAAA! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? IT'S 5SOS! I WILL DIE" Kylie said with tears on her exited eyes.

"Shhhh Kylie" that was all i can said

We ran to the kitchen to wait the call to put us on their service.

And the call comes out: "Guysm they are your special service, yo can call them whenever you want, they will stay day and night here for you"

I felt his eyes so hardly on me, he is so hot, I can't handle it!



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