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Expect the Unexpected ON HOLD

Chapter Two

I had only just gotten home and begun to stuff my face with food while resting an ice pack against the top of my head when my phone vibrated, signalling that I had just received a text.

From Ashton Irwin: Small bump? Really?

I felt my cheeks grow red as I giggled at the text. I had saved my number under “Small Bump” on his phone after he had witnessed me smack my head against the top of my car in a moment of terror. I texted back as quickly as I could on my brick of a cell phone.

To Ashton Irwin: I know, it was my lame attempt at being funny. I won’t do it again.

I sent him the text, hoping he’d pick up on my sarcasm. It was clear that he had when I recieved a text back a few moments later.

From Ashton Irwin: Haha noooooo! I liked it, it was cute! :)

I blushed at his text, about to respond when my phone vibrated again as Ashton sent another text.

From Ashton Irwin: I just realized I never got your name back at the shop. This is awkward…

My eyes widened as I realized that I had indeed failed to introduce myself. I quickly texted him back.

To Ashton Irwin: Sorry, I didn’t even realize. It’s Violet.

I stuffed my face with another cookie as I waited for Ashtons reply.

From Ashton Irwin: Hello Violet. :) Such a pretty name for a pretty girl.

I dropped my phone on the couch next to me and squealed into my hands. Ashton Irwin thought that I was pretty. Me. Violet Stone. The girl who went to the grocery store in basically pajamas.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I texted him back.

To Ashton Irwin: Thanks Ashton. :)

From Ashton Irwin: Any time love. :)

We continued to text and I forgot all about the movies I was planning on watching as we conversed. I only ate about half of my cookies before I forgot all about them, too wrapped up in our conversation to notice the time fly by until I heard the sound of a car pulling into my driveway. Realizing it was my parents I quickly put all of my junk food away so they wouldn’t be met with a mess. I called out a quick hello to them before jogging upstairs to my room, where I made myself comfortable on my bed as I continued to text Ashton. We were in the middle of a game of 20 questions, though it had been going on for so long now that I was sure the amount of questions had exceeded twenty long ago.

It was dark outside now and I could hear the clattering of pots downstairs. I rolled out of my bed and headed towards the stairs as I began to smell the products of my mom’s awesome cooking. Instead of walking down the stairs like a normal person I sat on the top step and scooted my way down, texting Ashton all the while. He was asking me about my favorite places to hang out when I reached the bottom of the stairs and stood up, walking into the kitchen and grabbing plates out of the cupboards. I set my phone down on the counter and began putting plates and silverware on the kitchen table. I had always done this ever since I was little, set the table for our small family of three. Back when I was a kid my dad used to help me and he would sing songs while drumming against the table with the forks and knives. I had always loved the sound of the drums for that reason, ever since I was small. I smiled at the memory as I finished setting the table and turned around to face the kitchen again. My mom was looking down at my phone with her eyebrows raised before reading aloud,

From Ashton Irwin: Okay, here’s my last question of the game. Will you meet me at six tomorrow night at the shop where we met today? xx.”

I snatched my phone from the counter, blushing as I shoved it in the front pocket of my sweatshirt. My mom smirked at me before turning back to the stove and stirring vegetables around in the pot.

“Ashton, huh? Isn’t that the guy you’ve been obsessing over for the four years?”

I looked down at my feet as I answered sheepishly, “Yeah…”

My mom chuckled before turning from the stove to face me.

“Good job Vi. Just be careful. I know things have been hard for you lately, hard for all of us. I don’t want you getting hurt again.” Her voice was laced with motherly concern. I gave her a small smile and stepped towards her, pulling her into a hug.

“Don’t worry mom. He’s a good guy. And what happened last time was… unusual. I don’t see that ever happening again.”

My mom chuckled against my hair before pulling back and attending to the vegetables on the stove again.

“Alright sweetpea. Just remember to be careful.” she said before calling for my dad and turning off the stove. I felt my stomach growl as I turned and sat down at the kitchen table. Dinner was ready.

After we finished dinner I went back up to my room and texted Ashton back.

To Ashton Irwin: Hey. Sorry, I was eating dinner. I’ll meet you tomorrow at six. :)

I only had to wait a moment before I got a reply.

From Ashton Irwin: Great! I can’t wait!

We continued to text far into the night until my alarm clock showed that it was a little past midnight. I texted Ashton a quick goodnight before getting ready for bed and snuggling into my covers, feeling better than I had in a long time.

The next morning, or more like afternoon, I woke up to the sun in my eyes again.

I really needed better blinds.

I checked my phone for any new messages and smiled when I saw one from Ashton.

From Ashton Irwin: Goodmorning! Can’t wait for our date tonight! Wear something weather appropriate.

I looked out my window and saw that the sky was grey with clouds once again, but the trees stayed still. It was less windy than yesterday. I checked the time on my clock and saw that it was almost 2pm. I decided to take a shower and wash the grease from my hair. After a long, hot shower I dried myself out and decided to search for an outfit for our date. I looked through my closet, considering wearing a dress before looking outside again and seeing the grim weather. Screw it, I was wearing jeans. I grabbed my favorite pair of dark blue skinny jeans and found a nice maroon tank top to wear with it. I slipped a dark grey hoodie over my shoulders and left it unzipped before pulling out an army green, structured jacket. I would put that on later. For now I just put on my usual array of bracelets over my wrists and put several rings on my fingers. I put on a long, vintage looking gold necklace that had a chevron pattern on the end of it and put on some gold stud earrings. By now it was almost 4 o’clock and I decided that I’d actually put some makeup on today, running a mascara wand over my eyelashes and adding a touch of eyeliner before calling it quits. I let my hair do it’s own thing, tumbling down my back in curly-waves.

I checked the clock again. It was only 4:10. I decided to just chill out while I waited for the time to pass by. I pulled out an old book that I was reading and lost myself in the story. I had always loved books because they let me escape from reality. I had grown to love them even more recently as hard times had struck me and my family. They were my safe place, my own worlds where I was the hero. A place where I could trust that no matter how bad it got, good would prevail in the end, a feeling that I’d grown to miss in my everyday life.

I glanced up at my clock at 5:45, realizing that my date was in only 15 minutes. I quickly ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth after spritzing on some of my favorite perfume. I pulled on a pair of warm socks and some brown leather boots over them before donning my army style jacket and tucking my phone and wallet into the pockets. At 5:53 I decided to leave my house and walk to the shop. It wasn’t nearly as cold as yesterday and I wanted some time to think and cool off in the crisp air. I tucked my house key into my pocket next to my wallet and headed out, calling out a goodbye to my mom who was on the computer in her office. She called a quick goodbye and “be careful” back before I shut the door and started my walk to the shop.

I looked down at my boots as I went, watching the pavement move beneath my feet. I avoided the cracks in the road out of habit as the slight breeze played with the ends of my hair.

I wondered why Ashton was taking me out on this date. We had only met yesterday, and he didn’t even know my name. I worried that this was a pity date. That maybe he was taking me out because he felt bad for my disgusting appearance and the bump on my head yesterday. I shuddered at the thought, and considered turning back, but couldn’t as I found myself already at the shop. I looked around the parking lot and spotted Ashton leaning against a black car, his arms crossed across his chest as he looked out across the lot. He wore torn black skinny jeans and a navy blue shirt with a hoodie over it. His curls moved softly as a breeze swept across the parking lot, and as I walked closer towards him he turned his head and spotted me. I wide smile spread across his face and he waved, shouting,

“Hey Violet!” as I approached. I laughed and waved back, growing less nervous as the smile stayed planted on his face. As soon as I reached the car he opened his arms and pulled me into a hug. I giggled as my face pressed up against my chest and I could feel his laugh vibrate through his chest.

He pulled away and opened the passenger car door, extending his hand.
“Shall we?” he asked, shooting me a grin. I laughed and placed my hand his, letting him help me into the car.

“We shall.” I said with a smile and he laughed before shutting the car door and jogging over the drivers side where he climbed in and started the car. I couldn’t contain my smile as we pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the road.

I was about to go on a date with Ashton Irwin.

Holy shit.

This was happening.


Hello! I'm the other author of this story, InternetKid. I'm also currently writing another story called "Falling For Your Eyes", so I'm not sure if I'll be updating as frequently as bellajayne, but that's okay cause she's an awesome writer and has great plans for this story. :)

Feel free to comment, subscribe, and vote on this story if you deem it worthy. I know that this chapter doesn't have a lot going on, and I apologize for that, but I felt it was necessary for character and plot development.

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to check out my other fanfic. I'm gonna try to link it below but I suck at technology so I might fail. (Sorry.)

Later lovelies!


Thank you so much! We're really glad you like it :) We're both pretty busy atm but i'l try update soon x

This is soooo great!! I'm like WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!?!?! Haha, please update soon!


Thank you! haha yeah we feel kinda bad for making poor ash go through it but it gets better just wait and see... :D

omg i honestly love this story so much! It's so cute! I feel so bad for Ashton, though! He's so hurt and confused! Update soon!

Thank you! Me and internet kid are really glad to hear it :)